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TV stars at Republic Day 2017!

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  • TV stars at Republic Day 2017!

    A fluttering tricolor and a parade with tableaux which displays the rich culture of the Indian states and the advancements that the country has made since independence, is one of the many things that fills every Indian heart with pride.
    And as India celebrates its 68th Republic day today, we have our TV stars spill their thoughts on this momentous day!

    Ravi Dubey who plays Satya in Jamai Raja

    It is one of the most important days for every Indian in the calendar. India is rapidly progressing and making quite an impact on the world map and soon it will be a power to reckon with, in every sphere. There were really tough decisions made in the year 2016 which have been very important for the country.
    Demonetization being one of the most crucial ones - I completely stand by it. The scenario is also now rapidly getting over and people are coping better with it. Most of the other economies of the world are flourishing after going cashless. We will hopefully see better roads, hospitals and infrastructure in our country.
    Each of us needs to do our best on an individual level and the aggregate of all our efforts, will result in growth for the nation. One change which I would like to see in our country is more safety for women. The recent incidents in Bengaluru were shocking. Such people should be punished in a manner that sets an example and instills fear in the minds of similar miscreants.

    Shamata Anchan who plays Myra in the new show Bin Kuch Kahe

    Republic Day is when we got our Constitution and will always remain a landmark day for the country. It's that time of the year when we pause to reflect on how we've fared in the year gone by and what growth or development we can look forward to in the year ahead. The infrastructure of any country boosts its pride and India has been witnessing continuous changes in this sector, be it roads, railways, airport facilities, etc.
    The Metro rail has been of great help in congested cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai etc. and has added to the look and feel of our country. One change which I would like to see this year is that there needs to be a change in people's outlook, especially towards women. We need to eliminate hypocrisy wherein people say one thing and do just the opposite.

    Rohan Gandotra who plays Yug in Kaala Teeka

    I am a strong supporter of our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. The biggest decision that shook India this year was demonetization on 8th November 2016. The developments have already started since then - corruption and black money hoarding have reduced to a substantial extent. I would like to see India as a tax-free country or nominal tax nation. Because the amount a lay man earns, almost half the amount goes to taxes of different types. And when we see that the amount of the tax we paid is not getting used properly by the government, then that's really disappointing.
    Let's look forward to great overall growth for India in the year ahead.
    Aham Sharma who plays Rishab in Brahmarakshas

    2016 will go down as a landmark year in the history of India's development. Demonetization is a great move which I feel has been the best change in 2016. The whole effort of cleaning out the corruption from everywhere and getting rid of it as a whole has been a path-breaking one by our Prime Minister. I hope that this effort does not get wasted and I hope that the resources get utilized in the right manner and everything falls in place. Getting all our small villages equipped with electricity and all the basic necessities is the change I hope we will see in 2017.
    Shikha Singh who plays Aaliya in Kumkum Bhagya

    A lot of changes have happened in our country in 2016, the best of which is digitization. It was long overdue and I know it's difficult for few people but for the long term, it's a brilliant thing for the country and its development. It would be really nice to see people start working towards digitization rather than cribbing and slowly our entire nation should educate themselves to become not just literate but a technologically smart country.
    Samiksha Jaiswal who plays Mehek in Zindagi Ki Mehek

    I would like to appreciate the initiatives taken towards women's security and safety by the Government of India. Our country is moving towards becoming a developed country and these positive changes made by the Government bring us a step closer to our goal.
    This year, I would like to see changes in terms of reduction of poverty. I fully support our Prime Minister who has taken a huge step to eradicate corruption by reducing the black money floating in our economy. With this step, the gap between the rich and the poor will hopefully reduce. It remains to be seen how all the black money recovered is utilized for the welfare of our economy.

    Ridhi Dogra who plays Nisha in Woh Apna Sa

    Demonetization is a huge step taken by our honorable Prime Minister. I know it has caused inconvenience for the citizens of our country but we all have to work together to fight the battle against corruption and bring an end to Black Money. Corruption is our biggest and most deeply seated issue. This year, I would like to see an improvement in the cleanliness of our country along with infrastructural growth. Better infrastructure and roads will make small towns and villages more accessible and developed. We are on the right track but I would like to request all our viewers to join hands and help our country achieve its collective goal of becoming a developed country.
    Ssudip Sahir who plays Aditya Jindal in Woh Apna Sa

    One of the biggest changes that took place in 2016 was demonetization. We are also seeing a distinct shift into the digital age, making transactions more transparent. This is a positive change and hopefully, everyone impacted by this change is coming out of it happier. In 2017, I would like to see infrastructural improvements, increased safety for women, relaxed tax slabs, a corruption-free India which will create a peaceful local and global environment.
    Disha Parmar who plays Janhavi in Woh Apna Sa

    A lot has changed in our country in 2016. We have evolved digitally over a period of time that now almost everything happens with a click of a ****on. Our Prime Minister has worked hard towards making rural areas accessible and connecting the people living in rural areas to urban areas. Then demonetization was implemented and I have no doubt in my mind that it will have spectacular long term benefits. This year, I hope to see steps taken towards better safety measures for women. It is high time that this country became a safer place for the female citizens.
    Eisha Singh who plays Raani in Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani

    2016 was the year of major changes in our country with the Prime Minister implementing demonetization. I have no doubt that 2017 will be an even better year. This year I would like to see our country free itself from the shackles of caste discrimination and reservation. We have to start giving people respect based on merit and excellence, not on the basis of the caste or creed they belong to.
    With our country striving to find its place amongst developed economies, we have to reduce corruption from all levels of the society for a substantial impact.

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