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welcomewiki 09-12-2020 03:07 AM

Written Update - Bigg Boss Telugu 4
Bigg Boss Telugu 4 winner: Actor Abhijeet Duddala wins the trophy

The much awaited grand finale of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 hosted by Nagarjuna Akkineni has concluded and actor Abhijeet Duddala emerged as the winner of the fourth season.
It was an eventful and gala grand finale with some sizzling performances by the ex-contestants, actresses Pranitha Subhash, Mehreen Pirzaada, Raai Laxmi, Thaman S and some heartwarming emotional moments.

Much against the aspirations of a lady Bigg Boss winner, Abhijeet was crowned as the winner of season 4 with a vote bank sufficient enough to put him at the top of the table. Sohel decided to quit the show accepting Rs. 25 lac cash prize.
Our recent poll also confirmed the same with over 58% respondents voting for Abhijeet as the winner.

Abhijeet is known as the 'Mr. Cool' of the show. His calm demeanour, ability to read the game, shrewd gameplay and composure was widely acclaimed. His idea to kidnap Divi in the Robots vs Humans task for his team to have an edge in the task is considered as his first master stroke in the show. His trick to steal the stars in the BB hotel task backfired though. He was one of the most nominated contestants of the season, too. His complicated equation with Monal and rivalry with Akhil have kept him in the limelight constantly. His friendship with Harika and Noel deserves a special mention. His performance in physical tasks throughout the season earned him flak on social media where he enjoys a huge fan following, too.

On the career front, Abhijeet of Life is Beautiful fame has now turned a household name with his BB stint.

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welcomewiki 09-12-2020 03:08 AM

The Bigg boss tomato pulp factory continued today as well but the housemates got only 2000 points for this task, which is a very poor score indeed. Overall this is an average episode filled with chit chat and repetitive task of ‘Who is Kattappa’.

Housemates Chitchat: Later, after finishing the task, housemates went into relaxation mode and did some chit chat. During the chit chat, Amma Rajasekhar passed some jokes about Monal Gajjar wiping off the sweat of Akhil. While housemates enjoyed the light-hearted conversation, Akhil was upset about this but he did not open up in front of the group.

TOP 10 Best @ TOP 10 Best Moments of Bigg Boss Telugu 4

Photos @ 2020 Bigg Boss Telugu 4

Later, at the kitchen, Amma Rajasekhar was sen flirting with Divi. But during the conversation, he mistakenly put tea powder in oil, and Surya Kiran and Noel made commented that Amma Rajasekhar and Divi’s combination is also like oil and tea powder. Monal was seen mingling with Abijeeth and Akhil and able to do conversations with them. She also expressed her thoughts about what kind of person she wants to marry.

Later Amma Rajasekhar was seen discussing with Surya Kiran, Noel, Sohail, etc, and entertained them with some jokes. He called this group as ‘street boys’ group and called the other contestants as ‘ English speaking group’. He tried to make fun of the other group. In that process, he forgot that Sohail is sitting in front of him and passed some sarcastic comments on him too. Who is Kattappa? Bigg boss again asked the same question today. Housemates have to tell who they think is Kattappa in the house. This is the third time Bigg boss asking housemates the same question to the housemates.

Each of the housemates expressed their opinion and named a person. But Noel told he did not want to name any person and he named himself as Kattappa. Housemates objected to this. Contestants like Sohail said, Noel is trying to play sympathy game. Noel objected to these comments and that led to some arguments. Later Bigg boss announced that he won’t be revealing who is Kattappa now but soon housemates will know the answer. This disappointed the housemates.

Finally, Friday episode was an average one with most of the episode filled with regular chit chat. The only task that was given today. i.e. “Who is Kattapa” also was very boring as it became very repetitive. The audience is now waiting to see who is going to be evicted from the house in the first week of Bigg boss season 4

welcomewiki 09-12-2020 06:06 PM Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Gangavva and two others get saved; Lasya becomes the first captain of the house

Three out of the seven nominated contestants of the first week get saved on the first episode of the weekend.

Host Nagarjuna made Sohail and Ariyana to reveal the first contestant of the season to be saved - Abhijeet. He later announced that Gangavva was saved and told her that she can leave the BB house only when the audience wants to. Jordaar Sujatha was the last contestant to get saved this season. Divi, Surya Kiran and Meha**** still remain in the danger zone and the first evicted contestant will be revealed in Sunday's episode.

Notably, Nagarjuna started the show by announcing that the show garnered a total of 5 crore votes like never before. In his interaction with the housemates, Nagarjuna criticises Karate Kalyani, Surya Kiran and Amma Rajasekhar for their actions in the previous week.

Besides, Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 has also witnessed its first captain of the house. In a dramatic fashion, Lasya was declared as the captain. The host left Lasya relieved and overwhelmed with his announcement. While a majority of the housemates voted her as 'Kattappa', Nagarjuna revealed that there is no 'Kattappa' in the BB house. He further added that Kattappa is none other the suspicion and negativity of the housemates.

TOP 10 Best @ TOP 10 Best Moments of Bigg Boss Telugu 4

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welcomewiki 09-12-2020 06:08 PM Bigg Boss Telugu 4 preview: Host Nagarjuna Akkineni teases Monal Gajjar and Amma Rajasekhar; will reveal ‘who is Kattappa’

Bigg Boss Telugu 4’s weekend episode is set to entertain in a few hours. Host Nagarjuna Akkineni will interact with the contestants of the recently launched season in the much awaited episode.

In the latest episode that surfaced online, Nagarjuna can be seen having some fun time with the contestants. He leaves the housemates in splits with his satires on Monal and also pulls Amma Rajasekhar’s leg, too. He is set to finally reveal who is Kattappa of the house. The housemates have participated in a task where they need to identify the ‘Kattappa’ amongst them.

A section of fans on social media are eagerly looking forward to the weekend episode as its Nagarjuna’s first interaction with the housemates.

Meanwhile, Gangavva, Divi, Meha****, Akhil Sarthak, Surya Kiran and Jordaar Sujatha are nominated for elimination in this first week. From some major fights in the house to the contestants failing in their first physical tasks, the first week has been quite eventful. Everyone except Meha**** have managed to make some buzz in the house.

Speculations are rife that there will be a wildcard entry in Monday’s episode after a contestant is evicted from the BB house. As per the latest reports, the makers are considering three celebrities for the wild card entry.

TOP 10 Best @ TOP 10 Best Moments of Bigg Boss Telugu 4

Photos @ 2020 Bigg Boss Telugu 4

welcomewiki 09-13-2020 05:04 PM

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 to have a wild card entry; Ee Rojullo fame Saikumar Pampana to enter the BB house

Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 is going to witness its first elimination and also the entry of a new wild card contestant. As per the latest reports, Telugu comedian Saikumar Pampana of Ee Rojullo fame will step into the BB house. However, an official confirmation is expected in tonight's episode.

TOP 10 Best @ TOP 10 Best Moments of Bigg Boss Telugu 4

Photos @ 2020 Bigg Boss Telugu 4

welcomewiki 09-14-2020 05:13 PM Bigg Boss Telugu 4 preview: Gangavva to give week 2's nominations task an unexpected twist, watch

This week, all the 16 contestants must get into the boat that has been set up in the garden area. The contestants must discuss among themselves and one contestant must get off the boat after every buzzer. The contestant who gets down will be nominated for the week.

The latest teaser of the upcoming episode shows Noel and Gangavva deciding to get down. The rest of the contestants can be seen trying to convince her to stay back.

Gangavva was nominated for eviction in the first week but she managed to survive with a significant vote bank. Notably, Gangavva has expressed her plans to leave the house after a while in one of the previous episodes. In the weekend episode, host Nagarjuna tried to encourage her to stay back and play the game well adding that her exit from the house will be decided by the audience.

On the other hand, actor Kumar Sai Pampana entered the house as the first wild card contestant of the season. It remains to be seen how the rest of the contestants react to his entry.

Director Surya Kiran was eliminated from the show in Sunday's episode. He dropped the 'Bigg Bomb' on Devi before exiting the show.

welcomewiki 09-15-2020 02:39 PM

Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 8, September 14, highlights: From Kumar Saiís entry to 9 contestants getting nominated, all you need to know

The first day of the second week in Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 had some noteworthy moments. The episode saw Abhijeet and Monal trying to sort out their differences while the latter had differences with Akhil as well. Akhil and Monal also had their share of catfights in the episode.

Kumar Sai entered the house early in the morning. He tried to prank the housemates but his plan didn't work.

Upon Bigg Boss’ instruction, Lasya, captain of the house, nominated Amma Rajasekhar as the ‘Ration Manager’ of the house while a majority of the contestants supported it. Devi and Lasya had an argument over the same. The ration manager of the week will have the authority to supply the ration for the housemates. The ration manager will have a 1000 additional luxury points to use for themselves.

Nine contestants- Abhijeet, Monal, Gangavva, Amma Rajasekhar, Sohail, Noel, Kalyani, Harika and Kumar Sai - get nominated for elimination that required a housemate to get off the boat after every siren. Kumar Sai got into an argument with Devi and others during the task. But he eventually got nominated on the very first day of his entrance into the show.

welcomewiki 09-15-2020 02:47 PM

Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Contestants to entertain with a new task; here's how Twitterati reacted to Devi's quirky one-liner and other performances

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has yet another entertaining task that will give the housemates a new makeover as well. In the latest teaser of the upcoming task in BB Telugu 4, the housemates can be spotted donning new avatars. While Harika and others set the dance floor ablaze with their dance performances, Devi's quirky one-liner in the teaser is grabbing all the attention. She can be seen telling Divi, "His looks might be deceiving but he is such a flirt!"

While a section of netizens are busy guessing who it is, a few others are hailing Devi's gameplay. Another section of netizens is criticising Noel for his self-nomination game play in the latest nomination task.

Here are a few reactions:
- The upcoming episode is also likely to feature a hilarious play involving Gangavva, Harika and others as well.
- On the other hand, wild card contestant Kumar Sai entered the house in the previous episode and got nominated on his very first day in the BB house. Director Surya Kiran.

welcomewiki 09-16-2020 04:11 PM

Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Twitterati reacts to the 'Water Story' of Akhil Sarthak, Monal Gajjar and Abhijeet

Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 is showcasing an interesting equation among contestants Akhil, Monal and Abhijeet. While the trio is fond of each other, it is portrayed in the show that Monal is being close to both Akhil and Abhijeet. The latest teaser of the episode has a 'water story' for fans in the upcoming episode. The video has Monal telling Abhijeet that they usually get to choose friends in the real world but not in the BB house. Abhijeet counters her statement by adding that none gets to choose their friends at school. When she has hiccups, Abhijeet walks up to Akhil and asks if he is giving her water and the latter does. Twitterati, who has been closely following the trio, has a myriad reaction for this teaser.

welcomewiki 09-18-2020 11:12 AM

Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Here's how netizens reacted to Bigg Boss punishing Monal Gajjar and other housemates

Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 contestants face punishment for the violation of rules in the BB house.

The latest teaser of the upcoming episode that surfaced online a while ago shows Bigg Boss ordering the housemates to serve various punishments until further orders from him. In the video, the contestants can be seen apologising while doing sit-ups while Monal writes in Telugu as a punishment.

Bigg Boss' decision has left a majority of netizens on social media happy. While a section of them are glad that Bigg Boss is finally punishing them, a few others demand for tough physical tasks as well. Here are a few reactions:

While a few contestants are seen conversing in English and other languages other than Telugu, a few others are allegedly sleeping at their will. The upcoming episode will also feature the skits of Team Avinash and Kumar Sai. Besides, a few other housemates will be back with their funny ads also.

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