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Mahabharat is a new show based on the epic war happened according to Hinduism. Swastic pictures company is producing the show and the show is being broadcasted on Star Plus from 16 September, 2013.

Future Story @ Star Plus' Mahabharata'

Mahabharat 2013
is the third kind of show which is showing the characters of the Mahabharat epic war story. Earlier in year 2009, this show had faced much criticism. The original mahabharat series was produced in 1988.

Mahabharat is based on a story of ancient India when the Kuru clan was ruling at Hastinapur. A family had two branches named as Kauravas and Pandavas. So, the battle was fought on the land of Kurukshetra, for the throne. The fight was between the Kauravas and Pandavas which claimed the throne to be of Duryodhana and Yudhisthira respectively. Both were eldest princes in their branches.

So, let me tell you now about the whole information related to Mahabharat 2013 Star Plus.

Mahabharat 2013 Timings and Schedule

Mahabharat 2013 started on 16 September, 2013 and is broadcasted on Star Plus. The production of the Mahabharat 2013 is handled by Swastic pictures.
Mahabharat 2013 timings have been set to as 8.30 PM from Monday to Friday. Sunday is fixed for the repeats of Mahabharat 2013 at 10 AM.

Mahabharat pics, images and wallpapers are shared in this post successively. You can save them to your PC very easily. Mahabharat Star Plus pics are in very good quality.

Mahabharat 2013 Star Cast – Roles


Sourabh Raj Jain is playing the role of Lord Krishna had a very good role or the path showing role in Mahabharat epic tale. He was a rebirth of Lord Vishnu. He is very charming and has chosen his weapon as Sudharshan Chakra. He showed the way to win by giving motivation to the Pandavas (especially to Arjuna) in the war for throne.


Shaheer Sheikh is playing the role of the Arjuna, the lead character of Mahabharat story. Arjun has the great archery s****s. He had aimed the eye of a bird sitting on a tree and his teacher was Guru Dronacharya. The archery qualities made him a warrior in the clash. His courage has been described in the tale when Lord Krishna enlightens his way to victory.


Pooja Sharma as Draupadi has been presented in Mahabharat 2013. She was the wife of the five Pandav brothers and was disrespected in the court by the Kauravas. The tale of her “Cheer haran” has been written in Mahabharat when Lord Krishna had saved her honour.

The rest of Mahabharat 2013 Star cast is as below:

  • Aham Sharma as Karna
  • Sameer Dharmadhikari as Shantanu
  • Vivana Singh as Ganga
  • Sayantani Ghosh as Satyavati
  • Arav Chowdhary as Bheeshma
  • Ratan Rajput as Amba
  • Mansi Sharma as Ambalika
  • Rio Kapadia as King Subala
  • Shweta Gautam as Queen Sudarma
  • Anoop Singh Thakur as King Dhritarashtra
  • Praneet Bhatt as Shakuni
  • Arun Rana as Pandu
  • Shafaq Naaz as Kunti
  • Rohit Bharadwaj as Yudhisthira
  • Arpit Ranka as Duryodhana
  • Vibha Anand as Subhadra
  • Vin Rana as Nakula
  • Ajay Mishra as Sanjay
  • Mohit Raina as Lord Shiva
  • Puneet Issar as Parshurama
Mahabharat 2013 Pictures, images and Wallpapers

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So, the above information is true as per the Mahabharat 2013. The Mahabharat 2013 images, timings, wallpapers and star cast are in details. Ask through comments if you have any query.

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Aham Sharma Role:Karn

Saurabh Raaj Jain Role:Krishna

Praneet Bhatt Role:Shakuni
Gandhari''s brother

Shaheer Sheikh Role:Arjun

Arav Choudhary Role:Bheeshma

Pooja Sharmaa Role:Draupadi

Saurav Gujjar Role:Bheem

Ayush Shah Role:Ashwathama

Puneet Issar Role:Parshuram

Sameer Dharmadhikari Role:Shantanu
Shantanu, King of Hastinapur

Sayantani Ghosh Role:Satyawati

Ratan Rajput Role:Amba

Source : Star Plus' Mahabharata'

Mahabharat is an mythological drama on Star Plus, which replaced Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai. It has been produced by Swastik Pictures and stars many famous actors such as Shaheer Sheikh as Arjuna, Saurabh Raj Jain as Lord Krishna, Aham Sharma as Karna and many others. It will start from 16 September 2013, Monday to Friday at 8:30 pm

Cast :

Full Details Ratan Rajput as Amba Star Plus's Mahabharat

Full Details Aham Sharma as Karan Star Plus's Mahabharat

Full Details Sayantani Ghosh as Satyavati Star Plus's Mahabharat

Full Details Sameer Dharmadhikari as King Shantanu Star Plus's Mahabharat

Full Details Arav Chowdhary as Bheeshma Star Plus's Mahabharat

Full Details Praneet Bhatt as Shakuni Star Plus's Mahabharat

Full Details Arpit Ranka as Duryodhan Star Plus's Mahabharat

Full Details Saurabh Jain as Krishna Star Plus's Mahabharat

Full Details Puneet Issar as Parshuram Star Plus's Mahabharat

Full Details Shaheer Sheikh as Arjun Star Plus's Mahabharat

Full Details Rohit Bharadwaj as Dharamraj Yudhisthir Star Plus's Mahabharat

Full Details Pooja Sharma as Draupadi Star Plus's Mahabharat

The biggest epic of all times ‘Mahabharat’ has been recaptured again and again on small screen. This time it is Star Plus which is taking the plunge to reinvent this magnum opus. The story of Pandavas and Kauravas which till now is looked upon as an inspiration for several human facets.
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The name itself has a larger than life meaning attached to it and etching it on TV is not a small task. Well, our producers and creative directors are brave enough to touch the topic and let me tell you as much as I can derive from watching the promos, the show looks quiet promising.

Star Plus and producer Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Swastik Productions are geared up to make this show look highly impactful especially for the young audiences. The visual effects and production quality is very much enhanced.

The promos were out several days before to create a buzz in the nation before its mega launch on 16 September, Monday to Friday at 8.30 PM on Star Plus. The show will be replacing Star’s Ek hazaaron mein meri behna hai. Mahabharat will be a half-hour show consisting of a fixed 128 episodes.

“The story of Mahabharata has been told and retold several times over. But if you see, the current generation of under twenty-fives, that is, those who had not grown up watching Mahabharat on Sunday mornings, would probably not know about the complexity and enormity of the story. By bringing the story into our lives again, we want the younger generation to learn the saga and the history,” said Nikhil Madhok, Senior Vice-President – Marketing at Star India.

It is being promoted with a host of marketing campaigns including extensive use of on-ground and digital while using regular mediums as well.

Combining modern technology with intense story-telling, Mahabharat aims to cultivate young audiences for this legendary saga which is considered the second longest epic of the world. The first of a set of launch innovations is a special piece of programming content – ‘Making of Mahabharat’ which aims to stir up viewer imagination with a glimpse of the ambitious scale of the project.

The Making features interviews with the key crew from the show that includes personalities like Bhanu Athaiya, Rajit Kapur, Omung Kumar, Mihir Bhuta, Thomas Xavier etc, apart from exclusive behind the scenes from the show. This content is airing in prime time on the channel as well as in the digital space.

To bring Mahabharat alive in cities across India, the channel has set up a series of exciting and innovative on-ground activation initiatives. The exquisite Mahabharat Museum will showcase selected weaponry, jewelry and finery worn or used by the characters in the show.

Set up in major malls of these cities, the Museum gives the viewers a fascinating first-hand look & feel of the show and its characters even before its launch on television. The museum will also take the viewers on a 3D virtual tour of Mahabharat’s grand set, an experience which is nothing short of a visual delight. Some of the locations shown in the 3D video include the magnificent Hastinapur palace, Vrindavan and Kunti Bhoj.

To reach out to viewers deep into small town India the same museum has been converted into a ‘Mahabharat Museum on Wheels’ that will have LED installed canter vans traveling throughout the country. With an objective of targeting the youth who are less familiar with the story and characters, the channel has introduced an interactive virtual ******** in colleges using Kinect Mirror technology.

This unique experience allows youngsters a chance to virtually dress up like some of the popular characters from Mahabharat and instantly upload their images on social platforms. Additionally, the channel has deployed promoters at youth hangouts, to give them an opportunity of viewing breathtaking visuals from the show with the help of Glasstrons. These special glasses will give patrons an on-the-go audio-visual experience of the Mahabharat sets, promos and the other visually stunning content.

Taking a leap with digital, the channel will also introduce a high engagement mobile app that will allow users to listen to Mahabharat shlokas, take part in daily contests, pose with different weapons and jewelry from the show and even go through the entire family tree of the Mahabharat characters.

The high impact outdoor campaign for the show will cover a massive 100 cities across the country. It includes innovations like a life size mannequin of Arjun firing an arrow at a fish rotating on a motor above him. Nikhil Madhok, Sr. Vice President, Marketing said, “Disruption was the key thought around our campaign. That’s what you will see in every medium we have used to promote the show. Starting with the set of the differentiated character promos that are getting attention.

For eg. we positioned Shakuni not as a scheming old uncle but as a brother who loved his sister Gandhari so much that he dedicated his life to taking revenge on Hastinapur for the injustice meted out to her. You will find the same thought of disruption in the clutter breaking launch day innovation in print. Wait and watch.”

Adds Madhok, “The campaign is deep and extensive going all the way from Metros to LC 1 towns. While there is a lot of action around launch, we also have some exciting ideas lined up post the launch of the show”

With creative associations ranging from writer Salim Khan, noted author Devdutt Pattanaik, Oscar winning designer Bhanu Athaiya, music directors Ajay-Atul, action director Ram Shetty and Oumang Kumar as set designer on board, Mahabharat has already raised the bar. Strengthened with innovative and disruptive marketing activities, it is has clearly become the most awaited show on television this year. Here is the glittering star cast of Mahabharat-

Portrayed by
Arjun Shaheer Sheikh Male Lead
Draupadi Pooja Sharma Female Lead
Shantanu Sameer Dharmadhikari Male Lead
Amba Pallavi Subhash Female Lead
Satyawati Sayantani Ghosh female Lead
Shakuni Praneet Bhatt Male Lead
Gandhari’s Father, King Subala Rio Kapadia Male Lead
Ambika Mansi Sharma
Lord Krishna Saurabh Raj Jain God
Parshuram Puneet Issar
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I wish I could play Draupadi: Shamin Mannan

TV actress Shamin Mannan, who became popular as Bhoomi in "Sanskaar - Dharohar Apno Ki", seems to have enough of "saas-bahu" drama and says that she was very keen to play Draupadi in the new "Mahabharat" series.

TV actress Shamin Mannan, who became popular as Bhoomi in 'Sanskaar - Dharohar Apno Ki', seems to have enough of 'saas-bahu' drama and says that she was very keen to play Draupadi in the new 'Mahabharat'series.
Shamin quit 'Sanskaar' recently and was replaced by Marathi actress Kadambari Kadam.
"I have already done saas-bahu type serial, now I want to do a completely romantic story, a young love story or any strong social drama where I get to deliver. Like political drama," Shamin said here in an interview.
"If something like that comes, I will definitely do," added the actress who has given screen test for two shows and is trying to get into films as well.
Meanwhile, Shamin is amazed at the grandeur of Draupadi's character in the epic show 'Mahabharat', set to go on-air from September 16 on Star Plus.
She said that she wanted to play Draupadi and added: "I have seen posters of 'Mahabharat' and I really wish if I could play Draupadi. It's a very powerful character and 'Mahabharat' is an epic story. I would have been lucky to be a part of it."
In 'Mahabharat', Delhi-based girl Pooja Sharma will be seen as Draupadi, whose look and costumes in the show have been designed by Oscar winning costume designer Bhanu Athaiya.
"They have beautifully styled the character (of Draupadi). I really wish if I could do that, but at that time I was doing 'Sanskaar', so could not make it to that," said Shamin.
Shamin had featured in shows like 'Banoo Main Teri Dulhann' and 'Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Mein Swarg'.
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Producer Siddharth directed the first scene of Ratan for Mahabharat!

Ratan Rajput gave her first shot for Mahabharat which was directed by producer Siddharth Kumar Tiwary.

Actress Ratan Rajput, who rose to fame after portraying the character of Lali in Zee TV's Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, is all set to be seen in Siddharth Kumar Tiwary's upcoming show Mahabharat on Star Plus. Ratan will be seen playing the character of Amba in the show and her first shot has been directed by producer Siddharth Kumar Tiwary itself who was the producer of the earlier show Agle Janam as well.
When TellyBuzz contacted Ratan to know more about her first day of shoot, she told us, "I was called on a very short notice as earlier someone else was supposed to play this character but later I was finalized to play this role. I had no idea about the shoots and my character so I asked Siddharth to be around on the set so that I will get to learn things easily under his guidance. My first scene was to be shot with Puneet Issarji under the guidance of Siddharth with cameraman Anil Da. Siddharth explained everything very well to be and I must say that he is perfect with it. I was very much excited to work with Puneetji and the scene came out really well. I loved the way Siddharth directed the first scene."
Talking about her character and the costumes, she further added, "It's a very strong character which I am playing and our costumes and jewelry are so heavy that it seems like a punishment for us. My jewelry used to become very cold while we were shooting in Kashmir and it used to become very hot while we were shooting in Gujarat. I have realized now that earlier women used to be very fashion conscious but we look very simple in front of them. We look beautiful in our costume and jewelry but it's not easy to stay with all that for a long time."
"Our new generation has hardly seen Mahabharat and Ramayan earlier. The new generation people will connect to the show and they will enjoy it. I haven't watched the earlier Mahabharat series but I will definitely follow this one," concludes Ratan.
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