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Default Splitsvilla X3 - Contestants, Participants, Eliminations, Winner

Latest Update:
  • Today Episode:
  • Winner: Splitsvilla X3 Jay Dudhane and Aditi Rajput of the ‘Boombaam Gang’ lift the trophy
  • The grand finale of Splitsvilla X3 has proved the age-old saying, ‘Pyaar Dosti Hai’ with the win of the show's favorite couple Jay Dudhane and Aditi Rajput lifted the winning trophy. After a long journey of rip-roaring tasks, gang wars, emotional outbursts and a sheer display of friendship, Jay and Aditi were announced as the winners of the high-octane 13th season.
  • The couple defeated the semi-finalists Shivam Sharma and Pallak Yadav, and claimed the trophy. They won the finale task, ‘Love Conquers’, which tested their physical and mental strength along with the depth of their connection. Jay and Aditi have been people’s favorites, sticking to each other, performing exceptionally in the tasks, and maintaining their bond with the rest of the Boombaam Gang. They ultimately proved their gang’s catchphrase “Teen ki yaari, sab pe bhaari” right. The beautiful chemistry and consistent performances caught the eye of the audience, fellow Splitsvillains and the mentors alike.
  • On winning the show, Aditi Rajput said, “I’m elated to win the show with Jay. We stood by each other since day 1 and showed everyone the power of our connection, and this win is nothing but a surreal feeling for us. Throughout this journey, Jay and I have had an exceptional understanding, chemistry, and strong friendship and that’s what made us win the show. Our Boombaam gang has always supported us, and it was a memorable experience to compete with our own friends in the finale. All of us on the show have had a roller coaster ride on Splitsvilla X3 and there’s nothing better than walking away with the winning title.”
  • Post the thrilling finale, host Rannvijay Singha said, “It’s overwhelming to witness the Splitsvilla finale, year on year. Hosting the show for eight seasons now, I look back and reminisce the moments we’ve experienced each time, and it only makes me happier. Shooting in the new normal, the 13th season has been special yet challenging for us in many ways, but we as a family made sure to make the journey worthwhile. The contestants went through a plethora of emotions and experiences through the season, showcased their ‘two sides of love’, and each one of them performed to the best of their abilities. Jay and Aditi stood like a rock with each other since the start and that mutual support paved the way for them. They truly deserved to win the season.”
  • Leading this game of love, the gorgeous boss lady Sunny Leone said, “Like I’ve always said, Splitsvilla is close to my heart, for it portrays the essence of forming relationships. The fundamentals of love, care, and connection are present year after year, but this season, we witnessed two sides of love at the Silver and Golden Villas. The dynamics of Gen-Z’s relationships gave me a new perspective, and watching the contestants mature emotionally was a wonderful experience. Jay and Aditi have been one of the strongest couples and one of my absolute favorites since day one. I'm extremely happy that they won.”
  • With two villas – Gold and Silver, Splitsvilla X3 showed the perfect blend of two sides of cupid’s love as part of its unique theme. Coupled with the budding chemistry between the couples, this season was a perfect showcase of the power of friendship. A group of six contestants, the Boombaam gang was popular for their unconditional friendship in the show, and two couples from it made it to the grand finale of the season.
  • The hosts of the show – Rannvijay Singha and Sunny Leone made sure that nothing comes easy to the Splitsvillians and tested them on various parameters through fascinating tasks and brain-tying situations. Like the previous seasons, this year also saw a rivalry between two groups and a lot of broken friendships, along with other dynamic equations, ruling the villa over the last seven months. But finally, love conquered.
  • The show is reaching its Grand finale and the fans are keen to know the name of the finalists and the evicted contestants of this week.
  • MTV Splitsvilla 13 Eliminated Contestants List Shivam, Bhoomika, Pallak and Nikhil to win the task; Aarushi Chib speculated to be dumped?
  • Shivam and Pallak get saved; Gary and Avantika eliminated for going against friends
  • After Dhruv Malik, Sapna Malik also sent to Silver Villa? Speculations are rife that after Dhruv, Sapna will also be sent to silver villa in MTV Splitsvilla X3.
  • Nikita and Pallak fume in jealousy; a big twist makes Samarthya-Avantika the winners of a task - The judge marked the couples on their presentation and etiquettes and the result came in favor of Samarthya and Avantika. Ideal couple who supported Sam and Avantika will also get one power in the dome session. Avantika-Sam were extremely happy but Nikita went berserk. She felt that Avantika shouldn’t have taken away her connection Samarthya for the task since she (Avantika) will have to go in front of the oracle with him. Nikita feels betrayed.
  • Jay and Aditi were recently declared as the ideal match. Even during few LIVE sessions conducted by the various contestants, a few hints were dropped stating that a ‘Boombam’ couple would win the show and now, according to the speculations by the fans on social media, it can be assumed that Jay and Aditi might lift the title of the winners of the thirteenth season of the show.
  • Vyomesh, Kevin, Shivam and Nikhil to have a major fight.
  • Vyomesh will be seen quitting the show in mid-way. Apart from Vyomesh, Ace of Space 2 winner Salman Zaidi had also quit the thirteenth season of the show because of health reasons.
  • Azma Fallah, Shweta Nair, Janvi Sikaria, Riya Kishanchandani and Devashish Chandiramani who were dumped from Splitsvilla X3 and made grand entries in the Wild Villa, Samruddhi will also join them in the Wild Villa after getting eliminated from Splitsvilla X3.
  • Exclusive - Splitsvilla X3: Kat and Kevin become the first ideal match
  • After winning the ‘Dil Badlu’ task of the Golden Opportunity Challenge with Dhruv and Sapna, #Katvin will finally confront The Oracle.
  • With the rising hamster cage in the Golden and Silver Villa for the manifestation of becoming an ideal match by the great Oracle, we’re sure to have an aww-worthy moment in the upcoming episode. While Kat-Kevin became the ideal match, luck wasn’t in favour of the other two couples: Vyomesh-Bhoomika and Nikhil-Pallak’s, who failed at becoming an ideal match in the previous weeks.
  • Nikhil will introduce the two Wild Villa winners to the Splitsvillains- Sapna Malik and Devashish Chandiramani. Sapna was a popular contestant in Roadies Revolution and Devashish Chandiramani appeared in Roadies LIVE auditions. Interestingly, Sapna and Kevin have been contenders in Roadies Revolution as well, where they fought it out from different teams, and Devashish and Nikita Bhamdipati have had a history which ended with Nikita failing to go ahead with him in the auditions.
  • Splitsvilla X3: Here’s what all you can expect from the first episode
About the Show, 2021, Season 13, X3:
  • Splitsvilla 13 premiered on 6 March 2021. Hosted by Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singh, initially the season consisted 9 boys and 12 girls who came to play the game of love, 4 contestants entered from Wild Villa.
  • The theme of the season is based on Cupid's Gold and Silver arrow, With a tagline One for Love, One for Chance. Wild Villa is a secret villa in Splitsvilla, which gives a wild card chance to enter in splitsvilla and it is exclusively introduced for Voot Select with Nikhil Chinapa as a host.
  • There were 6 hot singles, 3 boys and 3 girls compete against each other to get a Wild Ticket to Splitsvilla. After the 1st finale, the dumped contestants from spiltsvilla also entered wild villa to get a chance to wild ticket.
  • An exotic location, excited bunch of good looking young individuals, sizzling hosts, and 2 villas. Reality show Splitsvilla X3 is much more grand.
  • The 13th edition which will premiere on Saturday (March 6) takes you to the picturesque locales of Poovar Island, Kerala, and plays cupid by exploring two sides of Love. The first episode of Splitsvilla X3 will open up to an ethereal view of the gorgeous Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singha exploring Poovar Island and setting the tone right for the season.
Episode 1:
  • The premiere episode will give the audience a host of surprises and heartwarming moments. Let's take a sneak peek of what to expect from the first episode of Splitsvilla X3
  • Meet the ravishing ladies and the handsome hunks!
  • The first episode will introduce the 12 ladies and 9 boys of the season in a unique way! With ladies stating their preferences and expectations from the start, it seems like the boss girls are crystal clear about how they want to proceed on the show. While some are here to explore love with the old school romance or get wasted in it, some will make it through the game with fights and drama. Does this make for an interesting watch already?

  • MTV Splitsvilla X3 Contestants Name List with Photo:
  • Nikita Bhamidipati

  • Riya Kishanchandani

  • Kat Kristian

  • Janvi Sikaria

  • Shweta Nair

  • Pallak Yadav

  • Avantika Sharma

  • ArushiChib

  • Aditi Rajput

  • Bhoomika Vasishth

  • Samruddhi Jadhav

  • Azma Fallah

  • Kevin Almasifar

  • Jay Dudhane

  • Trevon Dias

  • Shivam Sharma

  • Samarthya Gupta

  • Nikhil Malik

  • Dhruv Malik

  • Vyomesh Koul

  • Gary Lu

  • Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singha explain 'The Two Sides of Love'
  • The mind-blowing duo Sunny and Rannvijay, will unfold this season’s theme and explain the concept of the two villas- Gold and Silver, leaving the contestants and the audience hooked! With two villas, there ought to be some drastic changes.
Interesting, Unknown Facts:
  • Contestants move to the two Villas!
  • Among the group of ladies, a select few will move to Golden Villa in the first episode itself and the rest will have to be satisfied with the silver as of now.
  • And now that the stage is set, it remains to be seen who will get the benefits from the beginning by staying in the Gold Villa while who gets to prove their mettle to make way into Gold from the Silver Villa.

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