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welcomewiki 09-06-2020 12:57 PM

Contestants/Participants 'Monal Gajjar' - Full Details, Controversies, Photos 2020 Bigg Boss Telugu 4
Monal Gajjar is an Indian film actress and model.

Gajjar is a Gujarati who hails from Ahmedabad in Gujarat. While graduating in commerce, she started working in ING Vysya Bank. At the suggestion of her yoga teacher, Gajjar participated at the Mirchi Queen Bee beauty pageant contest organised by Radio Mirchi in 2011, which she went on to win. She later won the Miss Gujarat title as well.

Even before the release of her first film, Gajjar signed five films, including a film in Tamil and Telugu. She made début in Malayalam with Dracula 2012. She has done a special appearance in Asha Bhonsle's film. Her first two Tamil films Vanavarayan Vallavarayan and Sigaram Thodu released on the same day.

Gajjar received good reviews for her performance in Sigaram Thodu. review says - Monal looking clean and sweet in looks and acting wise. Gajjar also received good reviews for Vanavarayan Vallavarayan. review said - The tall Monal Gajjar looks totally gorgeous with sparkling eyes, and has all that it takes to be the next big glam sensation in Tamil Nadu. Though her role loses scope in the second half, she performs capably and also gets the lip-sync right.


Film Year Role Language Notes Ref.
2012 Sudigadu Priya Telugu Nominated—SIIMA Award for Best Female Debutant
Vennela 1 1/2 Vennela Telugu

2013 Mai
Hindi Special appearance
Dracula 2012 Meena Malayalam

Oka College Story Sindhu Telugu

2014 Sigaram Thodu Ambujam Tamil

Vanavarayan Vallavarayan Anjali Tamil

Brother of Bommali Sruthi Telugu

2016 I Wish Isha Patel Gujarati

Thai Jashe! Kajal Bhatt Gujarati

2017 Aav Taru Kari Nakhu Meena Gujarati


2018 Reva Supriya Gujarati

2018 Family Circus Riya Gujarati

2019 Man Udhaan Vara

2019 Kaagaz

2020 Vickida No Varghodo
Gujarati Filming

welcomewiki 09-06-2020 06:12 PM Gajjar is a familiar face to Telugu audiences; thanks to her impressive debut in Allari Naresh's film Sudigaadu in 2012. The commerce graduate from Ahmedabad worked in a private bank prior to her foray into modeling and showbiz world. With the encouragement of her Yoga teacher, Monal participated in the Mirchi Queen Bee beauty pageant in 2011. She emerged as the winner of the contestant. Winning the Miss Gujarat crown was indeed the game changer for her. Of late, got busy with her acting career in Gujarati cinema. It remains to be seen if Bigg Boss Telugu 4 can offer her the much-expected comeback into Telugu cinema.

welcomewiki 10-06-2020 01:16 PM

Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Monal Gajjar emotionally urges Abhijeet and Akhil Sarthak to not drag her into their fights; says "my reputation matters a lot"

The recent nominations task witnessed one of the biggest fights between the housemates especially Abhijeet and Akhil. While the two nominated each other citing their own reasons, they fought over Monal as well. Akhil argued that Abhijeet's conversations are portraying her in a bad light while Abhijeet asserted that he can settle scores with Monal and further questioned Akhil's right to interfere. This heated argument rubbed Monal on the wrong side.

She had an emotional breakdown and finally requested both of them not to drag her into their arguments. She suggested Abhijeet and Akhil to talk and sort out their issues instead of taking her name in the arguments. "If you have a problem, sit and talk. Don't bring someone else's topic into your argument. Because this is national television and everything's gonna telecast. Reputation matters a lot. It's not a joke. I can talk on my behalf. For you it's just a fight, for me it's my dream. It took 10 years to be here. It's just a nomination task," squealed Monal.

Abhijeet, Akhil and Monal are nominated for elimination along with six other contestants for the week.

For the unversed, Monal was shown moving closely with both Abhijeet and Akhil from day one. While Abhijeet is seen with Harika, Monal and Akhil can be spotted together in the house from the past few weeks. On Saturday's episode, Monal stated that she likes Abhijeet as a person while Akhil is her biggest support system in the house.

welcomewiki 11-02-2020 02:06 AM

Bigg Boss Telugu 4's Abhijeet, Monal and Akhil: A timeline of their relationship from 'water stories', major fights and beyond
Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is a season of 'connections'. However, the equation between Monal, Akhil and Abhijeet in the house is one of the most talked-about and criticised topics of this season. Here's a timeline of their relationship in the BB house.

How it started..
On premiere night, Abhijeet was shown three pictures and he picked Monal's picture adding that he would marry her, date Pooja Hegde and kiss Tamannaah Bhatia. However, his equation with Monal didn't take off as expected.

Getting to know each other
The two got to know each other better towards the end of the first week. From sharing what they like to conversations about relationships, views on marriage, Abhijeet and Monal had some serious conversations. In one of the episodes, Monal told Akhil that she likes him and loves spending time with him.

'Water Story'
A teaser titled as 'water story' of the trio created a stir on social media. The video has Monal telling Abhijeet that they usually get to choose friends in the real world but not in the BB house. When she has hiccups, Abhijeet walks up to Akhil and asks if he is giving her water and the latter does. Twitterati, who has been closely following the trio, has a myriad reactions for this teaser. On the flip side, Akhil and Abhijeet were shown to be at loggerheads over Monal.

Special 'moment' between Abhijeet-Monal
Akhil thought Abhijeet spoke ill about him with Monal. On the other hand, she gave Abhijeet a pleasant surprise by telling him that she likes him and she was discussing the same with Noel last night. Abhijeet thought they had a 'moment' and he later shared it with Divi and others.

Allegations against Abhijeet
On one of the weekend episodes, Monal alleged that Abhijeet interfered when she played a prank on Swathi, shouted at her and later stopped talking to her. Abhijeet defended his stance and later apologised to her. Monal argued that Abhijeet didn’t clear the misunderstanding between them but held that anger against her while he defended saying she can’t decide how he has to react. Divi mentioned that special ‘moment’ between Abhi and Monal in the store room and opined that both look confused to her. Monal got emotional explaining that she likes Abhi as a person but feels Akhil is her only support system in the house. She also complained that her character is being assassinated. Abhijeet and Divi clarified it.

Fight erupts between Abhijeet and Monal
Bigg Boss house has witnessed one of the major fights of the season so far in the nominations task on October 5. Akhil and Abhijeet fought over their personal differences and further Monal was dragged into their argument. Akhil argued that Abhijeet's conversations are portraying Monal in a bad light while Abhijeet asserted that he can settle scores with Monal and further questioned Akhil's right to interfere. This led to Monal having an emotional breakdown and requesting both Akhil and Abhijeet to sort out their differences without tarnishing her reputation. Both Akhil and Abhijeet subsequently apologised to Monal further blaming each other for the dispute.

Nagarjuna slams Abhijeet and Akhil
Nagarjuna can be seen slamming Abhijeet and Akhil for dragging Monal into their argument during the nomination task. Monal stated that both Akhil and Abhijeet were at fault. This left Abhijeet seriously offended. She added that she likes Abhijeet as a person but Akhil is her biggest support system in the house.

Abhijeet lashes out at Monal
In the next episode, Abhijeet lashed out at Monal alleging that she flipped her words in front of host Nagarjuna when she was asked who (Abhijeet and Akhil) were at fault. They argued over the same. Abhijeet said they must part ways and she said she needs time to think about it.

Akhil patches up with Abhijeet; advises Monal
Akhil and Monal have discussed at length about the former talking to Abhijeet. Akhil mentioned that Abhijeet thought he pretended to be genuine all the while which he was not. He further said he is ready to sort out the differences with Abhijeet since the latter volunteered first. Abhijeet directed Monal and Akhil as a part of the movie making task as well.

Abhijeet and Monal's agreement
Upon Akhil's advice, Monal insisted Abhijeet to talk and sort their differences during the BB Day Care task. Later, Abhijeet and Monal discussed their differences and disputes. Abhijeet defended why he stayed away from her. Akhil joined the conversation and added that Monal got hurt due to his (Abhijeet) tone. Abhijeet and Monal agreed to be at peace.

All is well
The contestants got emotional watching a video with some bittersweet moments in their BB journey. Monal hugged Akhil and Abhijeet and the three were all smiling, hinting that all is well between them. Monal recently told host Nagarjuna that they are absolutely fine now.

welcomewiki 12-14-2020 09:39 AM

Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 98, December 13, highlights: Monal Gajjar gets evicted; 5 finalists of the season declared

The latest episode of Bigg Boss started with a dazzling reveal of the Rs. 50 lakh prize money for the title winner, and contestants were asked to talk about what the money meant to them. Harika, Monal and Sohel dreamt of a house for their mothers while Ariyana wished to help out people from her hometown Anthur. Abhijeet wanted to give it all to his father, Akhil wished to help out the specially abled and also open a cafe. The contestants imitated each other in delivering their acceptance speeches.

Host Nagarjuna announced Abhijeet as the third finalist of the season. Harika was revealed to be the fourth finalist.

The contestants were split into two teams and they had to guess the names of different movies by their posters. They and played dumb charades later on.

In a nail biting sequence, Ariyana made it to the final five and Monal's journey on the show ended. Housemates bid her an emotional goodbye. Ariyana was in utter shock while Monal got emotional over her eviction.

- Monal suggested Abhijeet to be good friends with everyone especially Akhil, now that she is not around.
- She asked Ariyana to be less aggressive during the tasks. Monal requested Sohel to not get hurt for petty things.
- Monal ordered Harika to be in the finale along with Akhil.

The episode ended on a high note with the finalists dancing their hearts out.

welcomewiki 12-14-2020 09:39 AM

Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Monal Gajjar likely to get evicted from the show

Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 is set to eliminate a contestant a week before the finale.
As per the latest reports, Monal Gajjar is likely to get eliminated from the show in tonight's (December 13) episode. An official confirmation is expected in the episode though.

Monal was one of those contestants who was expected to get eliminated in the previous weeks. A section of fans on social media have even alleged that Team Bigg Boss was biased towards her.
On the other hand, Monal upped her game and has even won the golden mic in the recent dancing marathon task.

Monal grabbed attention with her equation with Akhil and Abhijeet. What was projected as a love triangle between her and Akhil, Abhijeet initially, took many ugly turns during the course of the show. While Abhijeet chose to stay away from her, Akhil remained her strongest pillar of support in the house. She had her share of differences and arguments with other contestants like Avinash, Ariyana, Lasya and others as well.

While Monal was appreciated for her efforts to learn Telugu, communicate despite the language barrier and perform in a challenging environment, she earned flak for her frequent emotional outbursts. A section of netizens even dubbed her as the 'crybaby of season 4'.

welcomewiki 12-14-2020 09:50 AM

Bigg Boss Telugu 4: From BFF Akhil Sarthak to Avinash, a look at Monal Gajjar's major fights in the season
Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 is inching close to its finale. Monal Gajjar is one of those contestants in the BB house who has upped her game lately. From standing up for herself to winning the golden mic, Monal has come a long way which also had major fights with her co-contestants.

Tiff with Gangavva
Gangavva lost her cool when Monal snatched her clothes during the Ukku Hrudayam task. Monal switched on the water supply while Robots switched it off, shoved Ariyana and Lasya.

Monal vs Abhijeet and Akhil
Bigg Boss house has witnessed one of the major fights of the season so far in the nominations task on October 5. Akhil and Abhijeet fought over their personal differences and further Monal was dragged into their argument. Akhil argued that Abhijeet's conversations are portraying Monal in a bad light while Abhijeet further questioned Akhil's right to interfere. This led to Monal having an emotional breakdown and requesting both Akhil and Abhijeet to sort out their differences without tarnishing her reputation.

Cold war with Abhijeet
Their equation started off on a positive note with each other talking about love and relationships. It was initially projected as a love triangle between her, Abhijeet and Akhil. However, it took some ugly turns over the course of the season. They tried to patch up but it didn't turn out as expected and their cold war continued even till date.

Love-Hate relationship with Akhil
She claimed that Akhil is her biggest support system in the house. But she was taken by surprise when he nominated her for eviction on November 3. Akhil and Monal had yet another major fight during one of the recent nomination tasks when she had to swap nominations with Akhil. This was the task where she chose to stand for herself and even stated that she plays with heart while he uses his brain a lot. This irked Akhil.

Clash with Avinash
Avinash never left a chance to flirt with Monal but they had one of the major fights with Avinash during the nomination task. While Avinash argued he deserves to stay in the house more than Monal, she tried to put across her point.

Fight vs Ariyana
Monal and Ariyana had their fair share of fights in the house. While Ariyana thought Monal was 'fake', Monal felt she held some 'grudge' on her. A major fight erupted between them when Monal threw Ariyana's doll as a part of testing her patience during the task. This left Ariyana infuriated and she took her revenge later. Monal had a major emotional breakdown and even requested Bigg Boss to send her out.

welcomewiki 12-15-2020 05:48 AM

Bigg Boss Telugu 4’s evicted contestant Monal Gajjar on finalist Ariyana Glory: She is least deserving; only good at torturing someone

Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 will feature an interesting task where the finalists talk about the contender least deserving to be the winner.
Monal Gajjar, who got evicted on Sunday’s episode, in her recent exclusive chat with ETimes TV, shared her view on the least deserving candidate. She said, “To me, Ariyana is the least deserving to be a winner. She is only good at torturing someone. She was amazing in all those tasks that required to torture someone.”

Elaborating on the same, Monal questions, “She got eliminated in the ticket to finale task and even the eviction free task, too. Give me one task which she performed well besides the Humans vs Devil task. She was truly amazing in tasks like that.”
Monal described Ariyana as a very ‘self-centered’ person. “Yea, she is an amazing ‘gamer’. A gamer who is a very self-centered. Who puts up make up, dances for the wake up song in the morning and go back to sleep?”

Notably, one of the latest teasers of the upcoming episode has a majority of the contestants mentioning Ariyana in a task that required them to name the least deserving finalist to be the winner. Ariyana said that she is glad many took her name as it only implies that she is the strongest contestant.

Monal and Ariyana had their share of ugly fights especially the one during the race to the finale left the former in tears.

welcomewiki 12-16-2020 09:08 AM

Bigg Boss Telugu 4's Monal Gajjar on her BB journey: Crying is not being 'weak'; it's my expression
Monal Gajjar, the talented actress from Gujarat, who appeared in a few noted films in Telugu and other South Indian languages, became a household name; due credits to her BB stint. ETimes TV got the actress, who got evicted on Sunday's episode, talking about her BB journey, challenges and much more...
by Sriram Chelluri

02/12Reasons behind her elimination
I feel Avinash's allegations that I kicked him during the task (round 1, ticket to finale) did some damage to me in the last week. Moreover, I was also feeling low after Ariyana hurt me badly during the task and I was tired of proving myself every week. Maybe the audience felt I'm done.
(Photo: Instagram)

03/12Golden Mic was my achievement
I felt winning the golden mic was my biggest achievement. I was content with my journey. Maybe that's why I could be stable at that moment of elimination.
(Photo: Instagram)

04/12Crying is not being 'weak'; it's my expression
I feel crying portrays me as 'weak'. It is a very notion. It is my expression, my way of venting out my frustration and coping up with the stress.
(Photo: Instagram)

05/12I can't lie, cheat or ****er anyone
I knew this game requires to be a certain way. But I can't lie, cheat or ****er anyone for the sake of it. I didn't know how to switch groups or ask favours. I can't be someone who is not me. I just chose to be honest as much as I can.
(Photo: Instagram)

06/12Unfortunately, Monal was all about learning Telugu
Besides learning the language, I gave my best in almost every task. In the Humans vs Robots task, I woke up Divi, which I regret now, Abhijeet's trick stole the show. I was one of the best performers in the BB Hotel task but again Abhijeet stealing the stars garnered all the attention. Everytime, I got really close but didn't get my due.
(Photo: Instagram)

07/12Language barrier is a huge thing for me
It may not be an issue for others but the language barrier is a huge thing for me. Every time I had a point to put across, my lack of proficiency in Telugu was a major setback. I intend to say something, I say something and it mostly backfires. Someone tries to correct my language all the time, keeping aside my point and the purpose gets beaten most of the time. I was tired of this.
(Photo: Instagram)

08/12Fight erupts between Abhijeet and Monal
I admit saying I like him as a person. But I didn't know it was a 'moment' for him and he would discuss with Divi and others. Akhil is a bestie I can't afford to lose any moment. And he is not okay with me trying to talk to Abhijeet despite the latter ignoring me. But I'm someone who tends to forgive easily. Why should we keep carrying the baggage? I never got why Abhijeet had a problem understanding me. I saw a few promos of our "love triangle" and was like, "Acha, aise bhi hua kya?"
(Photo: Instagram)

09/12Bigg Boss is not all about tasks
Yes, there were people who said I was playing in Akhil's shadow but he nominated me in 8th or 9th week, too. And for anyone who thinks someone favoured me, let me ask you something - why did Meha**** got eliminated? He could give even Sohel and Akhil a stiff competition in any task. Survival in Bigg Boss is not all about performing in the tasks. It is about how entertaining you are as well. If I was retained in the show for some reason, I must be more entertaining than those who were eliminated, right?
(Photo: Instagram)

10/12My biggest regrets
I should have replied to Abhijeet when I should have and also I should have thought about myself more than the others. I'm an emotional person and once I'm emotionally connected to someone, they mean a lot to me. But Bigg Boss is an acid test for people like me.
(Photo: Instagram)

11/12I support Akhil, Sohel and Harika
Undoubtedly, my support will be for Akhil, Sohel and Harika. It's easy to provoke Akhil but he deserves to be a winner. Sohel is pure, genuine and a 100% entertainer. He, too, is deserving.
(Photo: Instagram)

12/12I got good news and bad news too
I missed my sister's wedding and also got to hear that my uncle passed away due to COVID-19. I had mixed feelings after stepping out of the house. I'm grateful for all the love I'm receiving. I want to treasure this love rather than focus on negativity. I sought the blessings of Chilkur Balaji and started working on my work-related commitments.
(Photo: Instagram)

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