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Television 12-16-2008 03:28 PM

MTV ROADIES : Journey So Far
One of the most happening things that today’s youth talk about and elders crib about.

From the very beginning, it has been a very healthy & tough competition between MTV & Channel [V]. Channel [V] started the “[V] Popstars” and soon after that “Roadies” came On MTV.

The sixth edition of Roadies is about to begin as the auditions are over and will be aired on MTV soon.
Check out the rear view of MTV roadies:
  • 2003 – Rannvijay Singh
  • 2004 – Ayushmann Khurrana
  • 2005 – Parul Shahi
  • 2006 / 2007 – Anthony Yeh
  • 2007 / 2008 – Aushutosh Kaushik
  • 2008 / 2009 – Nauman Sait
  • 2010 – Anwar Syed
  • 2011 – Anchanl Khurana
  • 2012 – Vikas Khoker
  • 2013 – Palak Johal
  • 2014 – Nikhil Sachdeva
  • 2015 – Prince Narula
  • 2016 – Balraj Singh
  • 2017 – Shweta Mehta
  • 2018 – Kashish Thakur
  • 2019 – Arun Sharma (Season 16)
  • 2020 – Season 17 Winner is

Television 12-16-2008 03:29 PM

MTV Roadies is a famous reality show that is telecasted on MTV India. This show is mainly for stunning youths to test their physical and mental strengths. Here the show features a group of participants, and they are taken to different places to participate in different tasks and undergo physical challenges and difficult tasks that determine their mental strength and physical capability. Here is the MTV Roadies winner list of all seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19. The show was started in the year 2003 and has completed 17 seasons and started the 18th season. This show can also be streamed on the Voot application. One can watch this show on the VOOT App, as it streams some added content in every episode you watch. Here we will see the list of MTV Roadies Winners list in detail.

MTV Roadies Season 1st Winner: Rannvijay Singh
  • Winner – Rannvijay Singh.
  • Year – 2003
  • Prize Money – Rs.5,00,000 and Hero Honda Karizma Bike.
This season was conducted in the year 2003. The first season winner is Rannvijay Singh, and he is a popular actor in Bollywood. He is well-known in the Bollywood industry as he entered the acting profession by leaving his military job. He has done this to fulfill his goals and dreams of acting.

MTV Roadies Season 2nd Winner: Ayushman Khurana
  • Winner – Ayushmann Khurrana.
  • Year – 2004
  • Prize Money – Rs.5,00,000 and Hero Honda Karizma Bike.
In the year 2004, this second season was conducted. Ayushman Khurana is the winner. In this season, the winner has the chance to anchor the show, and Ayushman became a famous Bollywood star now.

MTV Roadies Season 3rd Winner: Parul Shahi
  • Winner – Parul Shahi.
  • Year – 2005
  • Prize Money – Rs.3,60,000 and Hero Honda Karizma Bike.
In 2005, the third season was conducted, and the show has chosen the girl Parul Shahi to be the winner. She is from the Northeast side of India and got many fan followers during her participation in this show.

MTV Roadies Season 4th Winner: Anthony Yeh
  • Winner – Anthony Yeh.
  • Year – 2006
  • Prize Money – Rs.3,75,000 and Hero Honda Karizma Bike.
Anthony Yeh, who is from Kolkata, having a Chinese origin, is the simplest and kind person in this season. His calm nature and dedication towards the tasks made him the winner of Season 4.

MTV Roadies Season 5th Winner: Ashutosh Kaushik
  • Winner – Ashutosh Kaushik.
  • Year – 2007
  • Prize Money – Rs.5,00,000 and Hero Honda Karizma Bike.
Though Ashutosh Kaushik was stubborn and different towards handling the things during the tasks, he became the winner of Season 5. He featured in many hit movies such as Shortcut Romeo and Zila Ghaziabad.

MTV Roadies Season 6th Winner: Nauman Sait
  • Winner – Nauman Sait.
  • Year – 2008
  • Prize Money – Rs.3,62,000.
Nauman Sait was a season 6 winner, and he is well-known as an actor and model, one can see him in Television series and shows. After he participated in MTV Roadies, he was called for acting in TV series and also a member of the South film industry.

MTV Roadies Season 7th Winner: Anwar Syed
  • Winner – Anwar Syed.
  • Year – 2010
  • Prize Money – Rs.90,000.
Anwar Syed won the MTV Roadies S07, and he graduated with an MBA. He looks charming with a great physique look, for which he got selected.

MTV Roadies Season 8th Winner: Aanchal Khurana
  • Winner – Aanchal Khurana.
  • Year – 2011
  • Prize Money – Rs. 4,00,000.
Aanchal Khurana is the Season 8th winner, and she is a popular TV actor featured in series like Arjun, CID, and Savdhaan India, etc.

MTV Roadies Season 9th Winner: Vikas Khoker
  • Winner – Vikas Khoker.
  • Year – 2012
  • Prize Money – Rs. 6,17,000.
Vikas Khoker is the Season 9 winner, and he was a strong contestant in this season. But he failed to use this chance to emerge a great star in Bollywood.

MTV Roadies Season 10th Winner: Palak Johal
  • Winner – Palak Johal.
  • Year – 2013
  • Prize Money – Rs. 4,50,000.
Palak Johal won the MTV Roadies Season 10. She was a great entertainer of this season 10. She won the prize money of Rs. 450,000.

MTV Roadies Season 11th Winner: Nikhil Sachdeva
  • Winner – Nikhil Sachdeva.
  • Year – 2014
  • Prize Money – Rs. 3,32,000.
Nikhil Sachdeva, the winner of MTV Roadies Season 11, looks charming with a great physique. He was selected for this show by considering that he will handle all tasks effectively.

MTV Roadies X2 (Season 12) Winner: Prince Narula
  • Winner – Prince Narula.
  • Year – 2015
  • Prize Money – Rs. 5,00,000.
Prince Narula won the 12th season of MTV Roadies. He is a model and also an actor, and one can see him featured with RannVijay for hosting the show. MTV Roadies makers skip the season 13 due to some reasons.

MTV Roadies X4 Winner (Season 14): Balraj Singh Khehra
  • Winner – Balraj Khera.
  • Year – 2016
  • Prize Money – Rs. 5,00,000.
Balraj Singh Khehra won the Season X4 for which he got a Car as a compliment. He acted in many web series and also a professional in the Punjabi entertainment industry.

MTV Roadies Rising Winner (Season 15): Shweta Mehta
  • Winner – Shweta Mehta.
  • Year – 2017
  • Prize Money – Renault Duster worth Rs.10,00,000.
Shweta Mehta, who won the MTV Roadies Season 15, is a fitness freak and used to post many videos on Social media platforms about boxing and other gym activities.

MTV Roadies Xtreme Winner (Season 16): Kashish Thakur Pundir
  • Winner – Kashish Thakur Pundir.
  • Year – 2018
  • Prize Money – MTV Xtreme worth upto 10 lakh.
Kashish Thakur Pundir is the winner of MTV Roadies in 2018. He is a civil engineer by profession, but in addition to that, he is Indian Cross Fit Trainer and Martial Artist.

MTV Roadies Real Heroes (Season 17): Arun Sharma
  • Winner – Arun Sharma
  • Year – 2019
  • Prize Money – MTV Real Heroes upto 10 lakh.
Arun Sharma won the MTV Roadies in 2019 and started to concentrate on the film industry. Now, he moved to Mumbai city to fulfill his dream in the film industry.

MTV Roadies Revolution Winner Season 18: Hamid Barkzi
  • Winner – Arun Sharma
  • Year – 2020-2021
  • Prize Money –Upto 10 lakh.
This season was started on 15th February 2020 but yet to announce the winner of this season. Starting from the first season to this current season, the show has gained huge popularity among people, and the reality show becomes a crucial part for one to enter the Bollywood and TV industry.

MTV Roadies Winner Season 19: Who will be the winner?

  • Winner – N/C
  • Year – 2021-2022
  • Prize Money – N/C
This season was started on 2021-2022 but yet to announce the winner of this season. Starting from the first season to this current season, the show has gained huge popularity among people, and the reality show becomes a crucial part for one to enter the Bollywood and TV industry.

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