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1999 - Light Blue with Yellow

India made some changes with their yellow pattern for the 1999 ICC Cricket World Cup.
India made some changes in their jersey for the 1999 World Cup. They did not alter their primary color light blue, but they changed the yellow pattern of the jersey.
It was resembling the 1996 jersey, but the designers added more of yellow to the kit. The yellow collars got a black border while there was a diagonal yellow pattern running across the t-shirts.

2003 - Light Blue with a tri-colour on it

India had a tri-colour in the center part of their jersey for the 2003 ICC World Cup.
The Indian tri-color is a symbol of pride for any Indian. The Indian side had the honor of wearing the tri-color in the year 2003 as their jersey featured a tri-colour with the team name written on it. The designers darkened the primary blue color which added a whole new beauty level to the jersey.
Yellow color was absent from the jersey as the players had black patches on their jerseys. and along the arms of the t-shirts.
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