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welcomewiki 04-02-2020 07:19 AM

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall coming to Huawei AppGallery
There’s a new Game of Throne game in the block called*Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall. This new game is apparently set to hit the*Huawei AppGallery on April 3. And on the same day the game will be also available in the Google Play Store. Huawei mentions that*people installing Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall within the first 120 days of its launch will get special rewards. These will be awarded when registering to play, and would include carved glyphs and shards of Jon Snow.

The game has been described as, “Command the Night’s Watch in an original Game of Thrones story. Use the power of the weirwood trees to play characters like Jon Snow, Melisandre and Daenerys Targaryen.” The description adds, “48 years before the events of the Game of Thrones TV show, Lord Commander Brynden Rivers, better known as “Bloodraven”, disappeared while ranging beyond the Wall. Now it’s your turn to take command of the Night’s Watch.”

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall: Features

Players get to use the ancient magic of the weirwoods and greensight to collect different costumed versions of heroes. The list of these heroes include Jon Snow,*Daenerys Targaryen,*Jaime Lannister,*Melisandre, and*Tormund Giantsbane. Players can*send their ravens far and wide to unlock and upgrade items, tactics, traits, and abilities to perfect their Night’s Watch roster.


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Other features include exploring the Haunted Forest in Weirwood Forays in search of ancient knowledge. Players can command Rangings where they lead a band of heroes to endure the hazards of the Milkwater River. They can also participate in special Legendary Events to recruit familiar faces and fill the codex with power.

The developers are preferring to opt for Huawei’s AppGallery because the revenue split is better than the industry. Huawei is offering games*85 percent of the revenue for the first two years, which is 15 percent above the industry norm of 70 percent.


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