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Star Plus’ Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee: How ‘unique’ is this new protagonist of TV?

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  • Star Plus’ Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee: How ‘unique’ is this new protagonist of TV?

    Afternoons on TV are certainly going to be brighter with Star Plus coming up with an entertaining after band of shows with interesting concepts and plots.

    Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee, produced by Dheeraj Sarna and Ved Raj (SOL and Shoonya Square) will give the TV viewing audience an ‘anokhi’ female lead, and she will certainly be different in her thought process and actions!!

    She’s not the one who would lament before God, or would be a ‘bhakt’ of God, seen in several of the TV shows, irrespective of the eras we have been in. Instead, she will be a person who would be a non-believer in the worship of a stone idol, and would be a person who would rather believe in her ‘karma’...*

    Yes, the USP of*Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee lies in the fact that the lead girl, Aastha in the show will be an ‘atheist’...*

    So what are her ideologies?*************************************** ************

    Aastha played by London girl, Tina Phillip will believe in karma. She will not believe in going to the temples and worshipping the stone idols out there. Instead, she will want to go to the temple and help out the poor in the temple. She will detest the attitude of people putting money in the donation box in the temple. She will have the attitude of feeding the poor and helping them out with the money put in the donation box. She would believe that by praying to God or putting money in boxes will not make God happy; instead God will be happier if people who are in need would be helped.*

    Nice thought!!

    So how different or unique is Aastha from other protagonists?*

    Thought process

    Having said earlier, she will be different in her point of view towards God. Never has any protagonist been shown with this approach towards life. Let us tell you, this is not a negative approach, but a practical thought that she has been living with. And this makes her stand out in the crowd!!

    Her ‘unique’ journey from origin to destination..***

    Aastha who hails from Himachal has been pure and clean, in the same way as River Ganga starts flowing from Gangotri in its purest form. However, by the time Ganga reaches Kolkata, it mixes up with the stream coming from all places, and gets impure and dirty, only to later merge into the sea. In the same way, Aastha who is from Himachal, a place where she has grown up nurturing her innocence, simplicity and unique thought process, will come to Kolkata, to get exposed to a completely commercialized way of living, wherein people carry different thoughts, harbour feelings of rage, greed, betrayal, selfishness.*

    Change-over and its after-effects

    Having come to a place where the family is highly spiritual, and thinks of God before literally doing anything, whether it is sleeping, eating, going out, talking etc, how will Aastha emerge as an individual? When her thoughts get mixed with the commercialized and self-centred approach of other individuals, will the impure thoughts of Aastha get mixed in the dirty linen of Kolkata? Or will Aastha be able to hold on to her thought process even amidst the differently thinking cloud? Her journey from her origin place to the place she will choose to live, and her transition will be interesting and different to watch...

    Reason behind her thought process...

    Viewers will get to know that when Aastha lost her father at a very early age, she would have got this thought that God never helps the good. From her would have originated her thought process and faith in karma. Will her belief of balancing life, whether you are doing good or bad, hold good?*

    Destiny plays its hand...

    The character of Aastha needed a new face, an actress who would ably carry the responsibility of playing the atheist. Tina Phillip who hails from London shot for the pilot, but was rejected when the show got approved. So the hunt for the female lead was again on, but destiny played a part and wanted Tina to play the character of Aastha. Tina who had returned to London was in fact into a new job, when the makers and channel called her back for the show. Wow!! Truly lucky and destined, we must say! And this makes the protagonist unique in all senses...*

    So what is it that you like the most in Aastha? Are you eager to see how her journey will take wings? Gear up for the launch of Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee, on*3 April*on Star Plus...

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