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welcomewiki 11-26-2010 06:32 AM

Bigg Boss 4 Contestant got Salman Khan's Film
Bhatt Jr. will debut in an action film with Salman Khan's help
Mahesh Bhatt's reticent son Rahul has quietly moved out of the family fold. Salman Khan will launch the star kid shortly in an action film.

Bhai (as Salman is known in the industry) befriended Bhatt Jr during his stay in the Bigg Boss house, has now taken him under his wing. Sallu has even begun to advise Rahul on his life and career.

Get lean

Apparently, Khan feels that Rahul needs to shed his beefy look that doesn't quite match his vulnerable face. The older actor also believes that an actioner would be the best launch vehicle for the Bhatt boy.

Wouldn't working in his own home production be a better deal? Our source avers, "Neither Bhatt Saab nor his son was comfortable with the idea.

It's just not in the boy's personality to piggyride on his father's name. He is fighting hard to shrug off the label of just being his father's son."

On the same page

According to a source, Rahul will be part of Arbaaz Khan's Dabangg 2 as well. He chooses to play down his excitement at finally being launched and that too by Sallu.

"Yes, Salmanbhai is working on something for me. I trust him completely. He says action and emotion are my forte. I believe that. We're both on the same page. And that's a relief."

Ironically, producers have suddenly woken up to the youngster's existence. Anurag Basu, who was once to launch Rahul in a Vishesh Films production is now working Rahul into his next project.

Sighs the newbie, "I've waited long enough. I went into Bigg Boss so people would see me as more than just the faceless son of Mahesh Bhatt. It worked."

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