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Default 90% People Doing wrongly Cleaning Your Hands


According to a research published in the journal The Lancet, a million deaths a year can be prevented if everyone starts routinely washing their hands. Poor hand hygiene can make you vulnerable to diseases and conditions like eye infection, diarrhoea, flu etc. World Hand Hygiene Day is a global campaign celebrated every year on May 5. It is a major effort taken by WHO, that aims at making people aware about the importance of hand hygiene in health care to prevent infections. Like every year, this year also World Hand Hygiene Day has a different theme 'Clean care for all – it's in your hands'. This is to motivate the health workers, owners of health care facilities and health ministries across various countries to take appropriate actions so that people maintain hand hygiene. You should adhere to these 5 basic steps to properly clean your hands thoroughly.


Firstly, wet your hands with clean water.

Liquid soap

Then, apply liquid soap on your hands and rub then together to create lather.


Rub your hands for around 20 seconds nicely between, under your nails and over the back of your hands.

Global handwashing day

Now, rinse your hands with clean water. Make sure, the soap is nicely removed and is not under your nails or between your fingers.

Beauty towel THS

Dry your hands well using a clean towel.

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