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Define Absence Types

In this step, you define absence types for your different personnel subarea groupings. You can also define the checks the system performs when you enter an absence.


You want to define the Educational leave absence type for a particular personnel subarea grouping. When this absence is recorded for an employee and the start or end date is a day off, the system should reject the entry.


1. Decide which absence types you want to define for your enterprise.
2. Decide how the system should react in each of the following situations:
a) the first day of the absence is a day off
b) the last day of the absence is a day off
c) the entire period consists of days off
3. Enter the minimum duration of the absence in the Minimum number of days field.
If you want to define an absence which can last less than one day (e.g. leave), enter 000 in this field.

4. In the Maximum number of days field, you can limit the duration of an absence (e.g. illness with continued pay).

    • Default value 999 - unlimited absence
    • Default value 000 - only absences of less than

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