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welcomewiki 10-21-2021 02:37 AM

Exercises For Your Eyes
Most of us exercise to lose weight, maintain weight loss, stay in shape or strengthen the arms and legs. But did you know your eyes need a workout too. Exercising your eyes is even more important in the present electronic era, with digital eye strain becoming a common problem among people, including children. Many vision problems originate from a lack of flexibility, said Acharya Advait Yogbhushan, Founder of Himalayan Yogi Institutes. Exercise for eye muscles is important to improve the flow of blood and oxygen through the eye's olfactory nerves. There are numerous yogic techniques that can help keep your eyes healthy and make sure your vision is at its best. Advait yoga designed by the Sacred Science Teacher also consists of a series of alignment yoga to improve eye health. Here are 5 asanas that can help you keep strong eyesight.

Also called as Full-Wheel Pose and Upward Bow Pose, this asana engages the whole body.

Sarvangasana or shoulder stand is referred to as ‘Queen of asanas’ as it is highly beneficial in maintaining both mental and physical health.

Migraine and insomnia patients, people with high or low blood pressure and those who have had serious lower-back or neck injuries are recommended to avoid Matsyasana or fish pose.

Ustrasana or Camel Pose can also help relieve lower back ache, and overcome menstrual discomfort in women.

Urdhava Mukha Savansana
Urdhva Mukha Svanasana or Upward-Facing Dog can also help improve your body posture and stimulate the abdominal organs.

Headstand or sirsasana is called the king of asanas as it regulates the entire body function by improving blood supply to scalp and brain.

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