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Grand Finale Photos, Videos - MasterChef India Season 3 (14th June 2013)

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MasterChef India season 3 - Will Ripu Daman Handa win the MasterChef India season 3 title

For the final challenge that is worth 250 judges' points, contestants are shown 3 molecular gastronomy techniques of cooking food. Doyel had earned maximum points in previous challenge so she got to select the technique she wanted to use. She chose jellyatrics. Next, Ripu chose spherification and foaming.

Navneet, is given the technique of flavoring using dry-ice. They are all given 2 hours to make any dish of their choice using their assigned technique. All 3 are able to successfully use the techniques. Doyel makes 'Lajawab Machli Bengal Ki', Ripu makes 'Chicken Mast-Kalandar' and Navneet makes 'Faturi Chaska'. All judges taste all dishes and highly praise all contestants for their s**** and innovation.

Then judges discuss among themselves and award points to the 3 finalists. But these points are not disclosed and will be declared in tomorrow's episode along with public's voting points.

Ripu won the title of Masterchef India 2013. Navneet stood as First runner up and was awarded one year internship as a chef. Doyel stood as Second runner up.

Rank Contestant Age Hometown Occupation Outcome

1 Chef Ripudaman Handa 23 Delhi Gym Instructor Winner (Season 3)
2 Chef Navneet Rastogi 29 Varanasi Caterer 1st Runners-up(Season 3)
3 Chef Doyel Sarangi 27 Kolkata Homemaker 2nd Runners-up(Season 3)
4 Nisha Verma 47 Meerut Cooking Teacher Eliminated on June 7, 2013
5 Sachin Naik 23 Mumbai Engineer Eliminated on April 19, 2013
Re-Entered on May 14, 2013
Eliminated on May 28, 2013
6 Yasmin Sheikh 27 Mhow Tutor & Caterer Eliminated on May 24, 2013
7 Aditi Madaan 35 Karnal Homemaker Eliminated on May 10, 2013
8 Devyani Bhati 23 Jaipur Homemaker Eliminated on May 3, 2013
9 Happy Singh 25 Ajmer Dhaba Owner Eliminated on April 26, 2013
10 Khokhu Patra 22 Delhi Cook, Maid Eliminated on April 23, 2013
11 Jehan Bomi Sarkari 38 Ahmedabad Banker Eliminated on April 12, 2013
12 Ishrat Ali 33 Kolkata Homemaker Eliminated on April 5, 2013


Due to the change in the series' broadcasting from an hourly weekend show to a half-hour weekday show, challenges were set weekly.

Week 1

This was the audition week. The three judges visited twenty cities across India, auditioning thousands of contenders, who were asked to prepare a dish to impress the judges and book a place in the Top 31.

Week 2

In this week, the season's Top 31 contestants were revealed. The first challenge was to invent a dish by using Nagpur Oranges and Brussel Sprouts. Khokhu's dish was excellent. Khokhu Patra, Sachin Naik, Ishrat Ali, Nisha Verma and Ripu Daman Handa prepared the 5 best dishes and thus became the first 5 to reach the Top 12. The six worst dishes were eliminated.

The remaining 20 contestants went through their second challenge, in which the all judges showed three traditional Indian dishes extremely difficult to make. As the first task, the contestants replicate Chef Sanjeev Kapoor's Gujarat ki Khandvi. 5 contestants are eliminated after the first task. As the second task, the remaining 15 contestants replicate Chef Kunal Kapur's Andhra Pradesh ki Pootharekulu. The contestants find it very difficult to make. 5 more contestants are eliminated after the second task. As the third task, the contestants replicate Chef Vikas Khanna's Aloo ki Tokri. Doyel, Navneet, Happy, Aditi and Devyani make perfect Aloo ki Tokris, and advance to the Top 12.

The last contest this week was a taste challenge. Sanjeev Kapoor had prepared some kulfi which had 40 ingredients. The last five contestants had to identify the ingredients one by one by tasting and looking, and an incorrect ingredient meant elimination. Yasmin Sheikh won the challenge and thus became the 11th member of the Top 12.

The judges awarded Jehaan Bomi Sarkari a wildcard entry into the Top 12, making him the final member of the group.

Week 3

Week 3 was a non-elimination week. This week, the Top 12 competed for the MasterChef badge, which will enable the winner to escape elimination once in any week, leading up to the Top 5. On top of that, the winner would also be awarded Rs.1,00,000.
The challenge this week was to create a dish out of ingredients that are normally discarded and not used. The contestants were asked to use at least three ingredients from: the peel of jackfruit, peel of beetroot, leaves of cauliflower, leaves of tamarind, seeds of papaya, and spoilt milk, to create their dish.
After judging all the dishes, 6 contestants were selected for the next round. 2 teams, Neela Nawab and Lal Badshah, headed by Koku Patra and Doyel respectively were formed and were asked to prepare a full meal.The Neela Nawab consisted of Khokhu Patra, Yasmin Sheikh and Ishrat Ali. The Lal Badshah team consisted of Doyel Sarangi, Happy Singh and Ripu Daman Handa. Neele Nawab team was declared the winner of this round. The last round for the badge would be between Khokhu Patra, Yasmin Sheikh and Ishrat Ali. They had to make a dessert without the use of any type of sweets like, sugar, honey, or jaggery. The Masterchef Supershakti was won by Yasmin Sheikh and she also won the cash prize of Rs.1,00,000.

Week 4

This week, the contestants were asked to prepare a dish by using ingredients that give the judges most trouble when cooking. There were given bamboo(as a cooking aide) , gond (edible gum resin) and timur (Szechwan Pepper).All contestants were having problems with the bamboo as it got overheated often. From that competition, Happy was declared the winner and Doyel, Devyani and Nisha were saved.
The remaining contestants participated in a 20-20 challenge with a partner. The girls cooked for 20 minutes & the guys were not allowed to see. Then the guys took over & girls could not see. For the final 20 minutes they cooked together. The key ingredient was Unripened mangoes. Yasmin and Jehaan cooked the best dish and were safe. Ripu and Khokhu were also safe.
The final elimination competition of this week was to make Barphile Shole (Icy fire) with liquid nitrogen. Sachin made the best dish, and was safe. Aditi and Navneet were also safe. Ishrat was eliminated due to a mishap, which left the chocolate off of her dish.

Week 5

This week's first challenge was to make an Indian-style Pizza. The contestants were asked to make a Indian Pizza with the theme of the Pizza belonging to an Indian state to which they don't belong to, using a flat pan(tawa), instead of the traditional oven. Ripu was declared as the winner of this week's first challenge for his Maharashtrian style Pizza called "Kurkurit Pizza Chatakha". Besides Ripu, Nisha and Doyel were chosen to be the other two contestants to enter the safe zone for the week based on their respective dishes.
For the second challenge of the week, 8 contestants were teamed to form 2 groups with 4 members each. The first team named 'Lal Badshah' headed by Happy with other members in his team being Yasmin, Aditi and Sachin; while the second team was named 'Neele Nawab' headed by Navneet with other members being Khokhu, Jehaan and Devyani. The two teams compete in a 3 hour pursuit to make a tier-cake with at-least 4 tiers. Both teams came across some ups and downs while making the cake. Lal Badshah's 6-tier cake contained a different flavor for each tier however they thought that Elaichi (cardamom) and cinnamon used in the cake gave it the 'desi-flavor' and the judges did not agree with the logic while on the other hand Neele Nawab's 5-tier cake had the same flavor on all 5 tiers, but the flavor they chose was 'Masala-chai with Orange' which was perfectly desi. Moreover Neele Nawab's cake had a wonderful presentation with high level of decoration while Lal Badshah's cake was comparatively less presentable. Lal Badshah's cake was chosen as the best cake for the evening for having a different flavor in each tier. So now Navneet, Devyani, Khokhu and Jehaan compete in the final individual challenge for the week before any one contestant among the 4 is eliminated.

When Navneet, Devyani, Khokhu, and Jehaan went to the elimination challenge, they all had to make a dish chosen by chef Vikas. He wanted them to make a strudel but he called it 'Hara Bhara Lifafa' Jehan's family was there to keep him company. When it came to results, the judges believe that Khokhu's dish was faultless and said she was safe straight away. After this, there was Devyani, Navneet and Jehaan. Devyani was made safe and the judges said she should open her own shop. When it came down to Navneet and Jehaan, the judges said that the only reason that Navneet couldn't go home is because of Jehaan. This led to Jehaan being eliminated.

Week 6

At the end of week 5 the judges gave everyone tickets to go to Amritsar Punjab. When everyone reached there the judges threw 5 different coloured aprons and teams were formed- Ripu and Nisha, Navneet and Yasmin, Happy and Khokhu, Devyani and Aditi and finally Sachin and Doyel .The judges gave them their first challenge which they were given 2 hours, the chefs had to get to a nearby village and find there colored house when they got there then had to perform a task which the owner of the house gave only then they could go inside the kitchen get the ingredients and drive back once they came back in the remaining time they had to cook the dishes.yasmin and Navneet came first and they had 80mins then came Doyel and Sachin with 70 mins in 3rd place came ripu,nisha and happy and Khokhu and they got 65 mins and finally came Devyani and Aditi they got 60 mins. Ripu and Nisha were declared safe and the others will continue their journey in Punjab to stay safe. The remaining contestants were formed into teams. Lal Badshah- Navneet (captain), Khokhu, Aditi, Sachin Neele Nawab- Yasmin (captain), Happy, Doyel, Devyani

Their challenge was to create a South Indian style menu and price their dishes. They each had their own Dhabba to cook in. Lal Badshah priced all of their dishes between 10-30.rs. Kunal came and told them to reprice their dishes immediately as is was too cheap. He comments on Aditi's Avial and says its the best one he's had and displayed his happiness with a warm kiss on her hand. The teams for the rush of the customers. No one comes to Neele Nawab's dhabba and everyone goes to Lal Badshah's. Until half an hour before the closing of the event, Lal Badshah team had very few customers while Neele Nawab team was running almost full from the go. Lal Badshah billed customers more than actual amount to get more money. In ending minutes, they asked customers to put lots of tips in their money-box so that they can win. To everyone's surprise when the results were declared Neele Nawab aggregated 5905 Rupees while Lal Badshah aggregated 5863 Rupees. In the end Chef Kunal tried to justify the victory by saying that Lal Badshah lost because they under priced their dishes. So, Lal Badshah team members go into the elimination round for this week.

The 4 unsafe contestants, Navneet, Khokhu, Aditi and Sachin are asked to recreate the crisp Amritsar Kulcha with a new side dish instead of the regular chole. Navneet prepares palak and paneer roulade, Sachin prepares chicken dal, Khokhu prepares paneer tikka and Aditi prepares chicken kheema. Sachin is eliminated from the show as his dal remains uncooked.

Week 7

The judges ask contestants who is the weakest contestant in their opinion. Most nominated Ripu because of his lack of experience as all other contestants were either in catering/cooking business or were house-wives. This week was declared as double elimination week by the judges. The first event for the week had two stages. First, identify ingredients in a dish by tasting it. Second, each contestant will prepare a dish using only the ingredients identified correctly by them. The provided dish was 'Bhavnagri Mirch ki Achaar'. Navneet's roti falls apart due to the lack of a binding agent as he could not guess Besan. Nisha's dish lacks colours. Devyani's Mirchi Twist remains half cooked. Khokhu had not guessed any sour element correctly. Due to this, she fails to impress the judges with her dish, regardless of its impressive presentation because of no balance between sweetness and sourness. Ripu proves the other contestants wrong by impressing the judges the most with his dish. But, as this was an elimination round, he was not declared safe for the week. The judges declared that Khokhu was eliminated right away after the first event of the week, thus being the 1st candidate to get eliminated this week.

In the second event of the week, two teams were formed with four members each, the team was formed on the basis of the weight of the candidates, the 'heavy-weights' were Happy(captain), Devyani, Nisha and Ripu and was named the Neele Nawaab, while the other four contestants namely Navneet(captain), Doyel, Aditi and Yasmin were named Lal Badshah team. Both teams were given only 500 grams of ingredients for preparing a dish called 'Navratan Thali' with a condition that, the team that first finishes collection of their 500 grams of ingredients from Amul Parlor would get a surprise benefit- which was later disclosed to an additional 50 grams of ingredients. The advantage of additional 50 grams was won by Neele Nawab team, it was a 60 minute challenge. Lal Badshah made an awesome combination of 13 items where they were only supposed to make nine, while Neele Nawaab made 9 items even while having an added advantage of 50 grams. Lal Badshah team was the declared winner of the week and Navneet, Doyel, Aditi and Yasmin were safe for the week.

Happy, Devyani, Nisha and Ripu ***** the final individual elimination round of the week. They are asked to put their heart and soul into a dish, which showcases their experience and talent. Devyani prepares pavlova, a Russian dessert, with lapsi halwa which gives an Indian twist. Happy presents a Taro Taaza platter. Ripu prepares kadi and chicken with an Italian twist. Nisha prepares 3 dishes, ****er chicken, poached chicken and a chicken roll using classic French and Indian cooking methods. She wins the challenge. Happy is eliminated from the show.

Week 8

The contestants are challenged to make Gol Gappa in Chakravyu. In the first round, the 7 contestants are asked to prepare 10 perfect puri. Out of the 7 contestants, 5 who do this quickest make it to the next round. In the second round, the contestants prepare the stuffing. Chef Sanjeev tastes them and selects Yasmin, Ripu and Devyani to go to the final round, in which they make a dressing for the pani puri. Devyani makes chocolate gol gappa, Ripu and Yasmin make fruit gol gappa. Ripu wins Rs.1 lakh and Flavour-e-Azam badge. He is declared safe for the week.
The contestants are challenged to operate food stalls in Mumbai's Juhu Chowpatty beach. The 6 contestants are divided into 2 teams. Devyani and Aditi are chosen as the leaders of Lal Badshah and Neela Nawab teams, respectively. Doyel, Yasmin and Devyani form Lal Badshah team while Nisha, Navneet and Aditi form Neele Nawab team. Their menu consists of Hakka noodles, Pav Bhaji and Frankie rolls. The team which scores the first 100 rings from the Happy Bell will be the winner. Neele nawab won the challenge. Now Doyel, Yasmin and Devyani will have to face each other in the aakhri daav.
In the individual elimination round of the week, Yasmin uses Super Shakti to avoid elimination. Chef Ajay Chopra challenges the 2 unsafe contestants, Doyel and Devyani to prepare a 13 layered Falooda weighing 45 kilograms. Doyel and Devyani follow the given recipe and struggle to replicate the Gadbad Falooda. While Devyani cooks in an organized but little slow manner, Doyel breaks down in between the overwhelming task. Devyani struggles to prepare the main layer of falooda as it requires a lot of strength to stir the contents over the stove. Both finish the dish in time. Devyani's Falooda taste is good except the main layer, while the presentation is excellent. However, Doyel's Falooda tasted excellent, while the presentation is very bad. Because of Devyani's main layer she got eliminated.

Week 9

Yasmin's children, Aditi and Ripu's nephews, and Nisha and Navneet's nieces visit the Masterchef kitchen. The 6 contestants are challenged to cook canapes for children, using bitter-gourd (karela), pumpkin (kaddu) and bottle gourd (lauki). Chef Vikas Khanna, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and Chef Kunal Kapur will judge only those 3 dishes that were shortlisted by the little-judges. Doyel's husband and son missed their flight and she misses her child and has a hard time concentrating on the task. The judges surprise Doyel by bringing her husband and child to the Masterchef kitchen when they arrive by a later flight. The kids taste the prepared canapes and choose Yasmin, Ripu and Nisha's dishes as their favourites. Nisha wins the challenge and the title of 'Listerine *****er' of The Week along with an award of ₨ 1 lakh. She is declared safe for the week.

The judges surprise the contestants by inviting their gurus to the Masterchef kitchen. The contestants are challenged to prepare foreign cuisines with the help of their gurus. Aditi cooks Chinese food, Yasmin cooks Mexican food, Doyel cooks Thai food, Ripu cooks Italian food and Navneet cooks Middle Eastern food. After half-time, the gurus are suddenly asked to leave and contestants are asked to finish their dishes themselves. The contestants struggle to complete the task single-handedly due to time constraint. Navneet lags behind as he had assigned half the task to his mother. Ripu's dish was appreciated by the judges while Navneet's Middle Eastern dish with six components was declared to be the best dish right away. Navneet wins the Flavour-e-Azam badge and joins Nisha to be the second candidate to be safe this week while Ripu becomes the third candidate to get safe this week.
In the final and individual elimination round of the week, Chef Sanjeev sets a challenge of making his family's tradition dish 'Zamindoz Murg' which is served with salad, Fruit Sauce and a specific mixture of Dried Mango Powder and Salt. Contestants had to accomplish the task without a pre provided recipe. The contestants are given a chance to ask one recipe-related question to Chef Sanjeev. Aditi's dish gets over-cooked because of inadequate protective shield. Judges had mixed opinion over Yasmin's dish, while Doyel's dish is declared to be perfect. This leads to Aditi being eliminated.

Week 10

The 7 contestants who were eliminated from the show get chance to win wild card entry back into the show. The 5 safe contestants are asked to pair with one wild card contestant for the first half of the task. Ripu chooses Khokhu, Doyel chooses Devyani, Navneet chooses Sachin, Nisha chooses Aditi, Yasmin chooses Ishrat, while Happy and Jehan work alone. The contestants are provided with specific kitchen equipments like pasta maker, bamboo steamer, muffin tray, tea kettle and roller pin to prepare a rice dish. Sachin prepares Pasta Ravioli, Khokhu prepares Rice Tacos, Ishrat prepares Biriyani and Kheer, Aditi prepares Prawn Momos, Devyani prepares Rice Muffins, Jehan prepares Mango Rice Terrain and Happy prepares a chicken dish with rice. Sachin and Happy are adjudged as the best dishes, while, Khokhu and Ishrat are adjudged as the worst dishes. Ishrat is eliminated from the show. Sachin wins the wild card entry, Rs.1 lakh and *****er of The Week title.

In the second round, the contestants are challenged to duplicate Chef Kunal Kapur's Chilli Cassata. The dish consists of 5 layers, the first layer consists of Champagne jelly with blueberries, second layer consists of raspberry and chilli mousse, third layer consists of bundi ladoo, the fourth layer consists of pista and the fifth layer consists of groundnut chikki. Chef Kunal Kapur demonstrates the method of preparation. The contestants are asked to cook alongside him as no written recipe is provided, but fail to match his speed. Just as chef Kunal completes his dish the contestants get 15 more minutes to complete their dish. The contestants find it difficult to demould the 5 layered dessert as the gelatin on the top layer sticks to the tin. Devyani wins the challenge, while Jehan, Khokhu, Happy and Aditi are eliminated from the show. Devyani is given a chance to win a place in the top 6 by facing off with one of the already established top 6 kitchen stars. She chose Yasmin as her opponent. Yasmin was quite upset with this. Also she was hurt when all other contestants voted for Devyani when asked who was a stronger candidate in their opinion.

Devyani and Yasmin compete for a place in the Top 6 of Master Kitchen Ke Superstar. They are asked to create new dishes with Emu and Quail eggs. Devyani prepares a savoury Italian dish using Emu eggs, while Yasmin bakes the Quail eggs. Yasmin's dish is good, however there was a lack of moisture in the main dish and her side dish of rice was neglected. Devyani's main course was good but her side drink was not good. Yasmin was declared safe and Devyani was eliminated.

Week 11

The top 6 kitchen stars go to Vishalla in Ahmedabad for their next challenge. The contestants are divided into 3 teams for the task. Yasmin is paired with Doyel, Navneet is teamed with Ripu and Sachin is paired with Nisha. The teams are asked to make Dal Dhokli and an innovative Gujarati dish in an hour. Dal Dhokli will be tasted after 30 minutes and only the 2 teams with the best Dal Dhokli will move on to present their innovative dish. All teams start making Dal Dhokli and side-by-side preparing for the innovative dish. Doyel keeps working on her innovative dish and does not help Yasmin in making Dal Dhokli for a long time. Their Dal does not end up properly as it has froth on the top and is too thin. Finally, Yasmin-Doyel lose the Dal Dhokli challenge because their dish lacked Gujarati flavor. Ripu-Navneet and Nisha-Sachin prepare innovative Gujarai dishes. Nisha and Sachin win the challenge and Rs. 1 lakh and are declared safe for the week.

For the second challenge of the week, Navneet, Ripu, Doyel and Yasmin are taken to the Amul ice-cream factory, and asked to invent a new flavor. Team Lal Badshah consists of Doyel and Yasmin, and Team Neele Nawab consists of Navneet and Ripu. Both the teams are given two hours to prepare ice-cream concentrate and topping, which should be enough to prepare 50 litres of ice-cream. Neele Nawaab prepare ice-cream with Thandai, Paan and Rose flavor by mixing their prepared concentrate with the premix of Amul ice-cream and saffron color. Lal Badshah prepare ice-cream with Saunf, Elaichi and Jalebi flavor by mixing their prepared concentrate with the premix of Amul ice-cream and light green color. The judges appreciate both the flavors after tasting their ice-creams. Then the teams take the prepared ice-cream to Ahmedabad's Law Garden and ask people to taste their ice-cream and vote for them. Finally, Neele Nawab get 144 votes and Lal Badshah get 103 votes. Doyel and Yasmin will face each other in elimination challenge of this week.

In elimination round this week, Doyel and Yasmin are asked to invent Gujarati Farsan (snacks) using Raw Bananas as main ingredient. After 15 minutes are over, they are given 1 more main ingredient - Lilva Door Dal. After 30 minutes are over, they are given 1 more main ingredient - Mango Ginger (Raw-mango flavored ginger). They are asked to make at least 1 farsan using each main ingredient. Doyel finishes before time whereas Yasmin struggles with time shortage. Doyel made Lilva Toor Dal Ke Pakode, Mango Ginger Biscuits with Moong Daal Pickle and Raw Banana Rolls. She served them with 2 kinds of sauces. Judges like all her Farsan a lot. Yasmin made Lilva Toor Dal Ki Kachori, Theple of Raw Banana and Mango Ginger Gujiya. She served them with 2 sauces. Her Kachori is very good but her Theple are too dry and her Gujiya is under-cooked. Yasmin is eliminated.

Week 12

Judges declare that one contestant will move directly to final this week and one contestant will be eliminated today. Rannvijay Singh comes to the show with his refrigerator. He gives each contestants 5 ingredients and a leftover dish. Contestants have to use ingredients provided to them to make their dish in an hour. Rannvijay disturbs the contestants and don't allow them to prepare the dish. At half time, Sanjeev Kapoor announces that the contestant, who cooks the best dish, will be entitled with Flavour-E-Azam. Doyel's dish is Crispy Kebab served with sour cream and cauliflower and radish pickle. Navneet makes red chili jelly and a green chili sauce with fenugreek bread and rice. Ripu makes a seasoned mousse with crispy bread. Sachin makes green pasta with spinach and basil and fried prawns. Nisha makes Gnocchi with potato and chicken rolls with Tortellini. After tasting the dishes cooked by them, the judges appreciate Doyel and Nisha's dishes while Ripu, Navneet and Sachin's dishes rate low on taste. Nisha wins the Flavour-E-Azam title and Sachin gets eliminated from the show.
The contestants are divided into two teams. Nisha chooses Doyel as her cooking partner and the team is named as Lal Badshah. Ripu is teamed with Navneet and the team is named as Neele Nawaab. The judges ask Lal Badshah to prepare Zafrani Pulao and Nargisi Kofta. The judges ask Neele Nawaab to prepare Gobi Mussallam and Sheermal. The constestants are not provided with recipes and they are not allowed to taste the dishes. Later, judges reveals that the pair will compete against each other such as Nisha v/s Doyel and Ripu v/s Navneet. Navneet spoiled his cauliflower and Ripu gave him an extra one that he had very sportingly. Nisha got burnt with boiling water. After tasting Zafrani Pulao and Nargisi Kofta, the judges announce that Nisha is the winner from Lal Badshah. They announce Navneet as the winner from Neele Nawab after tasting the Gobi Musallam and Sheermal. Nisha and Navneet will compete with each other tomorrow to win direct selection to Top 3.

Kunal Kapur asks Nisha and Navneet to taste the Masala Tea, prepared by him. He asks Nisha and Navneet to name the ingredients of the tea, one by one. Navneet wins the first task as Nisha names an incorrect ingredient. In the second task, Nisha and Navneet are asked to guess the ingredients after seeing them. Navneet wins the second task and qualifies for the grand finale. The judges dress him in a chef coat.

Week 13

This week, judges will eliminate one contestant and select two chefs who will join Chef Navneet in the grand finale. In the first challenge of the week, the contestants have to taste a dish blindfolded. They cannot see the dish and get only 5 minutes to taste and analyze the dish. The dish has 6 layers - Tomato Gravy, Corn Daliya with little saffron on top, Peas Chutney, Sautéed Spinach, Lauki(Bottlegourd) Kofte and Lotus Stem chips. The judges ask them to prepare a similar-taste dish in an hour. Ripu is able to identify all ingredients accurately but he made Lauki Kofte with cornflour whereas in original dish, they were made with besan. Nisha is also able to identify all ingredients except saffron and her Corn Daliya is slightly over-cooked. Doyel fails in identifying the Peas Chutney and replaces it with cream. Ripu and Nisha move to Qualifier where one of them will win Chef Coat and enter Grand Finale. Whoever loses in Qualifier will compete with Doyel to win last Chef Coat.

In the second challenge of the week, Nisha and Ripu have to prepare a feast for kids. They are provided with 3 cooks each to help them in preparation. The judges inform them that the challenge consists of three rounds and the one, who wins two rounds, will be the winner. They ask Ripu and Nisha to prepare starters in the first round, main course in second round and dessert in second round. In first round, Judges will taste starters made by whoever prepares them first. The starters by second person will be tasted only if the starters from first person are not good. Ripu does not divide work properly among his cooks and loses time. Nisha prepares the starters before Ripu and receives appreciations from the judges. The judges do not taste the starters prepared by Ripu. Nisha wins the first round of challenge. Ripu learns from his mistake in first round and divides work properly in second round. Ripu prepares the main course before Nisha and receives appreciations from the judges. The judges do not taste the food prepared by Nisha. Ripu wins the second round of challenge. Judges ask Ripu and Nisha to prepare a dessert in 30 minutes for third round and person who makes tastier dessert will be winner. A few of Nisha's glasses, containing the dessert, break while putting them in the refrigerator, but she makes them again. Judges like Ripu's dessert more and declare him the winner of the third round and he qualifies for the grand finale. The judges dress him in a chef coat.

In the third challenge of the week, Nisha and Doyel compete to win last chef coat and entry to grand finale. The judges welcome Chef Ripu and Chef Navneet to the show and ask them to select either Khus ki jad or Mulethi as a main ingredient, and use iron box or salt crust cooking to prepare their dishes. Ripu chooses Mulethi, while Navneet chooses iron box to see who is strongest of them both. Nisha prepares Iron satay using chicken, while Doyel prepares Irony cheese fish. Doyel wins the challenge and qualifies for the grand finale. The judges dress her in a chef coat. The judges and the contestants bid farewell to Nisha.

Week 14

This is the final week of Masterchef Season 3. In this week, Ripu, Navneet and Doyel will compete and one of them will win Masterchef title, golden apron and Rs. 1 crore. The runner up will get a one year internship at The Marriott's. TV celebrities Gurmeet, Shabbir and Pratyusha and fans of the contestants come to see the Grand Finale. Masterchef also invited the 9 eliminated master chef contestants for the Grand Finale. Judges declare that winner will be declared based on points earned. 500 points will be awarded by judges over the week and 500 points will be won by SMS votes from TV audience.
For the first challenge that is worth 250 judges' points, contestants have to make Jannat-e-Khas. It is a very beautiful and very tasty dessert which has a lot of layers. Contestants get to taste it and also get its recipe. They get 2 hours to make the dish. Navneet makes his dish slowly and is warned by the judges that he might lose because of his lack of time management. Ripu cleverly makes 5 chocolate bowls so that he can select the best bowls for his dish. Doyel's chocolate bowl breaks while filling it. But she makes it again and completes her dish before time. Ripu and Navneet also successfully make the dish. In the end, points are declared. Navneet gets 239 points, Ripu gets 245 points and Doyel wins this round with 246 points. Doyel is the winner of this round and will be given an advantage by judges in next round.

The 9 eliminated contestants returned to the MasterChef Kitchen. The eliminated contestants joked around, and for dinner they prepared their signature dishes to have everyone taste. The judges appeared, giving out awards and playing pranks such as a fake challenge where they had to prepare 3 of the eliminated contestant's dishes and the eliminated contestants will have the judges for support. Among the awards were the "Crybaby Award" (Given to Yasmin) and the "Best Dancer" award (Given to Nisha from the Mumbai challenge), the "Weirdest Dish Name Award" (given in a joint nomination of Aditi & Devyani from the first Punjab challenge), and the "Most Shy Award" (given to Khoku). Everyone had fun.

For the final challenge that is worth 250 judges' points, contestants are shown 3 molecular gastronomy techniques of cooking food. Doyel had earned maximum points in previous challenge so she got to select the technique she wanted to use. She chose jellyatrics. Next, Ripu chose spherification and foaming. Navneet, is given the technique of flavoring using dry-ice. They are all given 2 hours to make any dish of their choice using their assigned technique. All 3 are able to successfully use the techniques. Doyel makes 'Lajawab Machli Bengal Ki', Ripu makes 'Chicken Mast-Kalandar' and Navneet makes 'Faturi Chaska'. All judges taste all dishes and highly praise all contestants for their s**** and innovation. Then judges discuss among themselves and award points to the 3 finalists. But these points are not disclosed and will be declared in tomorrow's episode along with public's voting points. Ripu won the title of Masterchef India 2013. Navneet stood as First runner up and was awarded one year internship as a chef. Doyel stood as Second runner up.

As we know that the famous kitchen game show MasterChef India had started from 11 March 2013 by the famous channel Star Plus. As we know that this famous game show was taken from the foreign kitchen game shows.

MasterChef India season 3 - Ripu Daman Handa won the MasterChef India season 3 title

This is the third season of the MasterChef India. MasterChef India season first was conducted in 2010 and the winner of that season was Pankaj Bhadouria. MasterChef India season second was conducted in the 2011 and winner was Shipra Khanna.

Indian Idol Junior - watch your favourite Indian Idol Junior stars

This is the one of the best game show presented in well manner to the audiences. Sanjeev Kapoor, Vikas Khanna and Kunal Kapoor are the judges of the MasterChef India season third. I had seen a few episodes of this show and seen that judges are also doing a great job in this show. Always giving different and tough tasks to participants and its really fun to see this game.

Ripu Daman Handa is the youngest participant in remaining three and He is doing really good from the start. His dishes are always different from others and yet, He never came in the danger zone. According to my opinion Doyel and Navneet are also doing good but till now Ripu is doing better.

As we know that this famous game show presented 24-minutes on weekdays and 48-mintues in weekends by the Star Plus. This show had completed almost 2-month and now only three participants Doyel Sarangi , Navneet Rastogi and Ripu Daman Handa is remaining on the show.

KBC ( Kaun Banega Crorepati ) season 7 ; KBC 2013 idea pass registration questions

There is only one week remaining for MasterChef India season 3 game shows. The final of this game show is scheduled on 14 June 2013.

So, Please vote for your favorite MasterChef Kitchen ke SuperStar. You can dial below toll free numbers for the voting.

To vote for Doyel Sarangi - Dial 18002125001
To vote for Navneet Rastogi - Dial 18002125002
To vote for Ripu Daman Handa -Dial 18002125003

MasterChef India Season 3 Winner | MasterChef Kitchen ke Superstar 2013 Winner | Winner of MasterChef India Season 3 | 2013 MasterChef India Winner

The MasterChef journey which started a few months back, will finally end this week. We now have our top three finalists, Navneet Rastogi, Ripudaman Handa and Doyel Sarangi.

MasterChef India season 3 finale is on 14th June 2013 and we will update the Winner !!!

MasterChef India (season 3)

The official logo
Genre Cooking
Format Game Show
Created by Shine Limited
Directed by Various
Judges Vikas Khanna
Kunal Kapur
Sanjeev Kapoor
Opening theme "Kaun Kehta Hai Kitchen Mein Khwaab Nahi Sajte"
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of episodes 70 as of June 14, 2013
Location(s) Mumbai
Camera setup multi camera
Running time 24 minutes
Production company(s) Colosceum Media
Distributor STAR Plus
Original channel STAR Plus
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original run March 11, 2013 – June 14 , 2013
Preceded by MasterChef India (season 2)

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MasterChef India Season 3, Finale 14 June 2013 | MasterChef India Season 3 Finalist | MasterChef India Season 3 Finals on 14.06.2013

MasterChef India Season 3, Finale 14 June 2013 | MasterChef India Season 3 Finalist | MasterChef India Season 3 Finals on 14.06.2013

Master Chef India season 3 finale is on 14 June 2013 and the three finalists are Doyel Sarangi, Navneet Rastogi and Ripudaman Handa. Doyel Sarangi, Navneet Rastogi and Ripudaman Handa, who have emerged as the top three contestants of this season after *****ing for 14 long weeks. Chefs Vikas Khanna, Kunal Kapur and Sanjeev Kapoor serve as judges this season, which will end on June 14 on Star Plus.

Doyel said, “I can't tell you all how excited I am! I never imagined that I would be one of the three contenders for the MasterChef title. I am just so thankful to God that I have reached here.”

Navneet shared, “Everyone thought I was the weakest contender, and I am glad that I have proved myself. I am really looking forward to the finale now.”

Ripu smilled and remarked, “It was my ultimate dream to be here in the MasterChef finale, so for me its almost like a dream come true.”

Master Chef India season 3 finals on 14th June 2013 on Star Plus.

Please click here to know thewinner of Master Chef India season 3
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