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New Star Cast & New Generation - Star Plus' Mahabharat


  • New Star Cast & New Generation - Star Plus' Mahabharat

    Star Plus' Mahabharat to see the birth of Yudhishtra and Duryodhana

    Swastik Productions’ Mahabharat (Swastik Productions), on Star Plus, has been garnering positive responses with the dramatic portrayal of the epic saga.

    Now, the mythological tale that encompasses love, hatred, jealousy and politics, is all set to see the birth of the Pandavas and the Kauravas.

    As already seen, Pandu (Arun Rana) ****ed the sage Kindama accidently and this guilt made him quit the throne and live a life of a hermit with his two wives. With the kingdom in need of a king, Satyavati (Sayantani Ghosh) and Bhisma (Aarav Chowdhary) will crown Dhritrashtra (Anoop Singh Thakur) as the king even though he himself will not be pleased with the decision of Pandu.

    Soon happiness will shower in the kingdom of Hastinapur with the news of Gandhari (Riya Deepsi) expecting her first child. But she will pass her pregnancy period making the family worried. Sage Gemini, who will be called to solve the problem, will suggest that if Gandhari’s baby takes too long to come out of the womb, it will pose a threat to the kingdom.

    On the other hand, Kunti (Shafaq Naaz) will tell Pandu about her boon of evoking Gods to get children. Pandu will agree to this and Lord Dharamraj will be called by Kunti and the eldest Pandav- Yudhishtra will be born.

    As a source informs us, “When the news reaches the kingdom, Dhritrashtra will get furious that Pandu provided Hastinapur with the first prince. And in a moment of rage, he will consummate with a maid Sukhada. In her frustration, Gandhari will hit her own stomach and go into labour. But unfortunately all she will give birth to will be a mass of flesh.”

    But soon the Vyasa who had given Gandhari the boon of hundred sons will bless the flesh and put it in hundreds pot out of which the first Kaurav, Duryodhana will be born calling for celebration across the whole kingdom.

    We tried contacting Anoop and Arun but they remained unreachable.
    So finally with the birth of the next generation rulers, gear up to taste the real flavour of Mahabharat.

    The epic mythology ‘Mahabharata’ is known to an eventful display of war, drama, conspiracy, betrayal, courage, goodness, evil and above all values, which need to be understood in the name of ‘dharma’. No wonder, the epic was chosen as the subject for the popular show, which now goes on air, on Star Plus.

    The show, despite being new in the program schedule of Star Plus, has surprisingly jumped much ahead of its planned success!

    The show, which is still in its nascent stage, showcasing the onset of conspiracy and pain behind the throne of ‘Hastinapur’ , by Kuru and Pandu, is already creating rave reviews. The show has enamored all because of their brilliant performances, larger than life sets and costumes, and plots showcasing a good moral lesson at the end.

    Nothing beats this half an hour episode, which seems to be captivating all, in every age group. The evidence is the TRP’s which seem to be going strong with every episode. And considering the storyline’s progress, there’s more to ratings in the forthcoming months.

    The show is now at its helm, showing Pandu as the new crowned king of ‘Hastinapur’ instead of his elder brother ‘Dhritirashtra’. Although, Pandu was reluctant in being crowned, he had to give in on Bheeshma’s say.
    The latest episodes had shown Vidur , raising an objection to the crowning of ‘Dhritirashtra’ and referring him to be ‘inadequate’ because of his physical anomaly. While Satyavati felt enraged at the say, but she could not question his allegation when he pointed it out justly to ‘Shastras’. She had to give in to his consent, when Bheeshma too agreed with Vidur.
    Infuriated at this and assuming Pandu to conspire behind his back, Dhritarashtra had cried out in despair, falling into the arms of his wife. However, anger blinds all and he too shunned her affection and went away, in solitude!

    While things like the crowning ceremony went on, it was only Shakuni, who attended the event in forced silence. He vows to avenge this insult to his sister and he promises to get the throne back to Dhritarashtra at every cost.

    Although, the audience knows the storyline of ‘Mahabharata’ , but still the detailing of the events concerning the forefathers of ‘Kurus’ and ‘Pandus’, is something that they had never seen or heard, in any epic saga on-screen. This is what keeps the audience glued to the television sets, every night on Star Plus.

    Stay tuned to watch the next episode of Mahabharata, where an ever-conspiring ‘Shakuni’ will fuel the mind of Dhritarashtra against his own family.

    Although, we have seen how well Shakuni had framed his words and instilled hope, in the name of his lineage of hundred sons, it’s only a few more episodes which will highlight how well Dhritarashtra follows the lessons of conspiracy from Shakuni!

    Meanwhile, on the non-conspiring side, there is the arrival of ‘Kunti’, who is shown hunting in a forest. This looks apt as the next episode will also show Satyavati expressing her desire to find a match for ‘Pandu’.

    Untill then post your Comments, Views, Reviews and Suggestions about this show on

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