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Bigg Boss 13 fame Paras Chhabra gained immense popularity post the reality show. The actor, who started his career with Splitsvilla in 2012, went through many trials and tribulations in his career even after winning the reality show. From having no work to overcoming stuttering issues, Paras life has been not so easy. In an exclusive chat with ETimes TV, Paras spoke about the rejections he faced in life and still managed to make his mark. He also spoke about losing his father at the age of 3 and that he worked in 15 call centres to earn a livelihood. He opened up about his altercation with Salman during BB 13 and when he was mocked for wearing a hair patch on the show.(PC - Instagram)

02/14​On being a Splitsvilla winner

I did Splitsvilla in 2012 it had 13 episodes and it would air weekly. So, the youth watching that show connected with me and they started loving me. So, I always had a youth fan following with me and that support continued with me while I did TV shows. And I still have those fans. They know that I had appeared in Splitsvilla and they continue to support me but Bigg Boss was like the biggest show of my career and it was most watched and now everyone knows. The journey of this 8 years has been lovely and I had never imagined that I would come this far.(PC - Instagram)

03/14​In 2016 at point I had no work and money in my pocket

I started modelling in 2011 and within 1 year I got Splitsvilla and I won the show. Post that I continued to do modelling and kept giving numerous auditions till 2015. I donít even remember the number of auditions I gave during that period. Ek time ke baad toh maine haar Maan li.., (after one point I gave up) I tried hard and was doing episodic shows. And people who would see me would always say that you will easily get a serial, you donít need to worry, but it was not working out even though I was giving auditions. Again in 2015, I was called by the Splitsvilla team and things got rolling for me. I also got confident. But in 2016 again I had no work and I had nothing in my pocket. I think I must have done just one shoot in that entire year. I had given up and had planned to return to Delhi. I would keep thinking how should I earn my livelihood because it is not easy to survive in Mumbai because it is so expensive. (PC - Instagram)

04/14​Taking up photography and leaving acting

A friend of mine noticed that I used to click good pictures. He motivated me to take up photography and shoot portfolios. I started doing portfolios and within a month I earned Rs 1.5 lakh, when I diverted my focus there, I got a call from Badho Bahu. I had gone for a three months cameo but the character was loved and it got extended and I was made the negative lead. As an actor I started growing from there and did shows back to back. I did Aaramabh, I played Duryodhan, Ravan in Vighnaharta Ganesh, it also worked for me. I did a show called Aghori and did that till the end. Later I bagged Bigg Boss. I grew as an actor from 2017 to 2019 and that time it had nothing to do with fame. Then with Bigg Boss in 2019 people started knowing me as Paras Chhabra. (PC - Instagram)

05/14​My mom has supported me during my weakest time

I only have my mother in my family. My mother did not belong to a very well to do family so she did not have that much money to fulfil all my dreams. But yes whenever I have been low in life my mom has always supported me and she has protected me. She would tell me that initially I was not confident that you would do it but later when you won Splitsvilla I started believing that you have it in you and you will go ahead. She would calm me down and kept telling me to have faith in myself. During my weakest time when I was struggling to get work or was depressed (thinking about not getting stardom despite my hard work) she would motivate me.(PC - Instagram)

06/14​From 2012 to 2016, I only faced criticism, rejections and a dominating attitude of people

From 2012 to 2016, I only faced criticism, rejections and a dominating attitude of people. I would get replaced at the end moment. I kept asking myself why this is happening to me. I had a stammering problem, it still happens with me sometimes when I am too tired or I try speaking too fast. And till the time you are not an established name nobody wants to take a chance and cast you. Sometimes, I would get rejected because of my height I am 6ft 1 inch but because I am broad people would think I am short and I would get rejected. Even on screen I donít look too tall. I would be very bad and also faced depression and had anxiety issues, as I did not know how to run the house without work. But when I went towards photography God brought me to acting. Even after winning Splitsvilla, I started acting on Rs 5000 per day. So, I have seen a lot of ups and downs in life and when I look back I feel it has been inspiring. (PC - Instagram)

07/14Paras on his stammering issues

I think my mother has been the only person in my life who has motivated and pushed me, rest everyone has just made fun of my stammering issues. I remember my maternal grandfather would call me from Uttar Pradesh and would ask me to say ĎAaj Sardar ki chutti haií and I would stammer and could not say that line. I did not have control on my language. But when I moved to Mumbai for acting and started reading scripts, I slowly worked on my issues. When I started giving auditions, I realised the most important thing is concentration and stammering happens to people who think a lot and want to express it fast. I think a lot and just blurt it out, sometimes I donít even think and just say and you know because of it I have landed in trouble and have been trolled also. (PC - Instagram)

08/14​My co-contestants with me in Splitsvilla would pass comments that I will never get work

I started reading scripts during auditions and controlling my breath, speed of talking and working on my vocabulary. Slowly, it got sorted. I think the three-four years when I was not getting work and I was just giving auditions it helped me to solve my stammering issues. I think that waiting period helped me to work on my language, attitude, acting, stammering issues. When during Bigg Boss 13 Bigg Boss would ask me to read the task letter, I would feel proud of myself. I would feel really happy that people are understanding what I am reading and they are liking it. I was really glad that I have overcome that issue. I remember the co-contestants with me in Splitsvilla; they would pass comments that would give work to him, they would call me Ďhaklaí. He wonít get work but I feel God is great that I have achieved success in life.(PC - Instagram)

09/14​I worked in around 15-20 call centres and I was thrown out from all of them because I was not 18

I would have matured early in life but my mother did not let it happen. My mother till the time she could she raised me very nicely, gave me good education and schooling. I did 12th and did my college via correspondence because I started working at an early age. I had only me and my mother in my family and we were staying with my uncle (maternal uncle) in a joint family. He would take care of us and my mother would work with him in his factory. But when his factory started going into losses, then my mother took up another job at a jewellery shop as a sales manager in Delhi. Then I thought that we could not survive on that much money so I also started working. I worked in around 15-20 call centres and I was thrown out from all of them because I was not 18. I worked at a wheel cover factory and even he sacked me within a month saying that I could never do anything in life. I still remember his words and when I came out of Bigg Boss 13, I made him a call and told him if he remembers me and his harsh words. I took my revenge. I worked at a salon as a manager, I worked at a gym also. I worked at a cold storage and was fired from all these jobs. They would tell me I was not made for those jobs. I would always think then what I am supposed to do in life. Suddenly, once I got an offer for a modelling assignment and my career started from there. From there my real struggle started. Before that I was only thinking of earning bread and ****er and paying rent.(PC - Instagram)

10/14​I was 3 year-old when I lost my father

I have no memories of my father. I was 3 year-old when I lost my father. I donít even remember his face. I have seen him only in photographs. I only know that my mother is my dad and mom both. I share all my problems, happiness and everything with my mom. My mom has always treated me as a friend. (PC - Instagram)

11/14​After my altercation with Salman sir, a lot of people told me your career was over

Honestly, I am not scared of anyone. If I would be scared of anyone I would have never tried to explain my point to Salman Khan sir. Because we always get to hear if you fight with Salman sir your career is over. If you watch the episode carefully everyone was trying to tell me to keep quiet and not argue. But my point was when I have done nothing wrong in my life why will I be scared of anyone and it doesnít matter to me who is standing in front of me. I will always try to prove my point when I am not wrong. If I am wrong I will quietly listen to you but when I am not wrong I will try to correct you and explain you the facts. Why will I say sorry If I have not done anything wrong. Just because someone has come forward and said a few things about me that doesnít mean that person is right. And when Salman Khan sir is saying the entire country is watching and they will believe it. I consider him as my elder brother why canít I fight with my brother and tell him to hear my side also. He shouted at me so that he is like a brother, he can do that but I did not give up and at the end he understood I was not wrong. After that he spoke to me nicely and till the end he was good to me. During the after party also he was very nice to me. And he is Salman Khan. Why will he care about anyoneís issue? But it is a reality show sometimes things get exaggerated. It was not a fight, it was a simple talk between two brothers or you can say a mentor and his chela. I am not scared of anyone except my God. (PC - Instagram)

12/14​Social media is a fake world and trolling doesnít bother me

I have done a lot of research on trolling. Who does this trolling? I have understood that trolling is done by the fan base of our competitors. And I feel if there is a fan, he/she always loves their own star and they will never write nasty stuff about others. It is actually the social media team of that particular star who you have a rivalry with, they do this trolling. They are the ones who write nasty things. Why I am saying this is because itís been a year now that I have stepped out of the Bigg Boss 13 house and I have stepped around a lakh of fans. But I never got any hateful vibes from anyone, whoever I met. They only give me love, work wise and also everyday I get new offers. Then what is the use of this trolling? It is not affecting me mentally, nor my work. For me the thing that matters is am I getting work, how much money I am earning, how much love I am getting. When I go out and meet people do they love me? Do they want a selfie with me or they consider that I am worth taking a picture with, these are the things that matter to me. Social media is a fake world and it doesnít matter to me. In fact, I sometimes enjoy watching these messages. (PC - Instagram)

13/14​There are so many Bollywood actors who have done hair transplant

I donít think someone can ever make fun of me for my baldness. Has someone ever seen me without hair or my bald look. When trolls see me without hair or my bald look, they can make fun of me. There are so many Bollywood actors who have done hair transplant like Ranbir Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, and Hollywood stars like Chris Hemsworth when they do big films like Avengers they also use extensions. To change your appearance, you experiment with your looks and if I also experimented with my looks then whatís the big deal in it. I am an actor, I can be a shapeshifter anytime. I want to be a versatile actor. If they consider wearing extensions as my weakness and they are making fun of me, it is not affecting me, neither my work. Makers are not giving me work by looking at my hair, they are seeing my personality, acting and talent. If I am looking good after wearing extensions and doing these things then where is the problem. (PC - Instagram)

14/14​Even actresses these days wear extensions because some of them have scanty hair

If you troll someone for being bald then you are actually showing your own personality. It is scientifically proven there is a bald man and there is a future bald man. Koi jaldi apne hair loose karega koi der se karega par sabka hota he hai... with some people it happens because of chemicals, gymming, supplements, reasons can be any. And I feel a lot of youngsters are fighting with this issue of losing hair. I donít want to name people but even in Bigg Boss 14, there were three contestants who wore hair patches but their thing did not come out in the media. I am not scared of these things. I feel hair is a part of your body, why do you have to feel ashamed about it. I plan to go full bald in one of my future projects. And I know I carry myself well even in that bald look. When I am looking good wearing a hair patch, have a beautiful girl with me and she has no complaints, then whatís the point in worrying. Even actresses these days wear extensions because some of them have scanty hair. (PC - Instagram)
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