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Default 1. What is time management status 7? What is it used for?

Time Management status is the link between time management and payroll w.r.t how an employee's time data should be evaluated in payroll. The feature for this TMSTA.ffice:office" />
if you want u give accruals based on time evolution this setting has to be done in infotype 0007 means that person should have this time management status
The time management status 7 is used if there is no Payroll module and more over there is no integration with payroll. the same is maintained in the Feature "TMSTA" and in HR master of IT0007.
It is Basically used to define whether Time evaluation Exists in ffice:smarttags" />ur Organization and If so Whether Integration exists with Payroll/not.. The entries are maintained in T555V. All these are standard Entries and recommended not to change those...

Possible values for the Time Management status:
o 0 - No time evaluation
o 1 - Time evaluation of actual times
o 2 - PDC time evaluation
o 7 - Time evaluation without payroll integration
o 8 - External services
o 9 - Time evaluation of planned times

Time mgt status 7 is Time Mgt without payroll integration. we set this status in infotype 7. we generally use schema TQTA without payroll integration.
TQTA schema will accrue only ur absence quotas i.e ur leave quota.
This is all regarding the Time Mgt status 7, i think this will give u a idea.
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