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Default Resolved: House Rent Allowance Error In PA30

Issue, Problem:
  • When ever i enter Accommodation Type In Infotype 581, I am getting the below error."No automatic updation for IT0008. Relevant Wagetype not found" and allowance grouping not found"
  • Check the Rent which you have paid falls under same financial year,
  • Check the HRA wage type is there in V_T7INA9,
  • Check V_T52DZ Whether you have Copied your wage type from M230 Model Wage type.
  • Check the Start dates of the IT0008 and IT0581.....
    • If IT0008 infotype date is future date than IT0581 this error will trigger.
    • Check LGMST feature, T510,T7INA9,V_T539A .. and check the dates .
  • Check Tax Code in V_T7INT9... where SHRA is tax code for Rent type Rented Accommodation
    • SCLA and SCOA for Company Owned and Leased Accommodation.
    • You need to match the WT assigned in Infotype 8 with Accommodation Type in Infotype 581.
  • Check Allowance Grouping..
    • V_T7inA9... HRA WT should exist for that Allowance Grouping...
    • Hope you are aware of Allowance Grouping !! which in turn should be assigned to PSG and PSL... hope u wd have maintained LGMST feature...

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