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Default FIRST EPISODE Online Videos: Rishton Se Badi Pratha 15th November'2010

Sati, Polygamy, Female Infanticide were few outlawed practices in India. With each passing day, Indians, whether it’s in the name of society or religion or family, instigate new practices in the community / society. One such practice which is still prevalent in certain parts of India is ‘Honour ****ing’. COLORS new fiction show, Rishton Se Badi… Pratha attempts to highlight one such brutal, gothic and barbaric Pratha of ****ing one’s own kith and kin in the garb of ‘family honour’.

A story set in Noida revolves around a young couple deeply in love who are forced to give up their love in the name of family honour. Rishton Se Badi… Pratha will premiere on November 15 at 7.30 pm and from every Monday to Friday only on COLORS.

Set in Noida, Rishton Se Badi… Pratha revolves around Surbhi, a dreamy-eyed young woman in love with Abhay. Both their families are related to each other since Abhay’s sister Ratna is married to Surbhi’s brother. In a traditional Indian set-up if a girl expresses her desire to get married to a person of her choice, it is considered to be the highest degree of dishonor for her family.

Speaking about the show, Ashvini Yardi, Head Programming, COLORS, said, “Rishton Se Badi… Pratha is a very poignant and relatable story that brings to light certain social prejudices that still continue to exist in our society. Honour is a huge responsibility for Indians and families take enough pride to retain their entire lives. There is no space for anyone to ruin it including children. This heartwarming story told by the great team of Spellbound will surely resonate with the viewers.”

Rishton Se Badi… Pratha will take viewers through the dark, grim and gruesome reality of insensitive, feudal, chauvinistic and barbaric tradition in the garb of family honour. So will Abhay and Surbhi’s love rebel or bow in front of the ruthless and selfish society?

The producer of the show, Pearl Shahi, Spellbound Productions says, “The show is inspired by real-life incidents, specially the recent case of Nirupama Pathak who had to pay the price of expressing her wishes of marrying her love against the wishes of her family. Rishton Se Badi… Pratha is an attempt to highlight such dogmatic pratha that is still prevalent in our modern Indian society.

Each individual is entitled to lead life basis their inclination. Though few families are stringent and when it comes to honour they do not spare or support anyone. With this show our aim is to highlight the issue and its existence and raise our voice against this pseudo-tradition, still prevalent in India”.

Not long ago, did India stand up for justice against the honour ****ing cases of Nirupama Pathak and Nitish Katara. Though these are handful cases highlighted, there might be some safely hidden under the blankets of family honour!

Rishton Se Badi… Pratha produced by Spellbound Productions will have actors Shalini Chandran and Vishal Karwal portray lead real-to-life characters and situations along with other talented actors.

Stay tuned to Rishton Se Badi… Pratha from November15 Every Monday to Friday at 7.30 pm only on COLORS
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