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itsme 12-21-2008 04:50 AM

People are now able to put a name to my face'

People are now able to put a name to my face'

Bringing up the rear of a long line of journalists interviewing a celebrity is always tough. The person is tired, and are on auto-pilot by then. The answers more often than not tend to sound rehearsed and repetitive. But south Indian star Asin Thottumkal, who will be making her debut opposite Aamir Khan in Ghajini, is only too enthusiastic to chat. Grace and elegance personified, Asin talks at length about her new film, Aamir Khan, and rumours of bad blood with Jiah Khan.

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How would you compare the various film industries you've worked in?
I have been comfortable working in all so far. Everyone is very professional. If there is a difference, Bollywood is more organised. Print-outs are handed out and everyone is wired up. People are always on the walkie-talkies, coordinating with each other.
You don't have that down south. But apart from the slight technicalities like these, there is not much of a difference.

itsme 12-21-2008 04:50 AM
'The production values of the Hindi version are better than the Tamil one'

Your Tamil debut film was a remake of a Telugu film. Now, you're entering the Hindi film industry with a Tamil remake. Does working in a remake help more than doing a fresh movie? I would love to do a new movie too. But the way it happened, I got a chance to be part of a fabulous team that is remaking a movie I was part of. I haven't thought of it as my Bollywood entry.
How has the movie shaped up?
I haven't watched the movie yet. Usually one gets a chance to watch a movie while dubbing for it but Ghajini was shot on sync sound. The dialogues were recorded as we shot.
But from what I know, the production values are better than the Tamil movie. The action sequences have been better choreographed. The story more or less remains the same, but for some changes in the climax.

itsme 12-21-2008 04:51 AM

'I've dubbed for all my films, including Ghajini'
'I've dubbed for all my films, including Ghajini'

How good is your Hindi? I know Hindi. I've dubbed for all my films, including Ghajini. Apart from English, I speak my mother tongue Malayalam, as well as Tamil, Telugu and a bit of Kannada and French.
I have done films in Malyalam, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.
There has been a lot of buzz around you.
There must be because I'm acting opposite Aamir Khan. Apart from that, I am not aware of what is happening. People have seen me in ads, and are able to put a name to my face.
Now that the promos of Ghajini are out, I can see it has changed in a major way. Usually, people who recognise me in public, have a south connection. But the other day, when I was in the Mumbai airport, the people who came up to me knew me from the promos. It was a nice feeling.

itsme 12-21-2008 04:51 AM

'I got my first modeling assignment at 14'
'I got my first modeling assignment at 14'

Tell us something about your entrepreneurial stint before movies. That's a part of my life that is best ignored. I started helping out my father, who had seven businesses. I would hang out at his office after school. My father would give me monthly targets in the sales department, and I would achieve them. That got a lot of coverage in the press and people noticed my face. I was 14 then and I got my first modeling assignment.
But now, the focus is on my acting career.
Ghajini is a few days from release. How do you feel now?
I am quite excited because it is a fabulous project. I have worked with good people and even down south, people want to see the Hindi version. Hopefully, people will like it.

itsme 12-21-2008 04:52 AM
'The climax has been changed'

Tell us about your experience of working with Aamir Khan. He is a very helpful co-star, and a perfectionist. He is a very sincere professional.

Is there a lot of difference in Tamil and Hindi versions?
There is difference in the action sequences. The climax has been changed. But the story remains the same. My character Kalpana remains the same as well.
How difficult or boring is it to play the same role again?
It is easy to portray the same character when the people you're working are different. A new group of people always brings new flavour to the film. So you don't feel that you are working in the same film.

Did you expect to work in the Hindi version of Ghajini too?
My film career was never planned. When I was 14, I started modeling. I did about 55-60 TV commericials. At the age of 16, I did my first Malyalam film. I completed by 12th board exams and moved to Tamil and Telugu films. Now, I'm doing my Hindi film. My childhood ambition was never films but I have accepted that has come my way. That's how I accepted Ghajini when it came to me.

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