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'The production values of the Hindi version are better than the Tamil one'

Your Tamil debut film was a remake of a Telugu film. Now, you're entering the Hindi film industry with a Tamil remake. Does working in a remake help more than doing a fresh movie? I would love to do a new movie too. But the way it happened, I got a chance to be part of a fabulous team that is remaking a movie I was part of. I haven't thought of it as my Bollywood entry.
How has the movie shaped up?
I haven't watched the movie yet. Usually one gets a chance to watch a movie while dubbing for it but Ghajini was shot on sync sound. The dialogues were recorded as we shot.
But from what I know, the production values are better than the Tamil movie. The action sequences have been better choreographed. The story more or less remains the same, but for some changes in the climax.
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