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Live Streaming - Colors TV Balika Vadhu

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Live Streaming - Colors TV Balika Vadhu

DS says to shiv he is anandi's huby and pighead

man he showed liek he is the king...when ds said to shiv..his eyes were so expressive like abb himmat hai tou laga hathh... his eyes were so arrognat so full of meaning... so full of arrogance...

and anandi and bhairo were all quit what to do and what not to do...DS was like she wants to hide herslf some where...and shiv said he dint recognised him... all are quit dont knwo what to say...again shiv said if he knew he wouldnt have done complain...DS is like now have to go and hten she remembers when yest. she was talking to shiv a man was shouting rudelyy and she asked shiv about the person is jagat keyaaa...and shic so much want to denay and put some less hurt on this such wonderfull people...the hesitation in his voice was so clear...he said han ji...but if he was able to recognise him he would never have gone to this length..and DS remember all that and says yes now recognising him is also tough for them... and inspector coems in between and says its good you havnt done FIR or their would be lots of problem for the singhs...and ask shiv to sign the papers ... shiv says he wants to take his complain back ... and inspector says he can he jsut need to sign this document and complain will be taken back
and pighead shouts that time...its all shiv faults ... lolzzz... now thats funnyyy...he wants to eb in good book of DS and bhairo...his eyes are showing so evilness in him...he is jelous of shiv..he wants to show hwo good he is... he is gem of person and all is shiv and that vegetable man fault...
and inspector says the same time...while shiv remains quit and listen to pighead bakwas...inspector says to him to keep his mouth shut...he knows how is at fault and who is not..in broad day light drinking and doing gunda gardee and harassing people and destroying their lively hood...its tou shiv good manners ke he jsut let go and even paid that vegi man and stoped him from doing nusence around...so dont try to act smart...anandi and DS and bhairo is shoked to hear pighead been drinking and doing gunda gardee..bhairo is like so ashamed...DS is like where we all laked and anandi is liek unbelivablleee..she cant belive her pighead is drinking...
shiv takes the document and sign the paper and all are quit... while bhairo says to inspector tie time for the court they need to move and says to all lets go...and inspector says to pighead to come and sign the paper...shiv says to DS if he can help them in any way just to clal him ...he will be delighted to help around wiht any sort of problem...and DS is happy and says she will shure ask for and says come on lets go... pighead coem forward and gather his things inspector has thrown on desk and to sign the papaer...while he signing the paaer and gathring things...shiv is thinking how this 2 people coem to be togehter..they both are poles apart..such a different nature one is so arrogant and immature and selfishh persona and anandi is so quit undrestanding and so mature..how come pighead landed with girl like anandi...

guys all the time look on pighead action...man it was so disgusting...he was behaving like he keeps the world in hsi poket and he is pure jelous of shiv and hatred can be seen clearly from his eyes for shiv..the evilness guysss...its awsome..he is speaking from his eyes all the time...guys be ware...i think cv has got their negative character to roll on the story in future after shivanandi becomes one...mark it guysss

DS shouts hwo much more time and pighead gets out of his trance and piks up his gathering and moves out...the jeep starts...DS and bhairo in front and pighead and anandi in back,,,,shiv watch them goinggg... he is so sad..so helpless he is feeling like he wants to hid anandi form all this pain and shower her with hapiness and love and care...

the jeep is moving in rain fill road...and anandi is thinking about her time with pighead..and song is playing in back - kaisee hai yaa udasee chayeee meray dil ... and now pighead is also thinking about their kids days...this song takes 3 monutes of the part and then direct court scene they both siting on different rows..bhairo and gehnaa siting on back bench of anandi and anandi is continous staring and pighead and pighead is all to himself and his eyes are all red rim and then voice says jagjeet singh and anandi signh to appear and they both are striken and deep into their thoughts and then they both gets up and walks towards the megistrate...pighead is the 1st to turn his head from anandi...and then marrige ritual song starts playing...pighead legs in front of anandi and anandi's walking by in back - sarvmangal maglayyaa sarvaa sadh sadhekay and tadev lagnam sukhenam tadevaa while whole time all are thinking of same thing..marrige fo them and DS think of the time anandi married topighead and bhairo think of the time when he1st meet anandi and said to anandi's father i ahve searched sita for my ram and then slaping pighead and then find out about pighead leaving with gauri and he coems home and cry badly on basant soulder and says pighead is now **** for them...and anandi and all crying listning to what bhairo said... and then present time they both watching each other...and lawyer says them to sit...

they are giving pen to sign..and they both goes to their respective thougts of the time spent together...and then he rembers when he gave that modern dreesss to anandi and he jsut went buts seeing her in that dress and anandi asking why he watching her like that and he is all smilyyy and then anandi remebers the time when she saw both pighead and gauri entering haveli after geting married and her eyes chages form deep sad to the betryal nad hurt and pighead takes the pen and sign the paper and then pighead pases the pen to anandi and anandi takes the pen and is again seeing towards pighead before signing paper and remebering her day of marrige of entering havelli and then rice cermony legs walee cermony hand imprint cermony pighead swinging swings and she siting...jelabee eating and then voices of pighead insulting her and all saying about being in love.with gaurii and then serial ends...anandi still hanst sign the papaer

ps - i dotn want to comment coz their are so many people out their who has undergon this pain and insulting them with my coments when i dont even ahve a signle clue how they might be felling...even whateva the indifference weree their still cuting ties to a realtion always is painfull so no commentsss

precap - pighead walking in rain...and all sad and then anandi runs out and shouts jagyaa...and DS and bhairo also comes after anandi and their is pighead who turns and so much expectation in his eyes when he heard anandi calling him

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