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welcomewiki 03-19-2021 12:49 PM

TOP 10 BIGGEST Things to Avoid in Summer
Summer is here: 6 things you should avoid in hot weather to stay healthy

<section class="ind-sc">Drinking ice-cold or chilled water can give you instant relief from the scorching heat of summer. However, it can disrupt the digestion process and bowel movement. Here is a list of things you should avoid in hot weather to stay healthy and enjoy illness-free summer.

Enjoy healthy and illness free summer
Summer is a good time for outdoor activities and vacation, but it also brings with it some health risks such as sunburn, heatstroke, allergies, digestion problems, and infections. Below are some simple precautions that you can take to keep these health problems at bay and make summer safer and more enjoyable. We all love drinking ice-cold or chilled water when the temperature unbearably hot outside. While this may give you instant relief from the scorching heat of summer, it is not for your health. Here is a list of things you should avoid in hot weather to stay healthy and enjoy illness-free summer.
Avoid oily food in summer
Fried and oily foods are a big no-no, especially during summer as they can heat up body, make you feel hotter as well as cause dehydration. Try to limit your consumption of meats during summertime as they lead to increased sweating, cause digestive problems, and diarrhoea. Fried and oily food can also cause heart problems, cause weight gain, and increase your blood sugar levels.
Avoid too much exposure to direct sunlight
Exposure to a small amount of sunlight every day is essential to stay healthy as sunlight is an excellent source of vitamin D. But too much UV rays can cause sunburn, wrinkles, premature aging of skin and increase cancer risk. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays. Reapply sunscreen after swimming or sweating. Wear protective clothing before stepping put in the sun to reduce the risk of sunburn.
Avoid drinking chilled water
Drinking ice-cold or chilled water can give you instant relief from the scorching heat of summer. However, it can disrupt the digestion process and bowel movement. This can lead to low immunity, lead to fatigue or weakness. Studies have shown that drinking cold water can decrease heart rate, cause a headache, and increase chances of throat infections. Drink room temperature water or coconut water to keep yourself well hydrated.
Limit alcohol or caffeine
Drink plenty of water to replenish the fluids that the body loses through sweating and stay hydrated. But avoid drinks that contain alcohol or caffeine as these can increase the body’s fluid output.
Avoid using heavy scents during summer
Less is more when it comes to wearing fragrance in the summer as heat amplifies scents. So, avoid heavy scents in hot weather such as heavy floral blends, vanilla, musk, amber and sugary aromas. The strong smell can give anyone a headache! Instead choose for light notes like citrusy, earthy and light floral fragrance. Also, avoid dousing yourself with fragrance, instead apply a small amount of the fragrance on your pulse points throughout the day.
Fabrics you mustn t wear in summer season
Summer means the scorching heat and the constant sweat. Therefore, it is important that you choose the fabric wisely. Cotton and silk are best summer fabrics. Some fabrics are better to be avoided in the summer heat such as faux leather, nets and lace, velvet, polyester and nylon. Choose lightweight, light-coloured and loose-fitting clothing in summer to allow your blood to circulate freely. Wearing tight clothing can restrict your circulation as well as damage your hair follicles cause infection

stopsweatfix 05-27-2022 05:51 AM

To assist control sweating this summer, the International Hyperhidrosis Society recommends the following simple steps:
1. Stay hydrated: Start drinking early, drink frequently, and then drink some more. Sweat is an important part of keeping your body cool in hot weather. Drinking enough water is the key to keeping this internal air cooling system running smoothly.

2. Use a vape or atomizer to help the body's natural cooling system by spraying a light mist of water on your skin with a vaporizer or atomizer. The body will naturally cool down as the water evaporates.

3. Dress in loose, natural textiles that allow perspiration to drain. Natural, airy fabrics "wick" moisture away from your underarms.

4. Use an antiperspirant twice a day: It's been proven that using an antiperspirant on your underarms (or other regions!) twice a day (morning and before bedtime) is more helpful in controlling stop sweating excessively. Consider switching to an over-the-counter antiperspirant with a stronger, clinical-strength formula. To avoid skin sensitivity, make sure your skin is thoroughly dry before applying the lotion.

5. Calm down: Anxiety can cause you to sweat more. Breathe deeply and concentrate inside to reduce anxiousness.

6. Stay cool in the summer by avoiding sweat-inducing spicy foods and caffeinated beverages.

7. Get rid of body odour: As sweat dries and bacteria on your skin activates, it might contribute to odours. Sprinkle baking soda on damaged clothing and athletic gear after use to neutralise odours.

8. Avoid workouts in the middle of the day: When the sun is shining brightly, the body is more likely to sweat, so take advantage of the long summer days by exercising early in the morning or late in the evening.

9. Be aware of your drugs: A number of popular medications might cause excessive sweating. Check with your doctor before starting any new drug, especially during the summer months when the weather is hotter.

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