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Default Full Details - Divya Agarwal 2021 Bigg Boss 15 OTT Contestant

Latest Update:
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  • Bigg Boss OTT winner: Divya Agarwal lifts the trophy and takes home prize money of Rs 25 lakhs
  • After 6 weeks of a journey full of drama, fights, ups and downs in friendships and more Bigg Boss OTT’s first-ever season has come to an end and got its winner. Divya Agarwal, who made a stunning entry in the show and survived all the challenges that were thrown at her, has emerged as the winner of Bigg Boss OTT.
    Divya won the coveted trophy of Bigg Boss OTT and took home a prize money of Rs 25 lakh. The reality TV personality, who entered the Bigg Boss OTT house alone, without a connection had a marvellous journey over the span of 6 weeks. Way past a week in the house, Divya made a connection with Zeeshan Khan. However, having a connection with her throughout the game was not in her fate. She stood alone once again after her connection Zeeshan was evicted for getting physical with Pratik Sehajpal. While having a connection didn’t seem to be in her fortune, Divya had a tough time making friends and gelling up with her co-contestants. Divya shared a bitter-sweet relationship with Shamita Shetty. Though they became good friends at the beginning, their friendship didn’t last long and differences didn’t seem to fade away. Gradually she managed to stay cordial with her as the show approached its end. The actress shared had a hard time staying friends with the contestants but this didn’t let her back out on her views. She made it a point to keep her opinions in the forefront, irrespective of what the consequences were. Her relationship with Pratik, Raqesh, Nishant and others also saw a few ups and downs throughout the journey. It was not only the contestants that Divya got into a tiff with, she also faced host Karan Johar’s wrath quite a few times. With a lot going around, she rose like a lone player and proved that she can win any battle on her own feet. Divya couldn’t connect much with the housemates and the host, she surely made a good connect with the audience.
  • Bigg Boss OTT: Pratik Sehajpal chooses to go in the Bigg Boss 15 house, is out of the winner's race.
  • Entering Bigg Boss OTT without a connection to Karan Johar slamming her: Divya Agarwal’s strong survival journey in the reality show: Divya Agarwal has seen her ups and downs in the Bigg Boss OTT and she has definitely played it with all her might and heart. The reality TV personality made a stunning entry but just after the first Weekend Ka Vaar, she had a tou gh phase. But the contestant rose like a phoenix and now she is one of the top finalists. Take a look at Divya Agarwal’s road to survival in the Bigg Boss OTT house.
    Entry without any connection: Divya Agarwal was the last contestant to enter the house and Karan Nath as her partner. But soon host Karan Johar introduced a twist by bringing in Ridhima Pandit, who was also waiting for a connection. When Karan Nath was given an option to select between Divya and Ridhima, he chose the latter. This twist resulted in Divya getting nominated in the first week.
    Finding a friend in Zeeshan Khan: During one of the tasks, Zeeshan got the opportunity to change his connection. Initially, Zeeshan found his connection in social media influencer Urfi Javed. Despite knowing each other, they would hardly connect or talk to each other. Zeeshan became the first one to press the buzzer and he got a chance to change his connection and he chose Divya over Urfi. Urfi was Zeeshan's connection previously owing to their friendship of 3 long years.
    Frenimity with Shamita Shetty: Divya Agarwal and Shamita Shetty started off on a high note. Their thick friendship was much talk about in the house. But the post Weekend Ka Vaar, they stopped seeing eye-to-eye and their BFFs talks turned into bitter brawls.
    Divya and Shamita’s fight: It all started when Divya called Shamita ‘Bossy’, to which the latter retorted saying, “I’ve done three reality shows before and this is my fourth.” Divya also accused Shamita of taking her screen time and asserted that she didn’t like her diplomacy. Shamita also didn’t like that her connection Raqesh bonded with Divya. Divya had several fights in the house with Shamita, they also tried to bury the hatchet but it didn’t turn fruitful.
    Labelled as homewrecker: Divya connected with Raqesh in the house much to Shamita’s dislike. Karan brought this to the forefront and this created a huge rift. Divya always maintained that she is Raqesh’s friend. Also, when a chance came to change connection, it was Divya who said that she will never break Shamita and Raqesh’s bond. Post KJo’s label, Divya got cornered by the housemates too.
    Divya’s breakdown in the house: Divya had a major breakdown after being labeled as a homewrecker. She did not understand why she was labelled as a homewrecker by Karan Johar. She further said she doesn't talk to Raqesh because of Shamita. Divya was emotional and angry and she said that just because she is Shamita Shetty if anyone tries to talk about her connection with Raqesh, she will be termed as homewrecker. She told Ridhima it was a very wrong word to be used against her without any reason.
    Karan Johar blasts Divya: Karan Johar lost his cool and bashed Divya Agarwal for her comment that “I don’t need Bigg Boss in my career”. Karan got furious and said “Tell me, Divya ma’am, if you don’t need the show, why are you here? Yeh Bigg Boss ka ghar hai, this is no party. You all are playing a game, let’s get that straight.” After a never-ending argument with the host, Divya emotionally broke down and was seen fighting with Shamita Shetty.
    Standing up against KJo: During a task given by Sidharth and Shehnaaz, Shamita and Divya continued their catfight. Divya continued talking and at one point, Shamita interrupted her to say that she had clearly not understood what Karan Johar mentioned during his interaction with her. To which, Divya said, "I haven't understood, and I am ok with it. Mere ko Karan Johar aake samjhaye ya Salman Khan aake samjhaye, nobody can influence my opinion.”
    OTT boss week after week: In six weeks' stay, Divya Agarwal became the OTT Boss of the week for four weeks. Her game is definitely liked by audience and they keep voting for her. Divya might have entered the show without a connection but she has connected the most with the audience.
    Standing strong since Day 1: With or without connection, Divya has played her own game in her own way. She also earned accolades from Raqesh’s niece and Shamita Shetty’s mother during the family week. While Raqesh’s niece said that her family thinks she is ‘Annapurna’ and thanked her for being by his side, Sunanda Shetty said, ‘You are the one who is playing a good game and using your brains.’ This indeed speaks a lot about Divya’s strong and motivated spirit towards the game and the reality show.
  • Divya, who is left without a partner, says she expected a twist. Divya is nominated for the entire week. Divya then enters the house.
  • The next contestant is reality TV personality Divya Agarwal. Divya tells Karan Johar that she was a background artist in his film 'Student of the Year' and the latter looks surprised at this revelation.
  • KJo asks Pratik to explain Ridhima about #StayConnected. Instead, Pratik picks up an old fight with Divya and KJo tells him to cool down. KJo says the power now lies with Karan, who will get to select a partner.
  • Ridhima and Divya give their pitch to Karan so that he selects one of them. Hearing their pitches, Karan selects Ridhima. Divya is left without a partner. Ridhima enters the house.
  • Here the List of Celebs who are out from BB15 Here
Bigg Boss OTT Entry
  • The next contestant is reality TV personality Divya Agarwal. Divya tells Karan Johar that she was a background artist in his film 'Student of the Year' and the latter looks surprised at this revelation.
  • Divya recognises Pratik and MG and says she wishes to know all the other contestants. Learning that Raqesh is already taken, Divya says 'Everything is over in the offer, why I am asked to choose?' She takes all the names, who are already taken. She gets to match Karan Nath, who was the only one left. But however, KJo introduces a twist.
  • KJo asks Pratik to explain Ridhima about #StayConnected. Instead, Pratik picks up an old fight with Divya and KJo tells him to cool down. KJo says the power now lies with Karan, who will get to select a partner.
  • Ridhima and Divya give their pitch to Karan so that he selects one of them. Hearing their pitches, Karan selects Ridhima. Divya is left without a partner. Ridhima enters the house.
Who is Divya Agarwal:
  • Name: Divya Agarwal, Occupation: Actress, model, dancer, Claim to fame: Splitsvilla, Ace of Space
  • Career: Divya Agarwal’s tryst with reality show is not new. Previously seen in reality shows like Splitsvilla, Ace of Space and Roadies, Divya Agarwal started out as a dancer and has also been a pageant winner – Miss Navi Mumbai.
  • Having been part of various discussions on social media, controversies, screen presence, 2.5M social media followers, wining a reality show, it will be interesting to how she fares in this season’s BB 15 OTT.
  • Divya Agarwal is no stranger to reality shows. The actress has already done Splitsvilla and Ace of Space of Season 1. She had also won the latter. Now she is reportedly all set to join BB OTT. (Photo: Instagram)
  • Divya also has a huge social media presence and is never afraid to speak her mind. Right from period talk to posing topless to hitting back at trolls, Divya is uninhibited in real life.
  • Now, it has been more than two years, Divya and Varun are living together, inseparable and share an amazing chemistry.
Unknown Facts:
  • Not many know, Divya also acted as Katrina Kaif’s body double in ads.
  • At the age of 15, in Navi Mumbai she had her own dance studio with 700 students.
  • She made her entry in the entertainment world with Splitsvilla and since then she has carved a niche for herself.
  • In Splitsvilla 10, she fell in love with Priyank Sharma and become the first runner-up. However, things became nasty when Priyank fell in love with Benafsha in Bigg Boss 11 house. Divya went inside the BB house to break up with him. Benafsha, who was then dating Varun Sood, too had a fallout with him. In Divya’s next stint Ace of Space, she got to spend time with Varun Sood. The two were already friends and realised their love for each other. She also lifted the winner’s trophy.
  • Divya will also be seen in an unrecognisable avatar in an upcoming web show. A creative person by nature, Divya recently launched her own designer label, which features an exclusive range of designs in bohemian styles.
Final Contestants:
OTT Live Link:
  • Before Bigg Boss 15, Bigg Boss OTT to premiere in August Bigg Boss OTT will feature a mix of influencers, social media stars and some celebs as contestants and will stream for six weeks.
  • Ace Bollywood filmmaker, Karan Johar will be seen hosting the upcoming season of Bigg Boss OTT.
  • The show will run for 6 weeks and then later move to television.
Boy Friends, Husband, Friends, Family:
  • You are talking about Priyank (Sharma)? I am very comfortable with him now. We have sorted out things between us. We are very good friends now. Varun, Priyank and I talk and we also respect each other’s work. Whatever happened in the past, was bachpana (childish). It was confusion and we were all very new and young. We had no idea how to tackle media, camera or ourselves. We have learnt a lot. I have also take a few game advice and tips from him (Priyank). He helped me. So things are nice. There’s no stress. My life is an open book. Jo ukhadna hai ukhad lo.
  • I will miss being with my mother, my brother and Varun – all three of them. They are very close to my heart. I am also going to miss my friends but they are very supportive and chill about it. There might be too many incidents that might get too much on them when I am inside the house. It may be for my game or my father’s death anniversary. I am afraid how they will handle it alone. It’s also Dollar’s (their pet dog) first anniversary, I don’t know how they are going to hold up. I don’t know if I will be alone in the house or get to make friends. I am just worried about that part.

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