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seema 12-21-2009 12:52 PM
Negar's bikini stint

Controversy is her second name, but this year Negar returned back in news with her bikini stint on the TV reality show, 'Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao'. The actress raised many brows but for sure, helped in raising the TRPs of the show with her bikini bath.

seema 12-21-2009 12:58 PM
Shiney Ahuja 'maid' a blunder

You all will agree with this, Shiney Ahuja was definitely the most controversial celeb of 2009. With **** charges on him against his maid, Shiney went to jail, confessed to his crime and later got bail, leaving his fans and film faternity in shock!

seema 12-21-2009 12:59 PM
Neetu's lesbian photoshoot

Errr..We thought her to be straight..Neetu Chandra's controversial photoshoot left many wondering her intensions..The magazine shoot was interrupted by onlookers as they found it offending and hence broiled a controversy.

seema 12-21-2009 01:00 PM
Tiger Woods' illicit affairs

Tiger Woods' is the recent controversial sportsman to serve the headlines of many tabloids. The golf star was rumored of his illicit affairs that bought him fame in bad terms. After the news, golf's fallen hero's wife Elin, packed her bags and walked out of his life.

seema 12-21-2009 01:01 PM
Sherlyn sizzled in 'Bigg Boss 3'

Sherlyn Chopra's striptease or her arguments in the house, she became one of the most talked about celeb in 'Bigg Boss 3'. Even after she was evicted from the house, Sherlyn maintained her controversial status and went to reveal some secrets of her housemates.

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