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54 ASP and ASP.NET questions

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  • 54 ASP and ASP.NET questions


    1. Explain the life cycle of an ASP .NET page.
    2. Explain the .NET architecture.
    3. What are object-oriented concepts?
    4. How do you create multiple inheritance in c# and .NET?
    5. When is web.config called?
    6. How many weg.configs can an application have?
    7. How do you set language in weg.config?
    8. What does connection string consist of?
    9. Where do you store connection string?
    10. What is abstract class?
    11. What is difference between interface inhertance and class inheritance?
    12. What are the collection classes?
    13. What are the types of threading models?
    14. What inheritance does VB.NET support?
    15. What is a runtime host?
    16. Describe the techniques for optimizing your application?
    17. Differences between application and session
    18. What is web application virtual directory?
    19. Differences between Active.exe and Dll
    20. Connection pooling in MTS?
    21. If cookies is disabled in client browser, will session tracking work?
    22. How do you make your site SSL-enabled?
    23. Will the following code execute successfully: response.write(’value of i=’+i);
    24. What are the provides available with VB.NET?
    25. What is a Process, Sesion and Cookie?
    26. What are Abstract base classes?
    27. What are the Difference between bstract base classes and Abstrat classes
    28. What are interface in .NET?
    29. How is Polymorphism supports in .NET?
    30. What are the 2 types of polymorphism supports in .NET?
    31. Types of compatibilities and explain them.
    32. What is aggregative? How can it be implements in .NET?
    33. Difference between COM components and .NET components?how to register it
    34. Difference between early binding and late binding?
    36. Asp.NET life cycle? When request mode
    37. Explain ADO and its objects.
    38. What is side by side execution?
    39. Explain serialization?
    40. Explain a class access specifiers and method acess specifiers.
    41. What is the difference between overloading and overriding ? how can this be .NET
    42. Explain virtual function and its usage.
    43. How do you implement inhetance in .NET?
    44. If I want to override a method 1 of class A and this class B then how do you declared
    45. Explain friend and protected friend.
    46. Explain multiple and multi_level inheritance in .NET?
    47. Name all kind of access specifiers for a class and for methods?
    48. On ODP.NET
    49. What is non-derterministic finalization?
    50. What is isPostback property?
    51. What is dictionary base class?
    52. How can a class be extended and how is this mechanism difff from that of implementation an interface?
    53. What are indexes .NET?
    54. How can indexes be implemented in .NET?

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