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Default Resolved - IT 2001 should reflect Absence days = calendar days as Rest and Off days considered as leaves

Question, Issue, Problem:
  • We have a leave type PALV which is Parental leave , Client wants to include rest days and Off days which falls in between leave period to be considered as absences and same should be reflected in IT 2001 screen under Absence days which should be equal to Calendar days ( no matter how may off days or rest days falls in between the leave period all should be considered as Leaves .
  • Absence days = calendar days .
  • Scenario 1:- In case we apply 3 days leave say from 1 oct to 3rd oct which has off day on 2nd oct In IT 2001 screen as per normal condition we get out put as Absence days as 2 and calendar day as 3. were in 2nd Oct which is OFF day is excluded by system as working hours are 0 and not considering as Absence / leave .
  • But client wants 2nd Oct - off-day to be considered as leave / absence and IT 2001 screen should show Absence days as 3 in place of 2 which will be same as Calendar day view which is 3 days.
  • I tried creating and assigning new counting rule but it is not working as IT 2001 shows absence days as 2 and calendar days as 3 , as absence data is picked from Roster ( DWS ) .
  • Can Experts advise / guide on step by step process to get the desired results as per client expectations in Info type 2001 screen ( include off days - Rest day as absence and make Absence days = calendar days.
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