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Default The Innocence Files (TOP 10 Controversies, Unknown Facts, Interesting Facts, All Seasons 1,2,3, All Episodes)

Story, Web Series is about:
The hour-long episodes detail the personal stories behind eight cases of wrongful conviction that the Innocence Project and organizations within the Innocence Network have worked to highlight and overturn.

Negative Reviews:
Unusually not so much repetitive docu-series from US. It is still slow advancing and some what repetitive built up depiction of an event. The aim of captivating drama can some times be to much. Almost all documentaries are like this today. Something that what takes 1-2 hours to view would take 15-45 minutes to explain with more density in the telling. I'm not saying that shorter and more intense telling is better but it would be a change for once if they had brought down the episodes to 45 minutes each instead of an hour. So many things that is understood with a even low IQ is slowly depicted not only once but several times. Makes me as viewer to feel like they think I'm an imbecile. To be fair, this show did much better than other crime documentary shows in general.

As no-American I get a picture of a legal system that is more concerned in conviction than justice. If a suspect is found it stops there. The decision is made by police, prosecution, victims and their families there and then. If some what the evidence at some point does not ad up it is common that prosecution narrative is altered, and as shown - evidence to, to fit with goal to convict no matter what. The interest to be just falls flat when a suspect is pinned in the schedule to be processed in the legal system. It becomes prestige. A prestigious legal system is in opposition to a just and equal legal system.

This series depict a flawed system. I can't imagine that all cases are handled the same same way every time and every where but it gives a picture of a justice culture that is far from safe for any one that some how gets involved in a legal process. A culture that makes it easy, even preferable in some cases for some involved, to be unjust and with alternative objectives.

Some thing that I miss in all this is the medias role in all of this. The pressure starts there and with a snowball effect it brakes the barricade that is put up to just and equal protect innocent and serve justice. Political agendas is manipulated by tossing public opinion in a direction that is best received by the public. Some times even media tells the public what they want. There are many documentaries telling stories about innocent people being wrongfully convicted and one thing is the same every time. When the truth is revealed prestige stands in the way with help of bureaucracy making it hard to exculpate wrongfully convicted.

It is not up to me to say what is correct, right and truthful in this show. I'm not American. The legal system in my country is far from perfect. There are some things that are similar but some are not. Never the less it gets me thinking. That is good. People should think. Is this how it is, should be or must be? Next step is to decide to do or not do some thing about it.

Good show, better than many similar ones. There are most likely other views in these cases not represented in this show but let it be a conversation starter and see if it can have a positive impact in the future.

Positive Reviews:
  • The premise of the show is that innocent people are in prison. However, what the series actually reveals is the corrupt legal system in America. The cases that are explored are troubling and heart breaking but the what is exposed is the vial, heinous, racist, dishonest, etc. legal system in America. From out right liars in the prosecutors offices, bogus science accepted as fact, manipulated eye-witnesses, and violence committed on helpless suspects to gangs of cops practicing their twisted form of vigilante justice on civilians, this is simply an amazing documentary.
  • A shocking expose of the extremely flawed American criminal system, with great in depths of the unique cases. After watching this series, I realised how tricky eyewitness testimony and is and that bite mark analyses is almost unusable in most cases. You can also see how the American justice system takes a extremly long time to get someone out of prison while they have a ton of evindence to proof their innocence, and whilst the extremely unlucky people basiclly are rotting away in prison. In conclusion: Netflix made a eye opening, in depth documentary about the many flaws in the American justice system. Good job, the Innocence Project!
  • The Innocence Files was an incredible documentary series. I wasn't sure if I would like it as sometimes I just find miscarriage of justice docs too frustrating to watch, but this was gripping, heartbreaking and mind blowing all in one. The cases were shown from all angles, the victims of the initial crime, the families, lawyers and the accused, as well as people who were involved in putting them in prison in the first place. There are some wild, bold stories you almost couldn't believe happened. I really hope there is a season 2

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