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welcomewiki 04-06-2020 02:28 PM

Avengers: Endgame: Wondering How Captain Marvel Manages To Fight Off The Mighty Villa
No one can forget Captain Marvelís (Brie Larson) smashing entry during the final battle scene in Avengers: Endgame. The moment she makes an entry, CM destroyed Thanosí (Josh Brolin) spaceship entirely. If that wasnít enough, we also saw how they have a powerful faceoff before Robert Downey Jrís Iron Man snaps him to death.

We all know that Thanos is a very powerful MCU villain. So when thereís a fight between him and Captain Marvel, how did she brush off his head****? Well, has an explanation for the same. Captain Marvel is so powerful that she even manages to keep his hand open when he attempts to snap using the infinity gauntlet. Later, when he tries to head**** her, she doesnít move at all. Only when Thanos takes out the Power Stone from the gauntlet, she turns a little weak and the Mad Titan manages to push her away. Endgame: Wondering How Captain Marvel Manages To Fight Off The Mighty Villain Thanos? Read On!The big questions here are how is she so powerful and also how did Thanos manage to weaken her using the Power Stone? Well, all this is linked to the film Captain Marvel. In this Brie Larson starrer film, we saw her character Carol Danvers gets her energies from the Space Stone when her flight crashes due to an attack. Her co-pilot Miranda Lawson aka Mar-Vel dies in the attack, but Carol gets exposed to the energies of Space Stone which is one of the powerful infinity stones. Hence, she gains superpowers.

In Avengers: Endgame, when Thanos uses the Power Stone to fight CM, she gets a lot of boost from it. It is said that when the infinity stones are used in concert, they lead to growth in energy and power. So when Brieís character gets exposed to one of the stones, she receives a power booster which creates a circuit around her. However, she is unaware that she is getting stronger at that moment and manages to fight Thanos.

But thereís a drawback of taking out an infinity stone as it also leads to the disruption of the circuit that gets formed. So along with giving Captain Marvel enough power to fight him, the energy mightíve later gotten affected and weakened Carolís superpowers. At that exact moment, the mighty villain pushes her away on the battlefield. This is quite a complicated yet interesting trivia about the infinity stones and the fight between Captain Marvel and Thanos.

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