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Since this is a Payroll related problem, it would have been preferable to post it in the Payroll Discussion Forum (SAP ERP HCM Payroll) or into the appropriate Country/Region sub-forum.

When processing the WageTypes from the Input Table (using Function PIT), the system will always process them one by one, in the order they appear. In this scenario, WT 9050 will be processed before WT 9051.

The problem of reading the NUM value from WT 9050 while processing WT 9051 comes from the fact that these WTs do not share the exact same splits. Sometimes, the Operation ELIMI can be used at the start of the processing to align both WTs (and the Operation RESET used at the end of the processing to reset them back to what they were), but in this scenario, I would suggest that you modify pcr ZQ20 to also process WT 9050 in order to transfer it's values into a temporary variable (using Operations ADDWT& 9050 and ADDWT * ) and modify the processing of WT 9051 so that it would retrieve the number from that temp.var. (using NUM=& 9050).
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