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Just like anything else in business, it will take some time. If you publish a fresh article every week (leaving the old ones up as well), it could take six months before you start seeing a real change in your bottom line. But that also depends on where and how you publish your articles.

Where Do You Publish Your Articles?

This is where you can maximize your guru-building. Most people will publish articles under their own names on their own website. But there are dozens of other places you can publish them.

For instance, you can start an ezine and mail it out to your customers on a regular basis - this can be an amazingly powerful sales tool. You can compile groups of articles and put them together into an ebook for some serious added credibility.

Or you can go off your site entirely. Many experts and gurus publish articles to article directories, sites where thousands of articles on every imaginable topic are stored for free download to any webmaster who needs good content. You contribute your article;

in return, the webmaster retains your resource box with your name and your keyword-optimized link back to your own website. This gets your name out to prospective customers you would not otherwise reach, and it also gives your website a boost in the search engine ratings with that link.

You can also look at websites such as,, or specialty informational websites covering your niche industry. Many of these websites are hungry for information, and will be overjoyed to get your good content. They will also include your resource box,

just as in an article directory, and you get both a very valuable link back to your site and byline exposure to a ready audience in your field through a site with which you are already familiar.

One Last Note

If you have a name that is somewhat common (you can figure out whether yours is by Googling your own name in quotes and seeing how many different people come up with your name), it might be wise to establish your byline identity with a middle name or even a nickname. The easier it is for people to Google you and come up with you, the more brand identity your name will have, even when divorced from your business name.
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