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Ganesh Nimajjanam Visarjan Live Streaming Hyderabad Khairatabad
Ganesh Nimajjanam Visarjan Live Streaming Telecast Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai. Watch Exclusive live streaming of Ganesh Nimajjanam Visarjan live from metro politician cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore.

Khairatabad Ganesh Nimajjanam Photos Videos
Ganesh Nimajjanam/ Visarjan is going now, you can watch it online from the below link provided. Ganesh Nimajjanam is another name for Vinayaka Nimajjanam. Devotees will place Lord Ganesh Idol on Vinayaka chavithi and offer daily prayers for 11 days. After completion of 11 days, Lord Ganesh Idol’s immersed in water. During those 11 days, they offer prayers, bhajans, prasadams, and also some cultural activities in few areas. On the 11th day, they take the Ganesh Idol with lots of decorations through street processions and immerse it in water.

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Vinayaka Nimajjanam Live telecasting Tankband Hyderabad

Every year government pre-plans all the activities which are required during immersion of Lord Ganesh Idol. This year they have planned it on September 15th. People have already started the immersion Lord Ganesh Idol from early morning 4:00 AM. Immersion of Ganesh Idol takes place with huge decorations, plans in all cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad and more. In Mumbai Ganesh Nimajjanam is going on under Ganpati Mandals. It includes dances, Dhol, Tasha, music with different instruments and much more along the street. They carry all these activities all through the street and reach the point where Ganesh Idol is immersed in water.

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Khairatabad Ganesh Nimajjanam Live Streaming

All those who wish to watch Ganesh Nimajjanam Visarjan can check this page. Here we are providing the live streaming telecast of the Ganesh Visarjan. You can watch here the complete video of the Ganesh Nimajjanam which is taking place in the metro cities Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore. Every year, a huge number of devotees participate in this holy celebration. We can see a huge group of people carrying their Ganesh Idols to immerse them in the water.

Khairatabad Ganesh idol 1981 to Today

<figure id="attachment_22701" class="wp-caption aligncenter"><figcaption class="wp-caption-text">Khairatabad Ganesh idol 1981 to 2016</figcaption></figure> Mumbai Ganesh Visarjan Live Streaming Telecast
All the roads are blocked to avoid traffic jam during the Nimajjjanam. People will perform many cultural activities and play the devotional songs while rallying the Ganesh Ido on the streets during immersion. So many people may not get the chance to watch the Ganesh Visarjhan directly. Therefore, we are providing the live telecast of Ganesh Nimajjanam Visarjan , so that you don’t miss this holy celebration. Many Celebrities, TV artists will also participate in the Ganesh Nimajjanam. You can check the complete Ganesh Nimajjanam Photos here.

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