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Bigg Boss Telugu 4’s evicted contestant Monal Gajjar on finalist Ariyana Glory: She is least deserving; only good at torturing someone

Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 will feature an interesting task where the finalists talk about the contender least deserving to be the winner.
Monal Gajjar, who got evicted on Sunday’s episode, in her recent exclusive chat with ETimes TV, shared her view on the least deserving candidate. She said, “To me, Ariyana is the least deserving to be a winner. She is only good at torturing someone. She was amazing in all those tasks that required to torture someone.”

Elaborating on the same, Monal questions, “She got eliminated in the ticket to finale task and even the eviction free task, too. Give me one task which she performed well besides the Humans vs Devil task. She was truly amazing in tasks like that.”
Monal described Ariyana as a very ‘self-centered’ person. “Yea, she is an amazing ‘gamer’. A gamer who is a very self-centered. Who puts up make up, dances for the wake up song in the morning and go back to sleep?”

Notably, one of the latest teasers of the upcoming episode has a majority of the contestants mentioning Ariyana in a task that required them to name the least deserving finalist to be the winner. Ariyana said that she is glad many took her name as it only implies that she is the strongest contestant.

Monal and Ariyana had their share of ugly fights especially the one during the race to the finale left the former in tears.

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