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freesaphr 03-04-2009 03:42 AM

Some Case -study each tells to think

The bank holidays for 2009 may be set up as "moveable holiday" which requires you to enter the date in the public holiday for 2009, if you have 2010 dates you can enter those as well. You can check these via tcode SCAL, after you make changes to the public holiday/s all work schedules that use the calendar/s for the public holiday need to be generated.

Remember to transport the calendars once you have changed them, calendars are not automatically added to a transport when you make a change, itís a manual processes.

If the Bank Holidays are fixed dates, then check the holiday calendar end date and end dates for the public holidays assign to the calendar ( tcode SCAL), end date could be 2008.

freesaphr 03-04-2009 03:43 AM

If you implementing Factoring based client so you have to create Factory Calendar

REASON Factory will nor close it works 365 days

freesaphr 03-04-2009 03:44 AM

freesaphr 03-04-2009 03:45 AM

Factory calendar contain company specific dates such as alternate working Saturdays, Plant shutdown etc.

You can create your company factory calendar via transaction code 'SCAL'.

Assignment of the factory calendar by plant is done in transaction code 'SM30 - V_T001W'.

An example of a SAP application that uses the factory calendar is the SAP MRP modules.

Assuming that you have a specified an alternate working Saturday, MRP will postponed the planned orders to the next working day if it happened to falls on a non-working Saturday.

freesaphr 03-04-2009 03:46 AM

freesaphr 03-04-2009 03:47 AM

Assign your Holiday Calender ID

freesaphr 03-04-2009 03:49 AM

For general clients this is no need.

welcomewiki 04-26-2009 03:16 PM




welcomewiki 05-15-2020 01:14 PM

Creating Half Day Public Holiday

By Shruti Joshi @

This document attempts to make the readers understand how half day public holiday can be configured in the system.
It is a well-known fact that Holiday Class 2 is generally used for creating a half day public holiday. However, many times consultants tend to think that assigning holiday class 2 to a day is sufficient to make the day as half day. Below document would explain what all other configurations need to be made additionally to achieve the half day public holiday.

Before beginning with the same, we firstly need to understand what each of the fields of IT2001 actually convey so that later on it will be easier to understand how our configuration affects the absence hours calculation.
Lets try understanding this with a normal example and help from standard SAP documentation.

Example 1: Full day leave booked on a rostered day.
On the absence screen you would see a Full day checkbox for this leave. This checkbox gets selected automatically when you donít specify any start time and end time for the leave.
Absence Days and Absence Hours are calculated by the system itself based on the work schedule. When system finds the full day checkbox selected, it adds up the number of rostered days and its hours. The Calendar days are added up for each full day absence. The Payroll Days and Payroll hours are calculated based on our customizing configuration. This comes from our counting rule which has 100% as quota multiplier most of the times thereby giving the same values as absence days and absence hours.

Example 2: Partial Day absence on a rostered day.
To book a partial day absence we need to specify the start and end time of the absence. When you do this, you would observe that the full day checkbox does not get selected on the absence screen.
Here, since we had specified the start and end time and our counting rule allows partial day absence to be booked, the system calculates all the fields based on the absence hours we have booked.

Example 3: Absence booked on a FREE day (Planned Working hours = 0)
Here, since the system finds the day as non-rostered, the absence days and hours are calculated as 0 by the system.
Now lets understand how the system behaves if the only configuration I do for making a day as half day public holiday is to set the Holiday Class as 2.

Consider the below WSR where 24th December and 31st December are assigned Holiday Class 2. Please note that the day type for these days is blank.

Now if I book leave from 24th to 31st, the system takes absence days as 4 which are 24th, 29th, 30th and 31st. Thus the quota used is 30.40hrs (7.6 * 4).
The reason that our system does not consider 24th and 31st as half day by itself is because of the counting rule which is set as shown below.
Now letís see what all configurations need to be done to achieve our requirement.
First is to create the Counting Rule to deduct 50% of absence quota when the Holiday Class is 2. For this I need to create 2 sequence numbers for the same counting rule.
One would be for the normal cases when full day absence is to be recorded. Second would be for Holiday Class 2 when the quota multiplier should be 50%.
Assign this counting rule to the appropriate absence. While doing so you would see two sequence numbers. You can assign the first one. The system automatically checks all sequence numbers for a counting rule during processing.
Now when you book the absence, it would look like below:
The absence hours and absence days show the same as earlier, the reason being that these are directly calculated based on the rostered days by the system itself. Since start and end time hasnít been provided while booking absence, the full day checkbox is selected for this and system calculates the number of days with day type blank as absence days. Corresponding to these absence days the system calculates absence hours.
Now you see the difference in payroll days and payroll hours based on the configuration we have done.
Payroll Days = Half Day of 24th + Full day of 29th + Full day of 30th + Half Day of 31st = 3 days
Payroll Hours = 3.8hrs (for 24th half day) + 7.6hrs (for 29th) + 7.6hrs (for 30th) + 3.8hrs (for 31st half day) = 22.8hrs
These 22.8 hours are deducted from the absence quota of the employee thereby completing our requirement of half day absence deduction.

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