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Default Enter Global Parameters

Enter Global Parameters

In this activity, you can make various global specifications for the company code. In addition, you can look at the most important specifications of the company code at any time in the overview. This includes, among other things, the chart of accounts and the fiscal year variant.

You have created the organizational unit "Company code" in the "Enterprise Structure" section of the Implementation Guide. For further information see "Create company code".

Standard settings
For the standard company code 0001, the global parameters for Germany have already been set, such as, for example, the payment methods, the tax calculation procedures and the chart of accounts most frequently used in Germany.

If you need a company code for a different country and the corresponding legal requirements, you must first of all run the country installation program in client 001. The country which you need is then entered as the country of company code 0001 and all the country-specific parameters associated with it are also converted to this country. Read the chapter "Set up client" within your Customizing project.

You can look at the most important specifications. You make these specifications later from other activities.

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