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welcomewiki 11-30-2020 03:23 AM

Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 83, November 28, highlights: Nagarjuna grills Harika and Abhijeet; Monal Gajjar gets saved

The latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Abhijeet objected to Akhil helping him in the kitchen duties as the Bigg Bomb was leveled on him. This led to an argument between them. Akhil complained to Monal that he is trying to be nice to Abhijeet but he is ignoring him.
Avinash and Harika discussed the eviction free pass that he won recently. The housemates then got divided into two teams and performed a promotional task with Monal as Sanchalak.

Harika told host Nagarjuna that she ensured the housemates followed the rules of the game. Nagarjuna showed her a video and questioned why she didn't remind Abhijeet to talk in Telugu and encourage him to perform the task. Nagarjuna accused her of being biased to Abhijeet. Harika and Nagarjuna had a debate on her captaincy with the latter advising her to play her individual game hereon.
Interacting with the housemates, Nagarjuna inquired about the mistakes committed by them during the week and gave them suggestions. Nagarjuna appreciated Monal for standing her ground during the nomination task.

Nagarjuna told Abhijeet that he is repeating the mistake of not taking part in the tasks and apologising in the weekend episodes. Abhijeet admitted his mistake and apologised after the main gate was opened to him.

In a dramatic sequence, Monal got saved in the episode. She got emotional talking how stressful this week has been to her. Nagarjuna ended the episode asking Avinash to decide on using the eviction free pass and wishing Noel on his birthday.

welcomewiki 12-14-2020 09:38 AM

Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 98, December 13, highlights: Monal Gajjar gets evicted; 5 finalists of the season declared

The latest episode of Bigg Boss started with a dazzling reveal of the Rs. 50 lakh prize money for the title winner, and contestants were asked to talk about what the money meant to them. Harika, Monal and Sohel dreamt of a house for their mothers while Ariyana wished to help out people from her hometown Anthur. Abhijeet wanted to give it all to his father, Akhil wished to help out the specially abled and also open a cafe. The contestants imitated each other in delivering their acceptance speeches.

Host Nagarjuna announced Abhijeet as the third finalist of the season. Harika was revealed to be the fourth finalist.

The contestants were split into two teams and they had to guess the names of different movies by their posters. They and played dumb charades later on.

In a nail biting sequence, Ariyana made it to the final five and Monal's journey on the show ended. Housemates bid her an emotional goodbye. Ariyana was in utter shock while Monal got emotional over her eviction.

- Monal suggested Abhijeet to be good friends with everyone especially Akhil, now that she is not around.
- She asked Ariyana to be less aggressive during the tasks. Monal requested Sohel to not get hurt for petty things.
- Monal ordered Harika to be in the finale along with Akhil.

The episode ended on a high note with the finalists dancing their hearts out.

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