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Default Sunny Leone’s with husband Daniel Webber Photos in a party

Sunny Leone (R) and her husband Daniel Weber arrive at the 29th annual Adult Video News Awards Show.

Wedding/Marriage Photos - Sunny Leone with hubby Daniel

Sunny Leone's TOP 40 Hottest Movements in Bigg Boss 5

Pooja Bedi dines with Sunny Leone and her husband
Check out Sunny Leone’s husband Daniel Weber. Pooja Bedi tweeted “Happy Dinner with @SunnyLeone with her wonderful hubby daniel, me and pandora” During her stay in Bigg Boss 5 house, Sunny said that she is married to Daniel. She told about how she had deliberately arrived late for the day because she was not interested in him, but fell to his charms when he had sent 24 roses to their hotel room. Now they are a doting couple Daniel had helped set her own studio known as Sunlust pictures.

Sunny Leone was previously engaged to Matt Erikson, vice-president marketing at Playboy Enterprises. For cashing on the BIgg Boss trend and Sunny Leone’s popularity, he had even leaked one of her earlier videos on the net and made quick buck out of it.

Sunny Leone is very happy with her broad-minded husband Daniel. She had lashed out at Amar Upadhyay for acting fresh with her. Read more about Sunny Leone Amar Upadhyay controversy and also read more about Sunny Leone’s parents.
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Guys, today is the night for some awesome foursome. Hold on to your horses, folks. It’s not exactly what you think. Here’s the real story. Ex Bigg Boss contestant Pooja Bedi has invited Sunny Leone, Sunny’s husband Daniel Webber, and Sachin Shroff (Juhi Parmar’s husband) on dinner tonight (2 January 2012).

Well, just for the sake of information –we know that everyone is aware about it – everyone has a certain Bigg Boss connection.

“I really gelled well with Sunny, Sky and Juhi in the house. After my eviction, I even met Sky’s family members and Juhi’s husband, Sachin. Now that Sunny is out, and her husband Daniel is also around for some time, I thought why not have a little get-together and gossip a bit,” smiles Pooja.

Pooja further goes on to say that only 45 minutes of coverage is aired everyday whereas lot happens in the rest 23 hours. “Now that I am no more an inmate, I get to see only an hour of action. I want to know everything from Sunny what happened after I left the house,” informs the lady with a beautiful smile.

So what’s in the menu? “Lots of delicious starters and in the main course, there will be green corn curry, chicken biryani, kebabs and raita. And of course, I have an open bar. They can drink whatever they want.”

Wow, that sounds lick-a-licious. So after the dinner will they cosy up and watch Bigg Boss together? “That’s in the agenda. They will come in by 8-8.30 pm, and stay till late. So it is Bigg Boss time tonight,” says Pooja.

Finally, before singing off, she shares her opinion on who will win the show. “It should be Sky or Juhi. Siddharth is too immature, and Amar is kind of a snake. He misbehaved with women. Furthermore, I don’t like Mahek. It will be sad if anyone else wins other than Sky or Juhi.”

Well, what can we say but bon appétit Pooja. Have a ***** !!!
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**** star Sunny Leone's secret husband gets revealed

Sunny Leone's TOP 40 Hottest Movements in Bigg Boss 5

  • Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber reached Mumbai to attend the premiere for her Bollywood debut 'Jism 2'. Seems like her husband was as excited to see her fans!
  • Surely, Sunny Leone couldn't have imagined the extent of her fan following in India just with one film!
  • Sunny's husband Daniel Weber takes pictures of the crowd gathered around their car as they leave the Mumbai airport.
  • Sunny Leone's upcoming film 'Jism 2' is an erotic thriller directed by Pooja Bhatt.
  • We've seen Sunny in the hottest of bikinis, but we love this black dress and scarlet belt on her!
  • What do you know, we could soon see her in a salwar kameez too!
  • In the film 'Jism 2', Sunny stars opposite Arunoday Singh and Randeep Hooda.
  • Daniel Weber, like Sunny Leone is also an adult entertainer and was previously a guitarist for the band 'The Spyderz'.
  • Sunny truly looks radiant as she arrives at the airport!
  • Sunny's Bollywood debut 'Jism 2' is set to be released on August 3, 2012.

She is the current hottest topic amongst all the Indian men. She is hot, beautiful, confident who is proud to choose a bold profession which is considered a shame in a conservative nation like that of ours. We are talking about Indo-Canadian **** star Sunny Leone. Her surprise land up on the Indian soil have definitely rocked the country. Apart from she being a **** girl, many of us have a curiousity in her personal life. So, here we go to know more about Sunny's dream man.

After her eviction from Bigg Boss 6, Sunny in an interview spoke about her dream man and his qualities. When asked what she wants in a man, Sunny had one name on her lip: that of her boyfriend Daniel Weber. “(I want) exactly what I have in Daniel (Weber). He is everything that I could ever imagine. We own a business together,” Sunny Leone said.

When asked if she wanted to marry Daniel Weber, Sunny had a definitive answer: “Over and over again.” In fact there are rumours that Sunny was once married. Well, we imagine what special qualities does Daniel have that impresses Sunny to such an extent. She must have been too vulgar for her daily bread and ****er, but at the end of the day she is a woman who is hungry for true love. We wish luck to Sunny to get married to her desired man.
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Sunny Leone is Married to Daniel Weber

Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber are Husband and Wife. Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber were married on 20 January, 2009.
Sunny and Daniel first met at a party in 2008. After their first meeting, Daniel was love-struck, but Sunny did not reciprocate his feelings. Sunny kept turning down Daniel’s request for a date. Finally, on their first date, Sunny deliberately came late because she was not interested in Daniel. The first date went so well that they eventually ended up talking for five hours. That was when Sunny realized that she may have a long term future with Daniel.

( Click on the pictures to enlarge them )
In addition to being husband and wife, Sunny Leona and Daniel Weber are also business partners who produce, direct, write, edit, promote and star in adult entertainment films.
After four years, Sunny and Daniel’s personal and professional relationship seems to be the best it has ever been.

**** star Sunny Leone, a threat to the B Town actresses?

Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt has definitely introduced many bold beauties in Bollywood, but this time the legendary director is all set to throw an open challenge to all the leading ladies in the industry. And the name of his challenge is Sunny Leone, who will star in Bhatt's Jism 2. Sunny's suprise land up on the Indian soil have definitely changed the face of our conservative nation, but now when this gorgeous **** actress is all set to make her debut entry in the..... Read More

Sunny Leone to quit **** movies for Salman Khan?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012,14:18 [IST]

This latest news about **** star Sunny Leone might shock you after her eviction from the Bigg Boss 5 house. Sunny informed media that she wouldn't mind quitting **** movies if she makes it good in Bollywood.Sunny further claimed that she would love to work with her favourite Salman Khan since Sallu is trying his best to sign her in lead for his next film Sher Khan in the place of Angela Johnson. Sunny earlier expressed her desire and dream to work in.....

Mahesh Bhatt wants Sunny Leone to go nude in Jism 2?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012,13:57 [IST]

It is common knowledge that **** star Sunny Leone will be cast in Mahesh Bhatt's forthcoming film Jism 2. Considering that Sunny Leone is a well established **** movie star back in the US, it is likely that Bhatt expects Sunny to either go nude or do some extremely bold scenes in his film. When a brilliant film maker such as Mahesh Bhatt decides to cast a **** star in his film, it is for sure that he would definitely expect her to..... Read More

Bigg Boss 5: Sunny Leone ashamed of her **** star status?

After getting evicted from Bigg Boss 5, **** actress Sunny Leone might have inhaled a breather and revealed her extreme excitement to make her debut in Bollywood, but the gorgeous lady somewhere seems ashamed of her **** star status that has been of much hype in India since her entry in Bigg Boss.It was for the first time in a conservative country like India where a television channel has taken up an extreme bold step to introduce an adult film actress in the..... Read More
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For those in doubt if Sunny Leone is married or not, meet her husband Daniel Weber, a broad-minded, understanding guy who has stood by her through thick and thin. During her stay in Bigg Boss, Sunny admitted that Daniel and she were married to each other. To start with, she was not interested in him , she had purposely been late for the date. But she fell to Daniel’s charisma as he wooed her with 24 roses to her hotel room.
The couple have together started Sunny’s studio which is known as Sunlust pictures.

Sunny Leone's boyfriend

Sunny Leone’s finance was Matt Erikson, whom she has broken all ties with. He is the vice-president of Playboy Enterprises. It is no surprise that she will be very angry with him because he has leaked out one of her earliest video on the net, cashing on Sunny Leone’s Bigg Boss popularity. The adult actress had expressed her frustration and resentment for Amar Upadhyay in the show whom she thought had come too close for comfort thrice in various tasks.

Sunny Leone's parents

Sunny Leone’s parents are ****. Her father died of cancer in 2010, which he was diagnosed with in the year 1999. Her mom died in 2008. Sunny Leone’s mother hailed from a small town in Himachal Pradesh called Nahan in Simaur, while her father was born in Tibet and grew up in Delhi. Sunny Leone of course, was born in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.

In 2006, Sunny Leone became an American citizen but mains to remain dual citizen of Canada. Talking about her Sikh root, she says, "It’s a community-based religion. You walk into a temple and you’re greeted with the utmost respect... But, just like any religion it doesn’t want you to shoot adult material. I mean, I grew up going to temple every Sunday. When my parents found out they knew my personality which was very independent. Even if they tried to stop me or tried to steer me the right way they would have lost their daughter. I’m too headstrong. And it wasn’t a plan. It just happened and my career and everything just kept getting bigger and bigger.” Read Sunny leone's interview

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