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Default Stranger Things is getting a Pokémon GO-style game

Stranger Things is getting a new game that will appeal to Pokémon GO fans. Finnish developer Next Games is working on a Stranger Things mobile game in partnership with Netflix. The game is called Stranger Things. Next Games describes it as a location based puzzle that falls in the RPG genre. The game is said to be 1980s cartoon-inspired where players will be able to walk around the Upside Down. The developers say that players will be able to work with fellow fans to fight back its emerging evils. The description sounds like a mashup between battle royale games like Fortnite and Pokémon GO.

Stranger Things Game: All you need to know

In order to make it easier to move in the real world, Next Games will be using Google Maps integration. Players will be able to explore their own neighborhood along with friends. “Our core focus will be to deliver on Stranger Things’ rich and intense themes like friendship and supernatural adventure, and translate these into snack-sized entertainment on your mobile device,” Teemu Huuhtanen, CEO of Next Games, said in a press release.

Next Games is no stranger to location-based games. After Niantic, developer of games like Pokémon GO and Ingress, Next Games is a popular name. The game developer has worked on projects like The Walking Dead: Our World, which uses Google Maps to create location-based gameplay objectives. Next Games’ Stranger Things game will be separate from two previous Stranger Things games, which were in development by Telltale Games. Neither of the two games were ever released and with Telltale having shut shops, it is unlikely we will ever see those games.

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According to The Verge, Next Games plans to release its Stranger Things game in 2020. It will be available on Android and iOS. The third season of Stranger Things will premiere on July 4, 2019 on Netflix. Stranger Things has become a popular brand under Netflix’s umbrella. The game could become an additional entity for the brand. With Niantic working on a location-based Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game, it will be interesting to see how two popular sci-fi genres translate into real world game.

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