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Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Monal Gajjar emotionally urges Abhijeet and Akhil Sarthak to not drag her into their fights; says "my reputation matters a lot"

The recent nominations task witnessed one of the biggest fights between the housemates especially Abhijeet and Akhil. While the two nominated each other citing their own reasons, they fought over Monal as well. Akhil argued that Abhijeet's conversations are portraying her in a bad light while Abhijeet asserted that he can settle scores with Monal and further questioned Akhil's right to interfere. This heated argument rubbed Monal on the wrong side.

She had an emotional breakdown and finally requested both of them not to drag her into their arguments. She suggested Abhijeet and Akhil to talk and sort out their issues instead of taking her name in the arguments. "If you have a problem, sit and talk. Don't bring someone else's topic into your argument. Because this is national television and everything's gonna telecast. Reputation matters a lot. It's not a joke. I can talk on my behalf. For you it's just a fight, for me it's my dream. It took 10 years to be here. It's just a nomination task," squealed Monal.

Abhijeet, Akhil and Monal are nominated for elimination along with six other contestants for the week.

For the unversed, Monal was shown moving closely with both Abhijeet and Akhil from day one. While Abhijeet is seen with Harika, Monal and Akhil can be spotted together in the house from the past few weeks. On Saturday's episode, Monal stated that she likes Abhijeet as a person while Akhil is her biggest support system in the house.
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