Three months in 2018 are already over and we are here to take a stock of things. It’s time to pick your favourite movie among the ones that released in last three months. It has been a really interesting quarter. A lot of exciting movies released in the first three months giving the audience a taste of everything. If there was the controversial period drama Padmaavat, there was also the light-hearted comedy Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety. Pari left everyone petrified while Hichki introduced people to a syndrome called Tourette. All in all, it was an enlightening three months. Now we know you all have certain favourites here and we would like to know what that is. Here’s a list of movies that left everyone impressed, from critics to the masses.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali yet again proved nobody gets a period drama right like he does. Padmaavat was a supreme example of what a magician he is when it comes to stories of bygone era. The film saw a lot of protests which left Bollywood scarred. But it released and became the biggest hit of 2018. As they say, you can’t stop the good from coming out in the open. People raved about Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor’s performances but it was Ranveer Singh’s Khilji that left everyone in awe of him. He made the film even more enticing than it already was.

Pad Man
Trust only Akshay Kumar to take up issue based stories and make them successful. He did it with Toilet: Ek Prem Katha and then made PadMan count at the box office too. It definitely is brave of an actor like him to do a film on menstrual hygiene. A country where periods are treated as a taboo, he went ahead and did a film on it. Such films need to be made in a country where issues very rarely get addressed. The fact that someone thought of making a film on a man’s drive to provide cheap sanitary pads deserves huge round of applause. Pari
Horror movies in India are mostly laced by erotica. It’s a belief here that otherwise such movies don’t work. Pari shattered that myth. With no amount of horrex, it scared the sh*t out of people. Anushka Sharma did a brilliant job of playing an evil spirit. In fact, she deserves a lot of acclaim for trying different genres with her production. India finally woke up to the fact that you can scare the audience with content as well. You don’t need steamy scenes in them!

How many even knew what Tourette Syndrome is? Rani Mukerji’s film not only threw light on this condition but put up an inspirational take on how one can fight every difficulty in life, if we have the will. Rani has done a superb job of playing a teacher. In today’s day and age, when there are a lot of reasons to get depressed with life, such movies fill you with hope.

Ajay Devgn is a master actor. He is simply brilliant in his craft. We always have loved him in films like Gangajaal and Akrosh. Thus when he returned to the same genre with Raid, everyone just loved it. The fact the film has some powerful performances by Ajay and Saurabh Shukla, made it even more spectacular. In fact, we believe Raid should be shown in film schools to know how to cast actors for a film, how to execute intense scenes and how to make it matter at the box office without succumbing to any masala twists.

That was our list… time for you to make your choice.

Hurry and take your pick. Make your favourite film win BL’s Best Of 3 award!