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Choti Sardarni: Sarab supports Sandhya for the kids; Param accepts her

Sandhya’s attempts to make the kids happy with her little deeds are gradually working. The latest episode of Choti Sardarni witnessed Param accepting her after she proves to have the ability to talk to Meher, but there’s a secret behind it. As Param tries to make Karan and Seher understand that Sandhya is only lying to them and they shouldn’t trust her, he agrees to test her. He asks Sandhya to ask Seher’s birthday from Meher. Worried about how she will answer this, Sandhya asks the question and answers it correctly. But it was only because of Sarab’s help, who was convinced by Meher in his conscious.

Sarab shows her a placard with 14th April written on it only to help Sandhya make Param, Karan and Seher happy. Later, Param is surprised with Sandhya’s answer and hugs her out of all his emotions. Further, Seher gets emotional about not having Meher by her side on her birthday .Sarab tries to pacify her and decides to have a huge celebration on her birthday. He swears to not let Seher feel sad as she will miss Meher even more on her special day.

On the other hand, Param and Karan are sad that they won’t have Meher in the family photo. Karan asks Sandhya to ask Meher to be present on Seher’s birthday. She promises them that Meher will be there for Seher’s birthday. Seher overhears the conversation and lights up with joy. But how will she fulfil her promise? Will Sandhya fail in keeping up her promise or will she find a way out for this too?
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