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Bigg Boss Telugu 4's Monal Gajjar on her BB journey: Crying is not being 'weak'; it's my expression

Monal Gajjar, the talented actress from Gujarat, who appeared in a few noted films in Telugu and other South Indian languages, became a household name; due credits to her BB stint. ETimes TV got the actress, who got evicted on Sunday's episode, talking about her BB journey, challenges and much more...
by Sriram Chelluri

02/12Reasons behind her elimination

I feel Avinash's allegations that I kicked him during the task (round 1, ticket to finale) did some damage to me in the last week. Moreover, I was also feeling low after Ariyana hurt me badly during the task and I was tired of proving myself every week. Maybe the audience felt I'm done.
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03/12Golden Mic was my achievement

I felt winning the golden mic was my biggest achievement. I was content with my journey. Maybe that's why I could be stable at that moment of elimination.
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04/12Crying is not being 'weak'; it's my expression

I feel crying portrays me as 'weak'. It is a very notion. It is my expression, my way of venting out my frustration and coping up with the stress.
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05/12I can't lie, cheat or ****er anyone

I knew this game requires to be a certain way. But I can't lie, cheat or ****er anyone for the sake of it. I didn't know how to switch groups or ask favours. I can't be someone who is not me. I just chose to be honest as much as I can.
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06/12Unfortunately, Monal was all about learning Telugu

Besides learning the language, I gave my best in almost every task. In the Humans vs Robots task, I woke up Divi, which I regret now, Abhijeet's trick stole the show. I was one of the best performers in the BB Hotel task but again Abhijeet stealing the stars garnered all the attention. Everytime, I got really close but didn't get my due.
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07/12Language barrier is a huge thing for me

It may not be an issue for others but the language barrier is a huge thing for me. Every time I had a point to put across, my lack of proficiency in Telugu was a major setback. I intend to say something, I say something and it mostly backfires. Someone tries to correct my language all the time, keeping aside my point and the purpose gets beaten most of the time. I was tired of this.
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08/12Fight erupts between Abhijeet and Monal

I admit saying I like him as a person. But I didn't know it was a 'moment' for him and he would discuss with Divi and others. Akhil is a bestie I can't afford to lose any moment. And he is not okay with me trying to talk to Abhijeet despite the latter ignoring me. But I'm someone who tends to forgive easily. Why should we keep carrying the baggage? I never got why Abhijeet had a problem understanding me. I saw a few promos of our "love triangle" and was like, "Acha, aise bhi hua kya?"
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09/12Bigg Boss is not all about tasks

Yes, there were people who said I was playing in Akhil's shadow but he nominated me in 8th or 9th week, too. And for anyone who thinks someone favoured me, let me ask you something - why did Meha**** got eliminated? He could give even Sohel and Akhil a stiff competition in any task. Survival in Bigg Boss is not all about performing in the tasks. It is about how entertaining you are as well. If I was retained in the show for some reason, I must be more entertaining than those who were eliminated, right?
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10/12My biggest regrets

I should have replied to Abhijeet when I should have and also I should have thought about myself more than the others. I'm an emotional person and once I'm emotionally connected to someone, they mean a lot to me. But Bigg Boss is an acid test for people like me.
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11/12I support Akhil, Sohel and Harika

Undoubtedly, my support will be for Akhil, Sohel and Harika. It's easy to provoke Akhil but he deserves to be a winner. Sohel is pure, genuine and a 100% entertainer. He, too, is deserving.
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12/12I got good news and bad news too

I missed my sister's wedding and also got to hear that my uncle passed away due to COVID-19. I had mixed feelings after stepping out of the house. I'm grateful for all the love I'm receiving. I want to treasure this love rather than focus on negativity. I sought the blessings of Chilkur Balaji and started working on my work-related commitments.
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