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Wow great. 18,860,645 views

I've watched this trailer about 50 times now, it just gets better and better with each viewing. The detail of every tiny aspect of every scene; the waves crashing against the rocks, the lights bouncing off the water onto the Navi's blue skin, the fish swimming and the way their fins move, the water dripping of Jake's hands when he's tightening the rope, the flicker of Netiri's eyelids when she blinks, the strands of hair in the Navi's braids, the way the hair falls and glides under water... the work that must have went into this, the improvement of the CGI, it just blows my head off. It looks absolutely phenomenal and I cannot wait to watch 3 more hours of this in December.

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"Avatar" 2022 gathered 148 million views on all platforms in the first 24 hours. This is the second best result in history. And that's including the leak one week before the official release.
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