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Default 'I've dubbed for all my films, including Ghajini'

'I've dubbed for all my films, including Ghajini'

How good is your Hindi? I know Hindi. I've dubbed for all my films, including Ghajini. Apart from English, I speak my mother tongue Malayalam, as well as Tamil, Telugu and a bit of Kannada and French.
I have done films in Malyalam, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.
There has been a lot of buzz around you.
There must be because I'm acting opposite Aamir Khan. Apart from that, I am not aware of what is happening. People have seen me in ads, and are able to put a name to my face.
Now that the promos of Ghajini are out, I can see it has changed in a major way. Usually, people who recognise me in public, have a south connection. But the other day, when I was in the Mumbai airport, the people who came up to me knew me from the promos. It was a nice feeling.
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