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Default TOP The naughty boys and girls are at it again

The naughty boys and girls are at it again. They had been lying low for a long time and going by their inherent nature this would not be the case for long. After a brief sabbatical many of them have bounced back to grab their much-needed share of public attention. Letís find out who are back in action.

Let me begin with the enfant terrible of Shweta Tiwariís life. I am referring to Raja Choudhary. The last one heard of him was when he was trying his best to be a changed man. But as the saying goes, a leopard doesnít change his spots Raja too could not change his colours. Just a day after his estranged wife Shweta currently housed in Bigg Boss confessed on camera she had a new man in her life, Raja broke into her house and beat up her lover. The footage of a drunken Raja was all over various news channels and later reported by dailies. Raja is back in business.

Now coming to yet another news maker who was not in action for quite some time is item queen Rakhi Sawant. The girl is back on the small screen on her favourite channel but this time not to dance but to dispense justice! Yes, you read that right! Rakhi is a judgeÖI am sure our respected judges will now want to be called anything else but judges.

I caught the opening episode of Rakhi Ka Insaaf. Dressed as she is always in this show itís not her clothes that catch the eye but her acting. She is playing to the gallery as always with her loud gestures, vile tongue and obnoxious behaviour. What in the name of TRPs are they doing with this hideous show? Is it only aired in the ravines and watched by the illiterates?

And as one publicity crazy person chases another for his share on TV we have the Great Khali make an appearance on Bigg Boss. But here instead of getting annoyed and agitated he tugs at your heart strings. I am saddened by the fact that he is made to appear like some alien from outer space. Someone, who is gawked and gaped at by all the housemates.

Sure, not many of us have seen a 7 ft 3 inch man but the reactions of those who are in the house with him is appalling, to say the least. They refer to him as some monster and stare at him as if he is an animal in a cage. Why did this wrestler of international fame sign this one? Guess, itís all about wanting to be now known on home turf as well. And thatís where his first brush with the TV viewers may earn him brownie points.

And as I write this, I hear that yet another publicity-hungry type is making her way to the small screen for her share of the pie. Mink Brar (remember the Dev Anand discovery?) who is more known for her B and C grade films will perform for an engagement sequence in Pratigya. This back door entry may merit a place in some serial or yet another reality show. Itís a calculated risk. And as Priyanka Chopra says, ď you never know!Ē

But then thank God for the remote control!

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