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Season 4

The Season 4 of Splitsvilla had 4 boys and 13 girls selected from auditions. The first episode of the show was aired on December 3, 2010. This season is being hosted by MTV India VJ Nikhil Chinapa.
Format The girls were divided into 4 groups(Qabilah) which were headed by each boy.


Female Male Winner Dumped Eliminated
KINGS Status
Dushyant Yadav WINNER
Manish Khanna ELIMINATED
Ashish Choudhary ELIMINATED
Girls Dumped by Notes Status
Priya Shinde None 1st, 2nd, 4th, 10th episode's Queen. Awarded as Master Mind of Splitsvilla 4 WINNER
Aakriti Bhamri Ashish 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th episode's Queen. 11th dumped by Ashish DUMPED
Ruchita Rao Ashish 3rd dumped by Ashish, Returned, 5th dumped by Ashish DUMPED
Girls Dumped by Notes Status
Tina Thapa None 6th episode's Queen) ' RUNNERS UP ELIMINATED
Ya****a Sahu Sai 6th episode's Queen. 1st dumped by Manish,returned, 12th dumped by Sai DUMPED
Sanjana Bhatia Dushyant 3rd, 5th, 6th episode's Queen. 9th dumped by Dushyant DUMPED
Girls Dumped by Notes Status
Pooja Bisht None 8th, 9th, 12th episode's Queen ELIMINATED
Payal Thapa Dushyant 2nd, 4th episode's Queen. 8th dumped by Dushyant DUMPED
Dimple Chawla Ashish 1st, 2nd, 4th episode's Queen. 7th dumped by Ashish DUMPED
Girls Dumped by Notes Status
Archana Choudhary Manish 1st, 2nd, 4th, 11th episode's Queen. 13th dumped by Manish DUMPED
Sohfi Dushyant 5th, 7th episode's Queen. 2nd dumped by Manish,returned, 10th Dumped by Dushyant DUMPED
Vartika Kaul Sai 3rd, 5th episode's Queen. 6th dumped by Sai DUMPED
Srishttii Gupta Manish 3rd episode's Queen. 4th dumped by Manish DUMPED

A roulette game based on luck was played between the three pairs of fianlists: Manish and Pooja, Sai and Tina, and Dushyant and Priya. This first task was won by Sai and Tina who went directly to the finals. The second task was between Manish-Pooja and Dushyant-Priya on who would join Sai-Tina for the final task. This was an obstacle task. This was won by Dushyant-Priya who next joined Sai-Tina in the final face-off. The final task was won by Dushyant-Priya, and hence were declared the winners of Splitsvilla 4.
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Dushyant and Priya were the two contestants of splitsvilla 4. These two were the winner of Splitsvilla 4. Priya Shinde loved Dushyant Yadav from day 1, but unfortunately she was selected by Sai in his Quabila. But in the second round of Quabila selection, Dushyant selected Priya in his team. The other 3 boys in the show except Dushyant were Aashish, Manish and Sai. In the second last show of Splitsvilla 4, Aashish and Anchal were already elimated by Dushyant. So, the contestants which passed out for finale were Dushyant-Priya, Sai-Tina and Manish-Pooja. But Manisha-Pooja got out of the game in the first task of Splitsvilla 4. Then the real final task was between Dushyant-Priya and Sai-Priya in which the winner were Dushyant and Priya. A party was also organised to celebrate the win for Dushyant Yadav and Priya Shinde. All other splitsvillans were invited in this party. The winneres of Splitsvilla 4 were also awarded with the cash prize by Nikhil in this party.

Finale of Splitsvilla 4

In the finale of Splitsvilla 4, there were total two games to be played by the contestants of splitsvilla. The first one was a casino number disc game in which Manish and Pooja got eliminated. Both the other team targeted them so Manish-Pooja team was out of the game. Then the remaining competition was between Dushyant-Priya and Sai-Tina.

In the second round game which was a decision game took place between Dushyant-Priya and Sai-Tina. This game was a rope escape puzzle in which both the boys has to get out of the rope and the one who will come out faster will be declared as the winner. Dushyant won this game along with the support of Priya and hence they both were declared as the winner of Splitsvilla season 4.

Concept of MTV Splitsvilla 4

One more lover of Dushyant was there in Splitsvilla 4. Her name is Payal Thapa. She is sister of Tina. Yes, the same Tina who reached in the finals of Splitsvilla 4. She declared that she loves Dushyant when she was in the dumping zone. And the guy who dumped Payal out of the Splitsvilla was none other than Dushyant. Dushyant thought that Payal want to be saved from the dumping zone and thus she declared that she loves him. But the truth was not that, she really loved Dushyant but was shy to tell him earlier.

Anchal loved Aashish and he too loved her. He proposed her by giving her a ring in front of all splitsvillans. At that moment only, Manish proposed Pooja when she was in Dushyant's Quabila. Sai was not having much bond with any girl. But at last, he has chosen Tina as her partner with whom he went into the final episode of Splitsvilla 4.

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MTV Splitsvilla 4 Winner - Dushyant Yadav & Priya Shinde

MTV Splitsvilla, is an Indian television reality show that airs on MTV India. Splitsvilla is one of its kind hunt for love show in the locales of Phuket. The tagline of the show is "World War 3 of Love".

MTV Splitsvilla 4 Winner - Dushyant Yadav & Priya Shinde

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Winners: Akanksha & Paras

Winners: Akanksha & Paras

One of the most popular shows of MTV, Splitsvilla is back with season five. In the show, some good looking boys and girls from various cities are selected through auditions and are kept together in a house. The reality show is not only about finding your perfect mate, but saving yourself from the dirty politics and evictions as well. From dating, cheating to dumping, everything happens on Splitsvilla. VJ Rannvijay Singh hosted the first season of the show. From season 2, Nikhil Chinapa has been the hosting Splitsvilla.

The Splitsvilla team comes up with a different format for every season. In season one; there were 20 girls and two boys. In season two, there were 10 boys and 10 girls. Season three had the most amazing format; it included ten singles (five girls, five boys) and five unmarried couples. For the fourth season 13 girls and four boys were chosen. Now, let's see what happens in season five.

It seems, finding love on the show is really not the only objective contestants have in mind. Most of these good looking contestants are later seen in reality shows and daily soaps. Season one winner Vishal Karwal is a known name in TV world. Season 2 winners Siddharth Bhardwaj and Sakshi Pradhan tried their luck on small screen with another reality show Bigg Boss. Many other Splitsvilla contestants have been spotted in other reality shows like Dare to Date. Splitsvilla 5 will begin from April 1, 2012. The promos of the show look impressive, let's wait and watch what's in store for us this time.

MTV Splitsvilla 5: 9 desirable boys, 9 smouldering girls go wild for love in the untamed wilderness of Jim Corbett National Park (01-04-2012)

MTV is back with the all new season of MTV Splitsvilla 5 to show the wild side of love that is raw and edgy. The show in its 5th season has 9 boys and 9 girls all vying for love with 2 irresistible rulers – the king and the queen. The stakes are high and all one needs for the drama to brew and unfold is the extravagant and wild setting of Jim Corbett National Park.

This season’s instincts of survival, attraction, seduction will play an integral role to sustain in the competition and win the enviable crown of the King or Queen. The theme for MTV Splitsvilla 5 is Love Gone Wild and keeping in sync with the theme the on-air campaign has chocolate sauce as a metaphor for blood. This depicts the very basic and carnal instincts of might being always right!

In a dense jungle, as the wind rustles the leaves of the trees, the 18 girls and boys will begin to play the game of love by the rules of nature and will have to survive the game utilising their primary instincts of nature - either you dominate or you seduce your way to the top! Watching over the wild moves of the untamed mortals of love this season is MTV’s very own – VJ Nikhil Chinappa who controls all the cards.

Just when you thought Season 4 broke all the barriers, Season 5 will blow your mind as the battle gets tougher and the love gets wild, edgy and raw! Watch out for the shocking twists and turns on the show as each week someone gets dumped and leaves the jungle of love.

So hold on to your seats and witness how love goes wild as the primates survive the new season on MTV Splitsvilla 5 – Love Gone Wild which premieres on April 1 at 1900 hrs on MTV.

Participants/Contestants, Photos, Winners, Elimination,Out: MTV Splitsvilla 5

LIVE Streeming DVD Quality Videos: MTV Splitsvilla 5

Season 5

The season began at the beginning of April, with 8 girls, and eight boys. Contrary to the last two seasons, this season has been set in Uttaranchal, India. The villa is located somewhere outside the Jim Corbett National Park. Up till now, all tasks have been set in the national park.

Participants/Contestants, Photos, Winners, Elimination,Out: MTV


Episode 1

Each contestant was introduced in individual cameos at the beginning of the pilot. Shortly after the arrival of the contestants in the villa, each member was given a prop and asked to dance using the props. The contestants were then to be rated on a scale of 10, by all the members of the opposite ***. It was later announced that the highest scorers in this competition would be able to compete to become the king and queen, and the lowest scorers would be sent into the 'dumping zone'. Shivangini and Vroon emerged as the queen and king respectively after beating Mandy and Rishabh respectively in a task. Rishi and Avishka were dumped from the show by the king and queen. The other two members in the dumping zone were Tasneem and Sikander but they were saved by the king and queen respectively.

Controversies after Splitsvilla 2

***ual Exploitation

A month after the second season of Splitsvilla ended, some of the contestants claimed that the show’s crew members had engaged in ***ual acts with other contestants.

Swaagata G Shah, a contestant from Season 2, claimed in a tabloid that there were exchanges of ***ual favors between contestants and important people of the production team, including anchor Nikhil Chinappa, to get undue advantages in the contest.[1] Later, contestants Varun Jhamb and Nalini Negi who had been eliminated early on in the show, alleged that ‘some crew members, including the director, had slept in the same room as top contender Joanna Magee, and others engaged in ***ual favours, especially towards the end.'

In response, Nikhil Chinappa said, ‘I don’t want to comment on it. The channel will come out with an official statement soon. After all, it’s about the channel’s image and mine.’ Rajiv Laxman (creative director of the show) said: ‘I firmly disagree with these allegations. We have strict rules that prevent the mingling of the crew with the cast. Swagata was the first contestant to be eliminated and didn’t even spend a night at the villa. She doesn’t have any inkling of the way things work there.’
Racial Slur

One of the contestants on the show Mohit Malhotra, has been accused of using a racial slur after he called Siddharth Bhardwaj, a "Nepali with 'chinky' eyes". This caused obvious discomfort to India's North East Community, many of whom have oriental facial features. Though the show is unscripted, the network and the sponsors have been accused of supporting such racial slurs by not bleeping the content after they decided to air it.[2]

Another such incident took place in the fourth season, when Aakriti had a verbal fight with Payal Thapa. The racial slur that was used was beeped out and later Nikhil at the dumping ground raised the issue telling Aakrit not to "advertise her ignorance anymore" and that serious actions will be taken if it happens here after

Participants/Contestants, Photos, Winners, Elimination,Out: MTV Splitsvilla 5

LIVE Streeming DVD Quality Videos: MTV Splitsvilla 5

MTV Splitsvilla Season 6

Mtv Splitsvilla 6 Sherlyn ChopraMore Pics

As Nikhil said in the previous episode, this is the last lap of MTV Splitsvilla Season 6 and undoubtedly, it is full of twists and turns.

The Splitsvillains are in for a shock as their freenimies, the ex-Splitsvillians re-enter the villa. With words flying like daggers from both sides, ex and current Splitsvillans come together and take the most crucial decision of this season.

As the next day dawns, the temperatures soar high during the final Hotness Quotient session, where the ex-Splitsvillans take a surprising decision as to who will represent them.

The third pair emerges for the finale but before going for the ultimate battle, they will have to choose one pair from the two couples remaining in the villa and fight it out with them to seal their fate for the last round of Splitsvilla 6 Grand Finale. After a long battle of strength, stamina, pain and perseverance the tide turns towards the spirited pair.

Finally, the battleground is set! The couples are ready to claim the throne that awaits them. The final task will test all qualities that a pair in love should posses in three stages- a maze: to test their combined strength; an obstacle course: to test their compatibility; and a leap of faith: to test their faith in each other. But the catch is, during every stage one member of each pair will be blindfolded! It definitely can't get hotter than this!
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MTV Splitsvilla, winners

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