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Besides cost and time factors, a mySAP HR implementation also involves organizational changes which might be an painful thought for many people who are used to running operations a certain way.

SAP's Software Often Forces Organizations to Change Their Business Processes

While mySAP HR might involve a certain degree of business process re-engineering this should be viewed as an opportunity to improve business processes and making the organization more efficient.

Definition of business processes prior to project launch. To ease this process, again - HR Professionals need to analyze their business processes prior to project launch. Some HR departments might need a strategic consultant to help them assess their business needs, and make process changes. Make sure you know enough about your business and your HR needs to so that you can ask intelligent questions when you interview consultant candidates.

View it as an opportunity. Your mySAP HR implementation should not be viewed as an 'IT' project, and cannot be treated simply as a 'system replacement'. It presents an excellent opportunity for the organization to change and replace out-of date business practices, improve their procedures and align these with the new system. MySAP HR will automate many processes and employees will be able to carry out many of the administrative tasks on-line. This frees up time to focus on strategy, keeping up to date with laws and retaining human capital It is necessary to involve IT and HR departments in the business process re-engineering process .
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