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Dummy Payroll better to call YTD Payroll Area.

This comes when your client going live in mid-year say January (India payroll) in that case must need to maintain all Tax load all data (Year to Date data) and then run the YTD Schema with YTD Payroll area so that all the YTD Data will store in CRT table which will useful to calculate TAX...

If you are going LIVE from first day of the Financial year so YTD is not need.

Hope you got it.
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Originally Posted by itsjustrishi View Post
1. As per your example on the need to run Dummy Payroll.... i wonder if we have the Earliest retro accounting date set as Golive date then why would we need to run Dummy payroll.. In this case the system will not go before the earlist retro date right? and thus the employees would not be paid for previous periods....

2. Do we need to run Dummy payroll only if we want to maintain Histroy?

Pls Explain
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