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Splitsvilla X3: Here’s what all you can expect from the first episode

An exotic location, excited bunch of good looking young individuals, sizzling hosts, and 2 villas. Reality show Splitsvilla X3 is much more grand. The 13th edition which will premiere on Saturday (March 6) takes you to the picturesque locales of Poovar Island, Kerala, and plays cupid by exploring two sides of Love. The first episode of Splitsvilla X3 will open up to an ethereal view of the gorgeous Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singha exploring Poovar Island and setting the tone right for the season.
The premiere episode will give the audience a host of surprises and heartwarming moments. Let's take a sneak peek of what to expect from the first episode of Splitsvilla X3:

Meet the ravishing ladies and the handsome hunks!
The first episode will introduce the 12 ladies and 9 boys of the season in a unique way! With ladies stating their preferences and expectations from the start, it seems like the boss girls are crystal clear about how they want to proceed on the show. While some are here to explore love with the old school romance or get wasted in it, some will make it through the game with fights and drama. Does this make for an interesting watch already?

Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singha explain 'The Two Sides of Love'
The mind-blowing duo Sunny and Rannvijay, will unfold this season’s theme and explain the concept of the two villas- Gold and Silver, leaving the contestants and the audience hooked! With two villas, there ought to be some drastic changes.

Contestants move to the two Villas!
Among the group of ladies, a select few will move to Golden Villa in the first episode itself and the rest will have to be satisfied with the silver as of now.

And now that the stage is set, it remains to be seen who will get the benefits from the beginning by staying in the Gold Villa while who gets to prove their mettle to make way into Gold from the Silver Villa.
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